Yeshu 1st March 2021 Written Episode Update: Yeshu plans to rescue lamps/sheep

Yeshu 1st March 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yeshu talking to Mary about Aashiya. Mary asks him to think about future and says we will face it altogether. He asks him to sleep. Yeshu says he is not getting sleep. Mary says even I am not getting sleep and sings lullaby for him. Just then Yeshu hears sheep sound and the latter gets restless in sleep. Rabbi Guru ji informs Neema and Leena that Samrat handovers the responsibility of the feast to him and tells that he has planned to sacrifice 10 Sheep for the feast. Yeshu tells Mary that the lamp was crying and wants to meet its mother. Aashiya comes to yeshu and asks him to taste the kheer. Yeshu refuses.

Aashiya insists him to have kheer. Yakub asks him to atleast taste. Yeshu is about to taste, thinks of the lamps/Sheep sound and tells that he can’t eat it. They insist him to come out and play with him. Yeshu agrees, but is lost in thoughts when Neema throws the ball. Everyone asks yeshu why he is sad? Yeshu tells that he has seen the lamp who was crying to meet its mother. James says when did you see the lamp? Yeshu says he saw in dream, but can sense that it was not a dream. James says it was dream only. Yeshu says it was truthful. Yakub says we shall know where is that lamp. Yeshu says there are many lamps and sheep.

Neema recalls Rabbi Guru ji’s words and tells that this is related to Maha Bhoj, which Pita ji is organizing in Samrat’s honor. Rabbi Guru ji sends invitation to all villagers and tells that he wants Samrat to take back good memories. Neema comes to Rabbi Guru ji and asks what is he doing for the maha bhoj? Rabbi Guru ji says I will tell you. Neema thinks once she knows where they will be kept, she will inform yeshu. She goes to Yeshu’s house and finds him sleeping, while everyone is woken up. Yakub says Mary Chachi made him sleep. Neema says she came to know about where lamps are kept. She says Maria is outside. Yakub says lets go and free the lamps/sheep. Neema says it is not that easy and tells that they are outside the village.

Yakub gets hungry and eats kheer. Neema says they will be sacrificed for the feast. They hear Maria telling that Rabbi Guru ji sent an invitation. She shows the invitation that Maha Bhoj is tomorrow. Yakub says what we will do now. Yeshu comes out and says there is one way, says we have to save all the lamps and sheep. He says if the feast is tomorrow, then we will slaughter them tonight itself. He says he will go alone and rescue all the animals.

Precap: Yeshu assures Sheep that he will not let anything happen to their lamp. Later Mary sees a bad dream and goes to Yeshu’s room.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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