Laal Ishq4 RiKara,SamAina,BeHir,RoshAn,DriKshit FF Part 6

Laal Ishq4… Red love…Part 6


Vish:Sir….I swear…I did not take your mother’s chain.

Ajitabh started checking her room without listening to her words.Finally he opened her box.

He threw everything out of her box.But the chain was not there.

Ajitabh became dull.

Vish:Did you get what you want from my box?

Ajitabh did not open his mouth.

Vishaka:I told you many times that I did not steal anything.I am a different person now.But you did not believe me.Still you suspect me.

Ajitabh looked at her face in embarrassment.Her eyes were full of tears.Ajitabh felt guilty seeing her tears.

He walked out of the room.

Kumkum stared at Ajitabh.

Kumkum:Where is the chain Ajitabh?

Sumit:You said you will find it from Vishaka’s room.Right?

Druv:Then where is it?

Ajitabh was silent.

Kumkum:You did not get anything from her room.Right?

Ajitabh nodded in shame.

Kumkum:I told you not to suspect that poor girl.She saved me and my nuptial chain from a thief.How can that girl steal something?

Sumit:He is a police officer.He won’t understand ordinary person’s sentiments.His heart has become a stone.

Druv:After becoming a Police,Ajitabh is suspecting everyone.He thinks that everyone is a thief.

Ajitabh was silent.

Kumkum:How will I face Vish?I want to apologize to her.

Kumkum became upset.

After some time….

Kumkum went to the washroom.There she was surprised to see the chain.She was very happy to get it and informed it to everyone.Ajitabh felt more guilty for suspecting Vishaka.

Sumit:Kumkum,you kept your chain in the washroom before bathing.But you forgot that and kept searching for it in the room.

Kumkum:It’s my careless mistake.Because of my carelessness poor Vish got blamed.

To everyone’s shock Vishaka came out of her room with her box.

All were shocked.

Kumkum:Why are you holding the box?

Vish:I am leaving.

All were shocked.

Kumkum:Vish…please don’t do that.

Vish:I am a big zero.But I have self respect.I have been accused of stealing.

Kumkum became upset.

Kumkum:I am sorry Vish.

Vish:You don’t say sorry to me aunty.You did not hurt me at all.You gave me shelter.I will be always grateful to you.

Kumkum:I am apologizing on my son’s behalf.Please don’t go.

Sumit looked at Ajitabh angrily:Because of you an innocent girl is leaving.Forget your Police ego and apologize to her.

Ajitabh was stunned.He could not imagine apologizing to a con girl.But he still decided to do it as he was wrong this time.

Ajitabh went near Vishaka slowly.

Ajitabh:I am sorry.I misunderstood you.

Vishaka looked at him in disbelief as a Police officer like Ajitabh apologized to a con girl like her.

Ajitabh:Please don’t leave this house.

Sumit:Please listen to us Vish.Please don’t leave.


Vishaka said emotionally:I won’t leave.But please don’t request me like this.

Ajitabh became happy.

Everyone smiled emotionally.Ajitabh looked at her emotionally.

Vishaka went back to her room.

She remembered stealing Kumkum’s chain and keeping it in the washroom without Kumkum’s knowledge.

Vish:I did that to gain everyone’s trust and I gained their trust.Now everyone trusts me blindly.Even ACP Ajitabh thinks that I am a changed person now.He trusts me.That matters the most.

Om:Why do you want to spend time with Jugnu?You don’t try to be Jugnu’s mother.

Gauri lost her temper.

Gauri:If you don’t want me to be Jugnu’s mother,you also don’t try to be her father.Now I know everything.If you can claim Jugnu as your daughter I can also claim her as my daughter.No one can stop me from that…especially you Omkara.

Omkara was shocked to see her burning eyes.

Gauri:Years back you left me without even explaining why you left me.I thought that it’s family pressure which made you leave me.I thought that you married someone else and Jugnu is your daughter.But from Jugnu I came to know that she does not have a mother.I was shocked when I heard that your sister Prerna lied to Jugnu that I am your mother.Then I questioned Rudra and Parvati regarding it.Finally they admitted that you are not married.

Omkara was shocked to hear that Gauri came to know the truth.

Gauri:But they are not revealing one thing.Who is Jugnu?How did Jugnu become your daughter?

Om’s eyes became wet.

