Molkki 18th January 2021 Written Episode Update: Purvi gets arrested

Molkki 18th January 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virender tells Inspector to spread his men around. She will need medicine for her sister. You must nab her this time at any cost.

Purvi tells Priyu that she will bring medicine for her. You will be fine then.

Inspector assures Virender that he has deployed his men in every corner.

Purvi tells Priyu to rest. I will be back soon.

Vaibhav and his friends are having a party. One of Vaibhav’s female friends takes Vaibhav to a corner to discuss something with him.

Purvi notices Virender and hides. Virender feels her presence and tells the Inspector to check in that corner (where Purvi is hiding). She hides behind the hay kept nearby. I knew that police will be deployed at every hospital and doctor but I never thought he will do the same to every pharmacy also. He has deployed police in every corner.

Priyu is in pain. Purvi tells her to wait for some more time. I will bring medicine soon. Sudha calls Purvi. Where are you? Purvi tells her everything. Priyu is wounded and is in pain. I am not able to find medicine for Priyu either. Sudha confirms her location and advises her to go inside the dargah. I will bring medicine for you. There is a lot of background noise so Purvi starts talking loudly. You shouldn’t come here or Mukhiya ji will find out that you are helping us. She ends the call. Sudha was not able to hear anything due to the noise and decides to still go there to help Priyu.

Anjali and Jyoti are happy thinking that Virender will surely throw Purvi and Priyu out of the haveli now and they will rule here. Manas and Juhi overhear them. Manas asks his sister if haathi wont be back for real now. Juhi reminds him of Purvi’s words. If we pray to Kanha ji with a pure heart then everything can happen. Manas decides to request for haathi from kanha ji. Juhi agrees.

Purvi drapes a burqa on Priyu.

Kids pray for Purvi. don’t separate us from her ever! We love our haathi very much. Keep her here forever. That’s all that we want.

Purvi and Priyu are wearing burqa. They enter the dargah. Purvi takes Priyu to a corner. Priyu is exhausted. Purvi goes to bring medicine for her.

Virender tells police to check everyone. No one should be spared.

Purvi covers her face using the veil.

Inspector asks a burqa clad woman (Purvi) to lift her veil but she cites an excuse due to her religious beliefs. Virender notices Sudha in the market and tells Inspector to let her go. Purvi goes towards the pharmacy. Virender tells Inspector not to check the girl (Sudha). She will take us to Purvi.

Purvi buys medicine for Priyu. Sudha is let inside. She too buys medicine for Priyu.

Purvi comes back and finds Priyu almost unconscious. Purvi nurses Priyu’s wound.

Virender and police follow Sudha. Virender says it means Purvi is inside the dargah. She should not escape this time. they spread around.

Purvi takes out the bullet from Priyu’s arm. Priyu screams but then keeps her hand over her mouth to stop herself from screaming. The bullet lands near Sudha’s feet. Purvi asks her why she came here. Sudha says I wanted to help you. Purvi notices Virender and police standing behind Sudha and they all get shocked.

Police surrounds all 3 ladies. Virender says how could you escape when I haven’t let any culprit escape his punishment till date. Purvi says it is you who got afraid which is why you brought an army to nab a girl. He takes her aside. You would have escaped if I hadn’t brought this army here. I wouldn’t have gotten my answers if it wasn’t for them! Where did my kids go wrong that you did this to them? I want my answer! Why did you hurt them? Why did you cheat them and me? What did I do that you were ready to shoot me? What was pinching you? She replies that she has hatred and anger towards him. I want to take revenge. It is you who cheated me. You made me a Molkki and married me! You haven’t accepted me as your wife till date. I wore Sakshi’s clothes the other day by mistake and you called me a thief in front of everyone! You insulted me on every little thing. You have hurt my self-respect time and again! I kept quiet even when you threw me in front of those wild dogs! You still speak of trust and dedication? You have only insulted and cheated me till date. He tells her not to blame him for her mistakes. I agree this marriage was don’t stealthily but it is your family that hid the truth from you. I supported you, gave you a job and doubled your wage when you wanted to set free. Has any Molkki been able to free herself till date? I gave you respect as a Mukhiyayin. You are responsible for all those mistakes as you want to be great! You were wrong as you kept so much hatred inside yourself for me and my kids till date. You have hurt us all badly. You have hurt Manas, Juhi and (he stops mid-sentence). Arrest her!

