Molkki 17th September 2021 Written Episode Update: Virender helps Purvi recall the past

Molkki 17th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Purvi saying Maa…. Daksh looks on shocked. Prakashi says she is our manager’s mum, you would have felt she is like your mum. Purvi says sorry, I felt she is my mum. Prakashi says its okay, she also gave you blessings. She sends away Purvi’s mum. Purvi goes back for mehendi. Virender asks what was the need to lie, she identified her mum. Prakashi says you said she shouldn’t remember the past, if she knew she is her mum, if anything happened to her, if she fainted, she could have died, I did what you told, I was trying to handle the matter. He gets angry and leaves.

Prakashi says now you trust me, right Daksh, you have seen Virender’s face, he does what he wants, he went to village to get Purvi’s mum, he made her stand in front of Dhwani, doctor said she should remember things gradually, if she had died, then who would be responsible. Nani smiles. Prakashi asks him to do something, else Virender can do anything to remind her, he is very stubborn, he won’t let Purvi become of anyone else, not even you. Nani says Prakashi is saying the right, I feel Virender is mad, we can’t trust him, Prakashi handled Dhwani today, else Virender wants Dhwani back, you have to do something, else you will lose Dhwani.

Juhi and Manas talk to Purvi’s mum. Virender says I m sure that Purvi will remember everything fine. Purvi’s mum asks are you sure. He says yes, person can forget everything, but not mum.

He says she will identify you soon, she said Maa seeing you, you have to stay around her, she will get her memory back. Purvi is in her room. Helper comes to call her for dinner. Purvi says I don’t want to have food today. Her mum comes and says get her food here. Helper says sure and goes. Purvi’s mum asks her not to refuse to food, people who get food are lucky, Kanha gets angry if you refuse to food. Purvi asks did you not go to dine with everyone. Her mum says how can a mum eat food leaving her daughter hungry. Purvi asks what are you saying. Her mum says you called me Maa in front of everyone, so you are my daughter, right. Helper gets the food. Purvi’s mum feeds her. Purvi cries and eats. Tumse judi hai…..plays… Purvi says don’t know, its the taste of your hand or love, I feel my mum would have fed me the same way with love, I wish I know my mum soon, who knows she is waiting for me. She feeds her mum. Her mum hugs her. They cry.

Daksh sees Virender. Virender and kids look at Purvi. Daksh says his mum was saying right, he is a clever man, he is trying to do emotional blackmail, he doesn’t know I m standing in front of him, I won’t let him get Dhwani, Daksh never loses what he wants.

Purvi is on the terrace. She recalls her mum’s words. Virender comes there. He says you are alone here, is everything fine, what are you thinking. She says everything is fine. He says Dhwani ji, a tongue can lie, but a person’s face, eyes tells the truth, tell me what are you thinking. She says I met that aunty today, I wished I also knew who is my mum, my family, I would also have a family, for the first time, I feel like an orphan today. She cries. She says you also have a family, mum, kids, why don’t I have anyone here. He says its not like that, everyone is made for a person, you will also have a family, you will have a mum, siblings, husband and kids also, maybe you don’t remember. She asks what do you mean, if I have a husband, then how can I marry Daksh. He says I meant to say that you will have someone, I have a family, you will have someone like that, someone would be missing you, I can’t say it surely, if you are married, then your husband would be there. She says you are right, I never thought of this, maybe I really had a family, my husband, who would be waiting for me even today, relations don’t break if one loses memory. He says you said right. She says my mum will be my mum, my husband will be my husband, my Sasural…. no, until I find out about my family, I can’t marry Daksh. He nods. She says I have a question in my mind, is Daksh really made for me, or is there anyone waiting for me, who will come, don’t know. He says when life doesn’t answer, then you should ask your heart, I close eyes and ask my heart, I get all my answers, you should also try once, ask your heart, you will get your answers, try once. He makes her close eyes. He asks her to ask her heart. She sees Virender. She opens eyes and sees him. He says you got the answer right, tell me, whom did you see, who is your life partner. She says I have …. Daksh comes and says who else will Dhwani see except me, Daksh will be Dhwani’s life partner.