Gauri:Tell me Omkara.You hid many things from me.Now I want to know everything.

Om:Gauri…don’t be stubborn.You just leave.Mind your own life.

Gauri:I will not leave as it’s connected to my life also.Why did you leave me?Why did Prerna lie to Jugnu that I am her mother?Tell me Omkara.

Omkara burst out:Ok..then listen.I am going to tell you everything.You remember I used to tell you about my cousin Anurag Ganguly?

Gauri:Yes.He is the son of your bua who married a Bengali.Right?


Omkara showed her the photograph of Anurag Ganguly.

Om:He was my Nilanjana bua’s son.Shekar Phupha,Nilanjana bua and Anurag stayed next to our house.Anurag,Rudra and I were inseparable from each other.Things turned upside down when Anurag fell in love.

Gauri:With whom did Anurag fall in love?

Om:I will tell you everything Gauri.We will meet tomorrow.That time I will tell you.


Roshni went to meet Aman.

Aman was surprised.

Aman:I can’t believe that a kadoos like you visited me.

She smiled.

Roshni:That day I could not give you the chocolates prepared by my mother.So I brought them to you now.

Aman:Wow!Now I can have tasty chocolates.

Roshni gave him chocolates with a smile.

Aman took a bite from it.

Aman:Simar aunty is great.You are lucky to have a mother like Simar aunty.You can have yummy chocolates whenever you want.

She smiled:You are right.

Aman:I have a habit of sharing things with my lovely friends.I guess now we have become friends.Right?

She smiled.

Aman:So I will share this also with you.

To her surprise he fed her chocolate with his hand.

They shared an intense eye lock.

They both came to senses.

Roshni blushed:I am leaving now.

He smiled.She went out shyly.

(The whole plastic surgery thing is illogical and the patient who is an accident victim regaining a lovely face just after a surgery is even more illogical.But please pardon me as it’s fiction).

Ishita did plastic surgery for Bela.

After some hours Bela regained consciousness.

Bela:Doctor,why I feel strange?I feel pain when I move my body.Why my face is bandaged?

Ishita:Relax Bela.You had a surgery after the accident.

Bela was relieved that she was alive even after an accident.

Ishita:You just had a major surgery on your face.That’s why your face is bandaged.

Raghbir:Yes Bela.After some days you will be alright.Be patient.

Bela:Ok.But where is Pragati?

Raghbir and Ishita’s face became dull.

Raghbir:Pragati is resting.She also had accident like you.Right?

Bela:I want to see her now.

Raghbir became dull.

Ishita:Bela…not now.Because both of you need rest now.In this condition you cannot even walk.When you recover ,you both can meet each other.Now you take complete rest.

Bela:I can’t wait to see Pragati.I hope we both will recover soon.

Raghbir went out and cried.

Suddenly he saw Pragati before him.

Raghbir:Bela is missing you.How can I tell her that she won’t be able to see you again?How can I tell her that you left all of us?

Pragati looked at him tearfully.

Pragati:You both won’t miss me.Bela will get my face.She can see me on her own face.You can see me in her.

Raghbir wept:No…

Raghbir embraced Pragati.

Suddenly she disappeared ,making Raghbir realize that Pragati has left him forever.

Again tears flowed from his eyes like a river.

Sanjana and Sameer met.As usual Sameer bought flowers from her.

Sanjana:Can I ask you something?Why did you give me flying kiss when I was in the rain?

Sameer became shy.

Sanjana smiled:Say Sameer…

Sameer:That flying kiss was not for you.It was for the rain.I love rain.

Sanjana pouted.


Sameer walked away giggling remembering Sanjana’s facial expression when he told her that he was got giving flying kiss to her.

Sanjana smiled thinking in her mind:I know that the flying kiss was for me Sameer.

Sameer gave flowers to Pihu.

Pihu gave those flowers to a girl in her house.

“Sweety Didi…Sameer bhaiyya gave flowers today also”.

She blushed.

She thought in her mind:Sameer…you love m so much that you are sending me flowers through Pihu.Why are you not coming in front of me and telling me how much you love me?

Their mother came.She was none other than Dr.Ishita.

Ishita:How did you get such beautiful flowers Sweety?

Sweety did not know what to say.

Pihu:Ishimaa,I told you that a nice bhaiyya gives me flowers daily.He gave me these flowers.Sameer bhaiyya is very sweet.