Priyu requests them to spare her sister. She is innocent. Priyu cries. Purvi turns to Sudha. Even God knows that I am right. No law or court can keep the truth inside. I will be back soon. Virender shakes his head. It wont happen. I will make sure that never happens. Purvi thinks we will see whose justice works in this world – Mukhi ji’s or Kanha ji’s. Purvi hands her phone to Sudha before going away with the police. Purvi looks back at them once. Banwari plays. Virender watches her all along.

Virender’s mother is trying to feed the kids but they keep asking for haathi. Virender’s mother feels bad for them. Why was she brought in our lives when she had to go away like this? Mama ji tells his sister that police has nabbed Purvi. The kids ask for haathi. Virender’s mother says Inspector uncle has to ask her a few questions. He will bring her himself once that’s done. The kids jump with excitement. Virender tells them not to be happy. Your haathi will never return in this house now! Manas and Juhi tell him that they cannot live without haathi. Either bring her here or leave us with her. Mama tells Virender not to say such things in front of the kids but Virender wants them to know the difference between truth and lie. No Banwari should be able to break their heart ever again. You told us to trust her. Did you see what happened? She broke your trust! He tells the kids to forget Purvi. She is not worth remembering. She broke my trust and hurt you two. Forget her! He walks away. Kids run off to their room in tears. Anjali has overheard everything and smirks.

Virender is resting in his room. Purvi’s words haunt him. It is true that I never accepted you as my wife but it is also true that I had started trusting you. You handled my family and kids so well. my hopes had been raised but now I wont be able to trust anyone ever again after what you did!

Purvi wants to win Virender’s trust again at any cost. I wont let the kids go away from me nor will I risk Priyu’s future. I will win your trust once the blackmailer has been found. She hears police taking a lady to hospital as she is experiencing pain in her chest.

Next morning, Priyu and Sudha come to meet Purvi. Purvi tells Sudha to call the blackmailer once. Sudha dials the number hesitantly. No one picks the phone but they receive another text. Purvi reads it – I told you to leave this town but you have been caught by the police. Get ready to see what I will do now. Purvi requests the blackmailer not to put the video on internet. I wont tell anyone anything. She receives a reply – the video will be live at 2 tomorrow. Don’t miss it. Priyu cries. Purvi tells her to calm down. Priyu wonders how she will live this way. I will kill myself. Purvi assures her that she will do something. I did all this to save your dignity only. Sudha asks her what she will do. Purvi says I will do something by 2 pm tomorrow. Sudha asks her how she will do it from here. Purvi says Virender will do it, I wont do anything.

Precap: Purvi is vomiting blood. Inspector informs that to Virender saying they are taking her to hospital. Virender says hurry up, nothing should happen to her.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Rubish video clip se rape and innocency both will proof so what’s a point to drag, serial.

    1. When purvi has proof the rape happened and who is the culprit why can’t she show it to police and virendra. What nonsense track.

  2. Thanks Pooja, today the written update comes out much earlier 🙂

  3. ShraddhaSharma392

    1 This blackmailer must be girl who has recorded this video for sure, and if this is the case shame on that girl for doing so cheap thing😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠
    2. I don’t get one thing, why purvi didn’t to doctor for medical checkup of priyu🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️: but i can’t blame as well, many victims hide this due to so called word dignity and reputation of family😵😵😵😵😵
    3. I just hope 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼 virendra find truth soon

  4. It’s such a pity that the series depicts the truth about how a woman is always on the receiving side when there is any form of molestation or violence, always the the woman hides in shame and always has to prove her innocence

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