Destiny Has It – Chapter 11

In Riddhima and Sejal’s Residence

Riddhima(over phone): So, the Vansh Raisinghania sent a bouquet of black roses and a letter for AR.  Send me a picture of the letter right now.

Person(over phone) : Okay boss.

Soon Riddhima gets a notification in WhatsApp. David had sent her two pictures. One was rhe picture of a bouquet of black roses and the other was a picture of a letter from Vansh Raisinghania.

Dear AR,
I can’t even express in words how much I am enjoying your threat letters. To be honest I am feeling glad that God has given me an enemy like you. Actually, I was getting bored by winning every contacts so easily. Sharmas were lucky to get you by their side and I am lucky to get you as my enemy. Sometimes winning everything easily creates boredom but an enemy like you makes the win more interesting.  So, my overconfident enemy AR, you have got a misconception that you have managed to  snatch my sleep. But I am sorry to say to say my dear enemy’s prediction went wrong. Last time  you sent me message from South Africa. This time let’s see from which country you are planning to send me message. I know I am sending this letter and this bouquet of black roses to your men but I know you will get it. You know these black roses symbolize revenge, mystery and also new beginnings. It’s upto how you want to symbolize  these roses.And let me tell you I am too eager to get your gift on my birthday but I promise to give you a surprising return gift. You also be ready for it. VR never disappoints his enemies and close ones. Birthday will be mine but the one to be surprised will be you. It’s my promise.  Once I do a promise, I won’t back out till my last death. Breaking is against my principle. I think you know it as you might have done complete research on me by now. Now I would like to end this letter with a shayari
Khel mein maza ata hai tab jab khiladi ho takkar ke
Vansh jis kisi bhi khel mein ho jeet uski hai pakki

Your Favourite enemy
  Vansh Raisinghania

Riddhima : Looks like he is back on VR mode now. The game will have more fun now.

She then calls a person and then texts to copy her message and send it to Vansh.

In Raisinghania mansion

Vansh was studying some papers in his study room. Suddenly a notification comes in his phone. It was a message from Brazil. His face was telling that he was sure  it was sent by AR.

Well, I am impressed Mr. Coward Raisinghania. At last a move from you. After the destruction, my enemies curse the moment they decided to mess with me.  Here you are feeling blessed that you got an enemy like me. I must say either you are too overconfident or too foolish. The birthday gift will be your biggest nightmare till now. I am desperately waiting for the return gift. But I know your special won’t be so much shocking like my one. Still I would be waiting for it.The word ‘defeat’ is not present in AR’s dictionary.  Haar ki aukat nahi hai ki mere paas a sake. Remember it.

Vansh : Interesting very interesting.

The Next day

Vansh: Please Kabir don’t run. Don’t force me to shoot you.

Kabir : I am sorry Vansh.  I don’t have any other way. I am helpless here.  If possible then forgive me.

Kabir gets shot in the back. He falls down.

Vansh(screams) : Kabiiiiirrrrrr!!!!!

Vansh wakes up from his sleep.  It was the one of the worst chapter in his life.

Vansh(sweating) : I know I  didn’t shoot him. Kabir, you need to come out of coma now. I can’t handle it anymore.

In Riddhima and Sejal’s residence

Riddhima: Sejal,  wake up!

Sejal: Ridhu, I am tired after sleeping whole night. Let me take some rest.

Riddhima: Nothing can be done with this girl.

Riddhima brings a jug of water and throws the water on Sejal.

Sejal: Bappa! Save me. I am drowning.  This ocean will swallow me.

Riddhima then pulls Sejal by hand.

Sejal: Oh God!  I am in my room.  I am alive. Wait a minute. There is jug in your hand. It means that you threw water on me.

Riddhima: Yes, I did it to take you away from your dreamy world. Today is Ayan bhai’s birthday. Go and wish him.

Sejal : I didn’t forgive him.  He could have saved Kabir bhai. He failed to do that. He also didn’t forbid you to join that dangerous world. Now you expect me to forgive him?

Riddhima : I have told you thousands of times that it was my own wish to join  this world. Nobody pressurized  me to join this world . Ayan bhai is your elder brother.  Whenever  you did any mistake, he forgave you. If you do any kind of misbehavior tonight then I will break all my ties with you. You just wish him happy birthday and be with his side in the party tonight.

Sejal: I am just doing all of this because of you. Tell him not to expect that I will forgive him.

Riddhima: Don’t be rude to him today. It’s his birthday and he is celebrating with his birthday  after five years. I want this birthday to be a memorable one.

Sejal: Okay!

Riddhima was arranging the breakfast on the table.  Sejal then came out of her room.  Ayan’s face was making it clear that he wants Sejal to wish him but he was sure that she won’t.

