Molkki 25th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender tries to find ways to apologize to Bawari

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Virender warns her to mind her tongue. I am the Mukhiya of this town. As a Mukhiya, I cannot trust anyone on the basis of words only. I would need proof. Your allegation was very serious and you had no proof to prove Vaibhav guilty. Don’t forget that I set this Panchayat so Priyu could get justice. Vaibhav apologizes to Virender. Virender tells him that his crime is unpardonable and you should seek forgiveness from Priyu, not me. Vaibhav apologizes to Priyu. He requests Purvi to ask Priyu to forgive him. Purvi reminds him that his crime is unpardonable. She tells Priyu to punish Vaibhav such that no one will ever dare to do something like this again. He approaches his mother for help but she slaps him. Don’t call me Ma. You raped a girl and lied to everyone about it! I regret giving birth to you! You raped her, lied to everyone and are seeking forgiveness now? How dare you? She slaps him again as she pushes him away. It would have been better if you had died when you were a kid. We wouldn’t have been insulted like this then. He requests her to forgive him. She tells him to return Priyu’s dignity to her in that case. Who will marry her now? Will you? He admits he made a mistake but she reminds him that he raped a girl. Either law or Priyu will give your verdict now.

Vaibhav requests Priyu to forgive him. She tells him to return her her dignity in that case. Who will marry me now? Virender asks her how they should punish Vaibhav so justice is done with her. She tells him to make Vaibhav marry her. Purvi looks at her sister in shock. Everyone else is equally taken aback. Priyu says entire village knows what has happened to me. He has spoiled my life. She asks her sister who else will hold her hand now. Priyu says he maligned my dignity and he can return it to me by making me his wife and by giving me a safe future. That is when I will get justice. Purvi asks her what she is saying. How can you think of marrying him? You will never be happy with him. marriage means two people sharing love and respect for the rest of their lives. He never respected you. He insulted you instead. How can you think of marrying him? Priyu insists that this is the only way to return her dignity to her. Entire town knows about my rape. No one will marry me now. Only Vaibhav can marry me and return my dignity to me. Purvi is still not sure but Virender tells her to stop it. She insists that Vaibhav does not respect girls. You tell me how he will respect Priyu.

Virender says your sister is going to be a part of my family. I assure you she will get all the rights that she deserves. She has been through the worst in this entire incident. We must respect her decision. I support her decision. It will be the final decision. Priyu tells her sister she thinks what she is about to do is right. Please support me. I cannot do anything against your wish. Please support me. Virender tells Purvi to support her as a sister. I will always look after them. Vaibhav wont be able to touch her without her wish even after the wedding. He wont be able to force things on her either. He will prove out to be a good husband after marriage. If that does not happen then Priyu can approach me. This is my order. Purvi gives in for Priyu’s sake. We anyways don’t have any other alternative. Virender announces that the wedding will happen in 2 days. Vaibhav looks at Priyu who hugs her sister and cries. Jyoti cries as well. Anjali reminds her that they still have 2 days. We can change many things in these 2 days. They have caused us a big damage. Surprisingly, I put Purvi in problems yet she proves herself correct every time and gets closer to Virender. I assure you. This wedding wont happen and Virender and Purvi will never come close as husband and wife. I will create rifts between them. They wont be able to overcome that ever.

Purvi is standing by the wedding and is thinking about Priyu’s decision. She notices Bhuri leaving in the middle of the night stealthily. I have seen her going out like this in the past as well. There is some secret. Kids come running to meet their haathi. She thanks them for helping her. I am sorry for what I did to you two. They tell her it is ok. Manas and Juhi apologize to Virender for coming to their room at this hour. He says it is ok. Purvi tells the kids they don’t have to say sorry. The one who misunderstood others and dint see their problems should be apologizing instead. I agree that it was my mistake and I apologize to all 3 of you for what happened in the past few days. I dint want to do that intentionally. I was compelled to do that though. People do things sometimes for reasons. He (Virender) is smart. Atleast he could understand who is doing what and why. I had to go through so much. I got arrested and spent 2 days in jail also. Virender asks her why she couldn’t tell him anything. Dint you trust me? Purvi asks the kids if they know how honest haathi is. They nod. Purvi looks at Virender. What will haathi do if the king of the jungle cannot understand haathi? Kids keep looking at them. Purvi announces that haathi wont speak to Babbar Sher ever again. She goes to kitchen. Virender thinks I know she is upset with me but I must pacify her somehow. What should I do now?

