Molkki 1st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Judge gives decision in Priyu’s favor

Molkki 1st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Priyu tells everything to Purvi and Virender. She manages to catch hold of a tree’s branch as she falls. She tries to climb down but her hand slips. She manages to stand somehow. She climbs up and finds Vaibhav lying unconscious on the ground. She checks his pulse. He is only unconscious. I got a great chance and I will make use of it completely! She throws her dupatta away. Now everyone will believe that you killed me. I will make sure I leave clues around you to make you pay for killing me! You will rot in jail! Flashback ends. Priyu says I knew that I wont be able to do it alone so I took help from Sudha. Purvi and Virender are shocked to know that Sudha knew everything. Purvi asks her why Sudha dint say anything to them. Priyu shares that she gave her swear to Sudha. Purvi speaks of the clues she had found. Priyu says I left that diary, my necklace and my blood under Vaibhav’s bed. Flashback shows Priyu going in her room stealthily. I know that you (Vaibhav) will try to leave the country. She steals his passport. I know you will make a fuss and make everyone look for it. They wont find the passport but my blood! She cuts her finger and drops blood under the bed.

Another flashback shows Priyu and Sudha hiding as Vaibhav comes home. They are holding the diary. Vaibhav covers his car and goes inside. Priyu plants the diary in Vaibhav’s car. Someone will find it. Sudha helps her in opening the door lock. Priyu keeps the diary under the passenger seat and they cover the car again. Flashbacks end.

Priyu says I know that Vaibhav is very smart. He would have told you that I went home and we all went to Rishikesh later. He paid Baba and Chachi money to lie. Purvi says I even spoke to Ma about it. Priyu reasons that Vaibhav would have threatened her. I only wanted to tell Vaibhav that he cannot roam freely after maligning the dignity of a woman and killing her! She apologizes to Virender. I dint know that you will have to go to jail because of me. Virender complements her on her act. You are very brave. You punished Vaibhav all by yourself. Purvi asks Priyu how she knew that Vaibhav dint really die when he got shot. Only I knew that the bullets were fake. No one knew about the jacket! Priyu says I had no idea and thought that he is actually dead. I thought of starting a new life. I came to haveli to get my stuff when I saw Anjali Bhabhi leaving. Purvi and Virender are taken aback.

Priyu watches Anjali keep a bag in her car and driving it herself. I decided to follow her as she looked really scared. Priyu follows Anjali inside and is stunned to see Vaibhav alive. She hears the entire plan. Flashback ends.

Virender says I cannot believe that Anjali can do all this. Purvi says the ticket was also booked in her name. She was helping Vaibhav elope from here. Priyu cries. I know that I have killed Vaibhav but he was a monster. Every rapist like him should meet the same fate. I wanted law to punish him but I couldn’t stop myself when he aimed his gun at my sister and Manas. I shot him by mistake. Virender says I know it wasn’t intention. It was justice. This should be the punishment for a monster like Vaibhav. I am the Mukhiya yet I couldn’t help you get justice both the times. He might have escaped his punishment now as well but God did justice to him. He chose you to punish Vaibhav. I will do my best to help you get justice. I will try to get you out of here as you did that to save Manas and Bawari. I will hire the best lawyer. I promise I will do the best I can. She thanks him. He pats at her head. Constable announces that the time is up. Purvi hugs her sister. Priyu goes with the constable. Purvi folds her hands in front of Virender. He shakes his head and wipes her tears. Let’s go.

Virender’s Lawyer defends Priyu in the court. It should be considered self defence. Judge gives decision in Priyu’s favour. Anjali is unhappy with the decision. Priyu and Purvi share a hug. Mama asks Virender to come home. Virender says another culprit needs to be punished now. He walks up to Anjali. She acts innocent but he confronts her. He tells his family everything. She also knew that I was being sent to jail for a crime I dint even commit. Supporting a criminal is also a crime! Anjali says I did it to give Vaibhav a chance. I thought he will do penitence in Shimla but I had no idea he will do this. I dint do this intentionally. Please forgive me, Ma. Prakashi requests Virender to forgive her. You know she is a fool. Virender says she has done this so many times. She continues fooling us every time. Prakashi says forgive her for the last time. I wont ask you to pardon her again. Mama seconds his sister. This will be her last chance. Virender makes it clear to Anjali this is her last chance. Anjali agrees not to do anything wrong again. Virender tells everyone to forget the past as a bad dream. Let’s start afresh.

Karan brings chocolate for Purvi and Sudha. Purvi refuses but he apologizes for all that he has done in the past. I realise I was wrong. Please accept this and my friendship. Purvi takes the chocolate followed by Sudha. Purvi makes it clear to Karan that they have come here to study and to fulfil their dreams. We can forgive you for your mistakes but we cannot become friends. She leaves with Sudha. Karan looks on.

Precap: Karan gives notes to Purvi. She refuses to take, but Sudha takes it. At home, Virender asks Purvi from where she got that many notes. She says Karan gave for exam preparation. He says he doesn’t trust Karan and asks her to return him all the notes tomorrow.

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    Ohh, so love triangle is going to start. Purvi-Karan-Virendra. Can we please talk about how colors tv is obsessed with love triangles

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    Good Ming thank u for the beautiful story line so excited we gt every day reading and then watch my favrt show molki love every script written directed published the characters and makers are doing a beautiful job thank god there are no prolong dragging stories every thing is short a sweet. I wish kundali bhagya does the same too. And the villain comes out in light. BT fr now molki is my best series a favrt.I’m a due hard fan of virender purvi ma, mama sakar juhi a manas.

  3. Iss serial m bhot flashback dikhate h or itna fake koi khai me se khud kaise aa skta h or hr baat me sudha involve hoti h .uska koi ghar nhi h kya jo hr wqt purvi k saath hi rhti h

  4. Plz colours tv come back vaibhav in the serial.

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  6. When priyu had gone to haveli for the first time there was tight security now how cud she enter after being missing n no one cud see her😁😀

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