Sejal(with a blank face): Happy Birthday!

Ayan(with tears in his eyes) : Thanks

Riddhima: Bhai, look I have made my special black coffee and pancakes  for you.

Ayan: My sweetheart has grown up.

Riddhima: Indeed Bhai.

Sejal: Have you prepared everything for today’s party? Vihaan and his sister will come as far as I know.  Whom else did you invite?

Riddhima : I have also invited Prerna, Anurag, Zoya and Aditya.

Sejal: Really? You have invited them also. I am so happy (saying this she hugs Riddhima)

Ayan’s POV : Thanks Bappa. After a long time, I am able to see smile on Sejal’s face. She doesn’t like to smile in my presence. I hope one day she will be able to forgive me.

In the evening

The bell rings and Riddhima opens the door. It was Vansh and Ishani.

Riddhima: Hi!

Ishani: Hi Riddhima!

Riddhima : Come inside both of you. Zoya, Aditya, Prerna and Anurag will come after sometime. Sejal is in her room. You both talk to her. I am coming after a while.

The room of Sejal’s door was open. She was sitting on the bed and was seeing something on her phone with full attention.

Vansh/Vihaan : Seju!!!

Sejal: Vihu!!!

Vansh/Vihaan : What were you seeing with so much attention?

Sejal: Oh! I was just reading the written update of my favourite show Ishq Mein Marjawan season 2.

Ishani: Are you also a fan of immj2?

Sejal: Without a doubt.

Vansh/Vihaan :Ishani, do you know she was planning to kidnap Ahana?

Sejal: Now, I don’t need to do that as she is gone from Riansh’s life.I have also told my friends G,M,TSA,AA and Den that I will come India later.

Ishani: Sejal, do you sleep alone?

Sejal: Yeah! Whenever I feel scared I go to Riddhima’s room.

Ishani : By the way, whose guitar is this?

Sejal:It’s Riddhima’s guitar.She loves to play it when she is stressed or happy.

Ishani: Wow! Bhai also loves to play guitar.

Sejal: Do you know Riddhima also has a great interest in photography. Let me show you some of the photographs.

Sejal opens the cupboard and brings the album. While she was searching for the album, a box of marbles fell from her cupboard but she ignored it.

Sejal: Here are some of the photographs

Riddhima comes there. Seeing Riddhima coming,  Vansh gets up from the bed and starts to walk in her direction. But because of the marbles, he is about to fall but he doesn’t fall as someone catches his hand. Riddhima had helped him to stand up.

Riddhima : Vihaan, can’t you walk properly?

Vansh/Vihaan : Because of the marbles I was about to fall.

Ishani (whispers to Sejal): In movies and television series, I have often seen that heroine loses her balance and the hero saves her from falling. But here the case is completely opposite.  Here the hero lost his balance and the heroine saved him.

Sejal(whispers back) : Everything is going opposite in Riddhima’s case.

Riddhima: What are you both whispering?

Sejal: The marbles were there because of me.

Riddhima :  You should have been careful. What if someone got hurt?

Sejal: I will be careful next time.

Ishani: Riddhima,  do you know how to play guitar?

Riddhima: Yes, I know.

Ishani: Then tonight you both have to play.

Precap: Someone plans to kill someone.   Will Sejal learn about AR’s threat to Vansh?

  1. Awsm episode.waiting for next…please post soon

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      Thanks dear🥰🥰 I will try to update the next one as soon as possible.

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  3. Kya likhti ho tum… Lajawaab👏👏
    Episode was amazing and I loved the letter by vansh but letter ko interesting aur thrill dene ki degree toh AR ne hi ki her letter’s are my favourite
    Everything is opposite in riddhima’s case bcoz this story is by Tehnaaz
    Guitar..I don’t know how to play it but love to listen it
    I am eager to know which song you will choose when they will play guitar..
    Will they also play it as someone is planning to kill someone..

    Precap ke baare mein kya hi kahu
    Kisi ne kisi ko hain mara
    Koi jeeta toh koi hain haara
    Ye kon hain
    Iska answer mera maun hain

    No prediction from me for precap..

    1. FirstRaysOfSun

      Shukriya! Shukriya🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
      So in the game of leteters between VR and AR, Ar won. VR, I am sorry to say you lost in the game of letters. Now let’s see if you can win in the further challenges against AR.
      I love when things doesn’t go in the expected way. That’s why nothing is going to be the same way. Everytime heroine loses the balance. This time I let hero to lose the balance.
      Even I don’t know how to play guitar but I love to hear it.We will know in the next episode which song they selected to play.They will play guitar. It’s 100% percent sure. But let’s see who wants to kill whom.
      What an amazing shayari!! You are playing safe by not guessing.
      Shayari se pyaar hua mera
      Waja thi Ayesha aur Astha

    2. I completely agree with you .

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      @Aafrin Thanks dear🥰🥰🥰

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      Actually I haven’t seen bepanah 😅😅😅 Just saw promo and short clips. Jennifer Winget is awesome! Sejal is mad just like me😂😂😂😂 Thanks dear🥰🥰🥰🥰 I will update the next one as soon as possible 😇😇

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  6. It was amazing api….but I have a doubt..Is Sejal also faking her friendship with Vi/Va like Riddhima?

