Molkki 25th December 2020 Written Episode Update: Purvi decides to bridge the gap between Virender and the kids

Molkki 25th December 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Purvi is in pain. She comes to her room and wonders when it will end. Virender says it will happen only when you wont skip your pain killer. She panics. He is right. I forgot my medicine. She says I was going to take it in the morning. He gives medicine and water to her. She takes it. I think he is still upset with me. It was my mistake as I said so much to him today and that day as well. She decides to pacify him. She apologizes to Virender. I am sorry if you felt bad. Virender keeps ignoring her. Purvi says I am not smart like you who will know what to say when and how much to say. Please forgive me. I don’t know much but I know that there are some things about childhood which end up becoming bad memories for life. I saw something similar happening with Juhi and Manas so I said all that. He recalls her words, picks up something and walks out of the room. She decides to apologise to him till the time he wont forgive her. She follows him in the corridor begging for forgiveness. She stops in her tracks when he notices her opening the lock of the mystery room. She recalls all the past incidents. Virender opens the door. Mama tells her that it is Sakshi’s room. She is surprised to hear it.

Virender looks at Sakshi’s stuff. A song plays in the background. He picks up her things one by one and thinks of all the past memories.

Mama tells Purvi Virender drowns himself in Sakshi’s memories in that room when he is upset.

Virender tells Sakshi he cannot go to anyone in the house as they wont understand him. I have been very hurt over the past few days.

Purvi tells Mama that she dint intend to hurt Virender. Maybe I said too much.

Virender says how to tell that Banwari that I feel responsible for the way the kids are behaving.

Purvi says I only wanted to make him realise that his duties have increased as a parent now. He has to love them like their father as well as their mother.

Virender says I think about that accident whenever I look at the kids. They lost their mother because of me!

Mama tells Purvi the reason why Virender avoids looking at the kids. He holds himself responsible for Sakshi dying in that accident. He blames himself for it. Purvi is shocked to know the truth. Mama says they were on their way to temple 5 years ago. Driver was going to take them but Virender decided to drive the car himself. The brakes failed on the way. Only Virender returned home that day. He holds himself responsible for Sakshi’s death since then. he thinks he has snatched their mother from them. That’s why he created a distance from them. He does not even play with them. He avoids looking at us and the kids. He is in a lot of pain. He holds himself responsible whenever he looks a thte kids. Mama is in tears.

Virender hopes that accident hadn’t happened. Wish you were with me. Wish I could play with my kids again. Wish I could be with you again.

Mama tells Purvi that Virender is upset for what has happened with him. It isn’t because of you. Take rest now. He leaves. Purvi decides to bring Virender and the kids close. They are incomplete without each other. They need each other.

Someone steals Sakshi’s key and opens her cupboard stealthily once Virender falls asleep.

Next morning, Purvi prays for Juhi’s happiness. Help me make Juhi’s life memorable.

Everyone is seated for breakfast. Virender’s mother is pleased to see that Purvi has made so much for Juhi. Purvi says she should feel special from the start. Juhi comes there. Everyone hugs her and wishes her. Juhi walks up to her Papa who wishes her blankly. Juhi thanks him sadly. Purvi decides to make him their friend. Purvi asks Juhi what she wants. They list everything but she rules out every item. Virender says she gets everything that comes to the market before anyone else. Purvi asks Juhi what she wants. Juhi says Ma. She used to make the biggest cake on our birthdays. I haven’t eaten it since she has left us. I miss it. We get cake from the market every year but I miss her cake. I miss my Ma a lot, especially on my birthday. Everyone feels bad. Virender excuses himself. Virender’s mother feeds Juhi her favourite aloo paratha in an attempt to divert her mind.

Purvi is making preps for the function. Virender’s mother and Mama are happy to see her on her toes. She isn’t letting anyone help her. Mama is sure she will make this day very special. Purvi asks them to help her make the evening extra special. She tells them something (in mute). They happily agree.

Juhi invites her friends for the birthday party. Anjali brings gifts for Juhi. Juhi thanks her. I have another special gift but it is for someone else. Jyoti brings a very big box. Anjali tells something to Juhi and Manas. The kids thank her and head outside. Anjali thinks I should thank you. You gave me a chance to enjoy the party for real. It will be fun!

Mama and Virender’s mother tell Virender that they are going to a nearby village for some puja. Virender reminds them that Juhi’s birthday party is in the evening. Virender’s mother assures him that they will be back by 5 pm. All family members are leaving for the puja. Vaibhav notices Priyu coming and thinks that this might be his chance. Priyu sits in the other car. Anjali tells Jyoti to sit with Vaibhav. Woo him on the way. Jyoti sits next to Vaibhav. Virender’s mother is headed to that car. Vaibhav lets his mother sit in that car and sits with Priyu. Priyu smiles shyly. Anjali and Jyoti look upset.

Priyu shows the photo of a cake to Virender. He asks her what he should do with it. She says Sakshi ji used to make this for the kids every year. You said you gave them everything that they wanted but they haven’t eaten this cake since 5 years. I thought to make it today. Virender asks her what she wants from him. She asks him to help her bake it. He reminds her that he is not a chef. She reasons that he is their father. You will still be respected if you will help me. He glares at her. She says they will love you more.

Precap: Purvi gets ready for the party. The kids have given me a beautiful dress. Everyone has gathered downstairs for the party. Anjali tells Jyoti to wait and watch what happens when Virender will see Purvi. Purvi comes downstairs. Virender throws the cake angrily the moment he looks at Purvi. All this belongs to Sakshi. How did you get hold of them? No one is allowed to go to her room. How could you get them then?

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