Daksh says we love each other a lot, we will find each other when we open eyes, am I right, Dhwani. He says I don’t want you to get dark circles, go and sleep, Virender and I will enjoy my bachelor party today, good night. She goes thinking of Virender. Prakashi says you have seen what happened today, we have to do something, Virender is stubborn, he got Purvi’s mum. Anjali says I was scared when Purvi called her mum as Maa, I thought the entire game is over, Nani explain Daksh, how can he let Dhwani go. Nani says wait till the morning, Daksh is going to give a shock to Virender. Daksh and Virender drink. Daksh says lets enjoy the bachelor party. Virender asks what’s this. Daksh says big city guys drink with their friends a night before the marriage, person doesn’t get time with friends, they enjoy the last night of freedom, I have no one to call my friend here, I thought to enjoy the party with you. They drink. Daksh says friends don’t have a good life, some friends are really good, but some friends backstab, tell me one thing, what kind of friend are you, one who protects or one who backstabs.

Daksh says I see your eyes, and feel your eyes are preparing to stab me. Virender thinks does he know about Purvi. Nani says everyone can see what’s happening between you and Virender, even Daksh can see. Daksh says we are going to Delhi. Virender gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. i feel sudha and daksh make a good pair !!what do u say guys?????

    1. Aarti,

      Yeah agreed..looks like they are a good match..:)

  2. This is totally Virendra’s fault for raising a bunch of snakes home. He clearly knows Prakashi and Anjali are bad and wants to keep him and Purvi away, yet he’s keeping them there. And when he knew about Dhwani being Purvi, he should have directly talk with Daksh and tell him this is the situation. I really don’t understand what’s the need to hide it from him. If he wanted to convince Daksh he could show some of their happy photos and that’s it! Viola! But no!! It ain’t gonna happen. The only thing that’s gonna happen is drag drag and drag…. and drag AGAIN!
    and if I’m talking about Daksh, from the first day I got the impression of a person who gets what he wants no matter what. With Dhwani he was shown as person who’s gentle to her, caring about her would do anything for her. He says he loves her yet it took him till haldi to see VPS has eyes for her. Any normal man who’s head over heels for a girl can say in one glance if someone’s interested in their girlfriend. And he kept saying he would help her find her family and now that he finally found it, he doesn’t wanna let go. True what he heard about VPS is bad but how can he even let her not recognize her own mother? He knocked over Purvi with his car, she got hurt, got amnesia, so yeah! It’s HIS RESPONSIBILITY TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF HER!! he DIDN’T do any FAVOUR on her. She DOESN’T OWE him any damn thing!! No offense to anyone who likes him, I don’t like him at all. He’s just a selfish person.
    And this Nani! I could just kill her! Seriously! I know it’s not good to say something like that but she makes me hate her even more than Prakasi, Anjali, Karan, Vaibhav and Priyu all together. She knows that she’s just ruining Virendra’s name in front of Daksh. What happens when Purvi get her memory back? Does she think Purvi will stay with a person who separated her from everyone she loves, even her own mother?
    Purvi lost her memory probably due to the hurtful things that happened before the accident. It was too much pressure on her so she had amnesia. But life doesn’t stop when someone forgets somethings. She will have to face all of those things no matter how hurtful they were. And she will have to face even more hurtful things in the future. (The drama won’t continue if bad things keep happening to the leads 🤣🤣 lol) So just hope she’ll get her memory back soon.

    1. Ru,

      100% agreed with your comments..this scenes drag and drag again..which am sure the mandap only happen on Tuesday..

      How could Nani & Daskh said the bad things about Mukhi..with the 2 snakes at home..their plan was perfectly goes and they succeed to convince Dhawni..

      We will see how’s Mukhi plan to overcome this evil plans..hope for the best for PurVir..

    2. Koushika DebBarma

      I agree with your comment all your points are correct but somewhat I feel Purvi was much more strong than Dhwani coz Purvi used to fight back for what she think was right but Dhwani is kind of emotional fool I mean we all know she doesn’t remember anything but somehow she feels a connection with VPS so why can’t she back answer nani whenever she says anything bad about VPS

    3. True. But Purvi was strong only till before Sakshi came. With Sakshi’s entry she became a puppet that turns every way. If Sakshi tell her to leave Mukhi, then she’ll leave him. If Sakshi tell her to get married, then she’ll get married. Dhwani is somewhat similar to that Purvi. Instead of Sakshi now its Nani. I don’t know when we’ll see the old and strong Purvi.

  3. Purvi lost her memory due to all the evil monsters now incl.nani from delhi,,when jungle family found their beloved haathi or bawri
    Muhkiji knows her bawri lost her memory so he decided to bring back her memories belong to the jungle family,,n bring her to rewari to gain memories,,so muhkiji start to speak clearly n slowly, using short sentences,make eye contact with purvi when she talks or asking question,,gives time to respond,,becoz may feel pressured if try to speed up their answers,,encourage her to join in conversation

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