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      Thanks Ravi🥰🥰🥰🥰 Sejal is not faking her relationship with Vansh/Vihaan. Sejal knows that Riddhima is AR. She also knows that she is trying to take revenge from someone but she doesn’t know that person is none other than Vansh.

    2. Ohhkkk….now that seems really interesting…

    3. But now I have a doubt…Sejal knows that Vihaan is hiding his identity….does she know that he is none other than Vansh??

    4. FirstRaysOfSun

      Sejal forbade him to tell his real name as she has habit of talking in sleep. So sehe didn’t take the risk of knowing his real name. Moreover she is too innocent to hid things. It is possible that she may call Vihaan by his real name by mistake if she knew it. So she didn’t take the risk of knowing his real name. She is playing safe😂😂

    5. Interesting ….😂😂😂
      Sejal sleep talks😂😂😂

    6. Ohh yess!!!!It was told in the episode….but really Sejal is too innocent…but hats off to Riddhima…inspite of knowing that Vihaan is Vansh,she never took his real name….she has much control over herself.

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      Thanks a lot dear🥰🥰🥰🥰
      AR and VR ki dushmani aur Vihu aur Seju ki dosti kya la payega kahani mein naya mod?🤔🤔
      Shayari to ekdum original hai yeh sab. Written by TSA. But being generous I gave the credit to VR and AR 😂😂😂😂😂

      Shayari ke tareef ke liye shukriya. I am learning to wite hondi. Bohut jaald hindi sahi se padh bhi paungi.

      Plan hai kisiko marna but shakh hai ki marjayega ya bach jayega🤔🤔😅Sahi Kaha janne ke liye padhte rahiye TSA ka fan fiction 😂😂😂😅

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      AR’s full name will be revealed later.( I am 14. So it’s going to be tum shayad😅😅😅) I didn’t reveal AR’s full name yet. Thanks a lot dear 🥰🥰 Sejal is too busy reading the written updates as she is so tensed about the show just like us.

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      @Cute Angel Thanks dear🥰🥰🥰 AR stands for Riddhima’s real name. She won’t consider Angry Riddhima for AR😂😂😂 I am not still able to recognise you 😅😅😅 Looks like I suffered a partial memory loss 😅😅😅

    6. So you are Ayesha. Am I right or am I right?

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      Thanks a lot dear 🥰🥰🥰🥰 I will try to update the next one as soon as possible. Don’t worry Riddhima won’t kill Vansh so soon. I am glad that my hindi is improving 😇😇😇 AR doesn’t stand for Ayan and Riddhima. AR’s full form is something else. I will reveal it later.

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      Thanks a lot Aishu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      I know you were waiting for long to see VR giving a reply to AR. This is the longest episode I have written till now.

      The answers to your questions –
      1)Riddhima doesn’t know Kabir is alive. She thinks he is dead.
      2) Kabir is actually the brother of Riddhima. Sejal considers Kabir her brother just like Riddhima considers Ayan her brother.

      I will reveal the relation of Kabir and Vansh layer on. I will also reveal later why Vansh doesn’t know about Riddhima.
      You can tell about the birthday gift. It will be easy for me to change then😂
      Sejal ko pata nahi ki Vihaan Vansh hai. Lekin use yeh pata chal sakta hai ki Riddhima wants to destroy Vihaan. Kya pata kaun hai woh jo kisi ko marna chah tha hai🤔🤔🤔🤔

      I found about black roses from Google. Imagine it that it exists😅😅😅Shayari meri jhakas hai tumhari aur Astha ki wajase. Unlogo kya pata yeh heroine hi hero ko maarne ke liye bekarar hai😂😂😂😂

      Article ke shuru mein author ka name likha hua hota hai. As far as I remember Den ka ff ka name hai A burnt rose. Tum ff ke author ka name check karna. Meri Aoshu kabse aluu ko sorry bolne lagi. I also missed you a lot. Main tumhe kabhi bhi nahi bhulungi aur mujhe bhulne bhi nahi dungi😅😅

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      Hangouts mein Tonni, Alu aur sab toh Vansh aur Raisinghania’s ki tarah bhool hi gayi mujhe🙄🙄
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