Ishita:Really your Sameer bhaiyya is very sweet.Ok.I have to get ready to go to the hospital.Pihu..get ready to go to school.

Pihu:Yes Ishimaa.

Ishita:And you too Sweety.


Sanjana was standing in front of her mirror and wearing earrings.She saw Sameer’s reflection over there.She blushed seeing Sameer smiling at her.

Suddenly Sameer disappeared.

Bole sajni mori sajni
Bole sajni mori sajni
Dhang jahan kaa kitna badla,
Rang mohobat kaa naa badla
Jalan wafa kaa hai bas waisa,
Sadiyo sey hi thabo jaisa
Pyar kaa divanapan hai wohi
Oh sajna kehde pyar ke bol jara tu bhi

Sameer sat down to have food.He saw Sanjana in front of him.She fed him food with her own hand.He also fed her back.

Suddenly he realized that his plate was full of food and feeding food to Sanjana amd Sanjana feeding him back was only his imagination.

Sajni rey sajni rey,
Ek tu hi jahan mein hai anmol
Aa jaa re meri baahon mein tu dol
Sajni rey sajni rey,
Ek tu hi jahan mein hai anmol
Aa jaa re meri baahon mein tu dol
Bole sajni mori sajni haye…

Sanjana was reading a fairy tale.She imagined herself as a Princess and Sameer as a Prince.

She imagined Sameer climbing the balcony and giving her flowers.

Jine kaa bahana hai yeh pyar sathi
Sapna suhana hai yeh pyar sathi,
Sang mere sathi chal

Dharti chali hai jaise aasman sang
Parbat hai kahi peh ghata sang
Kahi dhundh me ham ho jaye oh chal chal

Sameer was stunned to see Sanjana giving him flying kiss just like he gave her that day.

Jamane ki aankho sey bach ke
Naino me ek dooje ke chup ke
Bitaye do pal ham chupke chupke

When his illusion broke he felt embarrassed as he imagined Sanjana giving him flying kiss.

Slowly he smiled seeing the imaginary Sanjana.He was lost in her sweet face .They both kept looking at each other romantically.

Bol sajna more sajna
Bol sajna more sajna
Dhang jahan kaa kitna badla,
Rang mohobat kaa naa badla
Jalan wafa kaa hai bas waisa,
Sadiyo sey hi thabon jaisa
Pyar kaa divanapan hai wohi
Oh sajna kehde pyar ke bol jara tu bhi

Naina was swinging.Suddenly she saw Sameer sitting near her and smiling at her.Her face blossomed seeing him.

Sajni rey sajni rey,
Ek tu hi jahan mein hai anmol
Aa jaa re meri baahon mein tu dol
Haye…sadiyo purani yeh rid rahi hai
Rab ke dilio me kahi prit huyi hai
Dushman huyi yeh duniya

She blushed realizing that she was hallucinating.

Sameer was watching TV.Seeing Sanjana near by without thinking twice he pulled her closer close to him.

Dara nahi julmo sey ishk bhi par,
Talvaro peh rkah diya sar
Janjire bhi tute yeh duniya bhi hari

They both were embracing each other side ways and giggling while watching TV.He pecked her cheek slowly.

Wafa kaa ham bhi thame par cham
Jiyenge jab tak yara tum ham
Mil bant lenge khushi ho ya gham

When she disappeared Sameer realized that he was actually hugging the cushion instead of Sanjana.

Bole sajni mori sajni
Dhang jahan kaa kitna badla,
Rang mohobat kaa naa badla
Jalan wafa kaa hai bas waisa,
Sadiyo sey hi thabo jaisa
Pyar kaa divanapan hai wohi
Oh sajna kehde pyar ke bol jara tu bhi

Sameer and Sanjana went out.They saw each other.They remembered their romantic dream about each other and blushed.They turned to walk in different direction.Suddenly they turned back and smiled at each other.

They waved hands at each other

Sajni rey sajni rey,
Ek tu hi jahan mein hai anmol
Aa jaa re meri baahon mein tu dol
Bole sajni mori sajni(Doli Saja Ke Rakhna).

Sameer and Aman were in the office.A girl went near Sameer.
“Hi Sameer”.
Sameer looked at her and smiled.
Sameer:Hi Meera!

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