Kids show faith in Virender. Everyone gets afraid of the king of jungle. Virender asks them what he should do now. Manas tells him to say sorry. Juhi seconds him. Haathi will come down. Virender asks them if he should apologise even when he isn’t wrong. She tells him to do it. One must apologize for no reason sometimes. Say it for our sake. He agrees. How should we pacify her though? Juhi advises him to send her a message. Virender points out that she does not have a phone. Manas tells her to gift one to her. Juhi nods. My friends used to give gifts to me whenever I used to get upset. Virender asks them when they became so smart. Manas says since the beginning. Juhi nods. Dadi says that we have taken after you. He smiles and hugs them. Virender thinks your heart is broken so I must mend it. I will pacify you at any cost. I will see how you wont!

Next morning, Virender’s mother is sitting sadly in a corner. Purvi tries to distract her but Virender’s mother holds he hand. Please forgive me. I dint trust you. I could never think that Vaibhav will do something like this! I am somehow responsible for what he has done. I gave birth to him yet I couldn’t teach him how to respect a girl! He wouldn’t have done this then. She folds her hands. Purvi requests her not to apologize. You aren’t at fault. You accepted me as a mother when I came here. You supported me and taught me what’s right or wrong. You raised him right but good people have to go through bad times sometimes. Please don’t blame yourself. Virender’s mother asks her if she forgave her. Purvi wipes her tears. You were not at fault. I will bring tea for you. Virender’s mother kisses her on her forehead and blesses her. purvi turns and notices Virender standing near the stairs. She heads to the kitchen.

Virender’s mother tells Virender that he has called all the guests here. no one will have to go outside. choose something for yourself and Purvi too. Virender says I have no idea about what women like. Kids come running to him. Juhi tells him to do it so they can pacify haathi. Manas tells him to bring a phone too. You haven’t brought it till now! Virender agrees to bring it asap. He leaves.

Virender comes to kitchen. He sends the maid outside. He offers to help Purvi and throws a pakoda in the oil pan. She steps back. What are you doing? I don’t want to die. I have to pay back the Molkki and go home too. Virender thinks she is still angry. He gives her phone. She tells him she does not need it but he tells her to look at it once. You can speak to someone if you want to. She says I am not so special for someone that someone will call me. Virender says you may think that you are not special for someone but what if someone thinks that you are special. He goes quiet for a second. I mean you are special for Manas and Juhi. Keep it for them. What if they feel like speaking to their mother at some point of time? She looks at him in surprise. Virender fumbles. She says I understood what you are trying to say. She takes the phone. He has saved her number as Bawari and calls her. She is surprised to hear her phone ringing. The number hasn’t been shared with anyone yet. Who is calling me then? She takes out the phone. He tells her to save his number. You might feel like talking! He changes the words. You might need help someday so you can save it. She saves his name as Kroor Singh. He sends her a text. The notification is automatic and they both hear it – you have received a message from Kroor Singh. He looks at her in shock. Kroor singh? That’s how you saved my number? She gets tensed. He tells her to check Kroor Singh’s message once then. She reads his sorry text. She sends him a reply – an angry emoji. He thinks you must forgive me Bawari.

Precap: Anjali tells Vaibhav that everyone makes mistakes in their lives. He needs to find 1 such mistake and fight back. Purvi tells Virender that it’s been 7 days since Priyu’s incident. She went through so much in those 7 days. He says he knows and asks should he become her slave for 7 days? She asks sure. He says yes. Later, Virender tells the kids that Purvi still didn’t forgive him. They tell him that he should not give up and keep trying.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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