Pranbhir’s engagement

All the elders are busy in the living room arranging everything.  Shahana , Rhea, Mishti and Kiara are helping Prachi to get ready, simultaneously Sunny, Aryan, Shashank and Ishaan are helping Ranbhir to get ready.  Prachi observs the awkwardness between and Rhea and Shahana.

“ I guess I need mother’s chain. All this aren’t suiting me.” saying this Prachi tries to leave but Shahana holds her.

“ the one which u are wearing is perfect. And since when u started caring about ur jewellwey. As far as I know u never u used care about all these things.” Says Shahana.

“ well, people change. Have anyone expected, a good girl like me will fall in love with a flirt like Ranbhir. But it did happen. Isn’t it? And it’s my engagement, and I wanna look perfect.” Saying this Prachi leaves.

“ well, she sounded non-prachi very much.” Says Rhea.

“ yeah, I know. And did u finish getting ready?” asks Shahana.

“ yeah almost. But haven’t got readied yet? Come , let me help u.” says Rhea.

Shahana feels a bit awkward as Rhea has never been so nice to her but she agrees to take her help.

“ I think this suits ur dress.” Saying this Rhea passes a jewellery set to Shahana making her feel more awkward which Rhea was able to understand.

“ I know u are feeling awkward. I agree I was a maniac. But trust me I am changed. And I agree , it’s hard to believe as I have done many unforgivable mistakes. So I understand if u are unable to forgive me anytime soon  but I will wait for it and never give up. Something which I learnt from my sister. ” says Rhea to which Shahana smiles.

“ I always wanted forgive u since the day u agreed to get urself to get punished for the mistakes u have done but I wasn’t sure whether u have really changed or u were just acting. So I couldn’t say what I wanted to say. But now I can finally tell u. I forgive u Rhea.” Says Shahana keeping her palm over Rhea’s.

Rhea gets emotional and accepts Shahana as her sister. Prachi comes there and feels happy seeing thm bonded. Shahana sees Prachi.

“ so did u get the one u wanted?” asks Shahana.

Prachi murmurs thinking what to say as she went to out so that Shahana and Rhea could patch up, not for any jewellery.

“ well, I saw maa’s jewellery. This is better than them . so I am gonna wear this.” Says Prachi.

Shahana understands Prachi’s motive and smiles.

Ranbhir comes down with the boys. He was looking pretty handsome in his baby pink suite. Everyone’s eyes were on him but his eyes were desperately searching for Prachi which is observed by everyone.

“ looking for someone ?”asks Pallavi.

“ yeah. For u only. U look so beautiful mom.” Saying this Ranbhir tries to flatter Pallavi but she understands for whom Ranbhir’s eyes are searching for.

“she will come”says Pallavi.

“when?” asks Ranbhir not knowing what he was speaking.

“ so, u weren’t searching for me. u liar.” Says Pallavi to which  everyone smile.

Just then Prachi comes with the girls.

Prachi dressed in skyblue colour lehenga. She was looking mesmerizing. Ranbhir couldn’t take his eyes off from her. The more he sees her, the more he wants to see her. Her smile was so alluring that not only Ranbhir but nobody could take their eyes off her. Prachi comes and stand infornt of Ranbhir who is still awed at her. She closes his mouth, bring him to senses. Everyone laughs at him.

Rhea and Shahana bring rings. Shahana stands behind Ranbhir and Rhea behind Prachi. Prachi and Ranbhir exchange rings. Ranbhir kisses Prachi’s hand and hugs her.

“no, wait, u both haven’t got married yet.” says Aryan.

” well, she is officially mine. Aren’t u?” asks Ranbhir to which Prachi blushes.

Abhi and Pragya gets emotional and  happy. Pallavi and Vikram look at each other and smile. Dida feels happy. Shahana and Aryan remember how they helped Prachi and Ranbhir in realizing their feelings and further. Rhea feels happy and looks at Ishaan. Both of them wish that they can also have one day what Pranbhir are having.

“ ok, now engagement is over but party isn’t over.” Says Aryan.

“then, how about dance?” suggests Rhea.

“ no Rhea. We have been doing the same thing for all parties. So this time we will play a game.” Says Aryan.

“ a game?” asks Pragya.

“ ha maasi. ” says Shahana.

“ oh my god, I am wearing such a beautiful saree and jewellery. If I play my clothes and my makeup gets spoiled so I am not playing.” Says Mithali.

“ we are not gonna play kabaddi or cricket that u are worrying about ur clothes. We will play a game called “ ask a question?”” says Aryan.

“ ask a question?” says Disha.

“ haa mom….” says Aryan.

“ ARYAN” shouts Alia shocking everyone.

Aryan realizes he called Disha mom unknowingly. Disha gets emotional and remembers her second child to which Sunny pats on her shoulder comforting her.

Purab’s pov

“ how I wish this was true. I wish me, Disha, Sunny and Aryan are a family.”

“ sorry mom.” Says Aryan to Alia.

“ it’s fine, Alia. He said it by mistake. Aryan, u continue” Says Abhi to which Alia reluctantly agrees.

“ well, first I and Shahana are gonna pick up a color card from this jar by closing our eyes.” Saying this Aryan and Shahana each pick a same color card.

“oh, we picked the same one.” Says Aryan.

“ why? Do u wanna play with someone else?” asks Shahana.

“ nothing like that wifey…” says Aryan sheepily.

“ enoügh of ur romantic talks. Will u please tell us the game or only u both are gonna play?” says Ranbhir.

“ ok,ok. Well each one of u pick a card.” Says Aryan.

Based on the picked color cards, Prachi and Ranbhir, Sunny and Kiara, Aryan and Shahana, Pragya and Abhi, Vikram and Pallavi, Purab and Disha, Ishaan and Rhea, Meera and Alia, both dadis and remaining others form their pairs.

Alia fumes as Purab and Disha stand next to each other as they are the pair for the game which Shahana observs.

“ ok, now we will spin this wheel. On whosever name the pointer stops they should come forward and ask their team partner a question. ” says Aryan.

“ is that the game?” asks Alia.

“ no, I haven’t completed yet mom. U should ask the other person a question which is related to u and u have been desperately waiting to ask them. ” says Aryan.

Aryan and Shahana’s pov

If dad and maasi ask any personal question them mom is definitely gonna get angry and she is gonna burst out. If she is wrong then she will leave a clue about the truth.

Everyone plays the game. It’s Purab’s turn.

“ did u ever trust me?” asks Purab shocking Dihsa. Nobody hears as he asks in a low voice.

“ listen….”says Disha but she gets interrupted.

“ dad has asked u a question. U can only answer to it. Nothing else.” Says Aryan.

“ ok. There was a time when I trusted u more than anyone else.” Says Disha whispering.

Everyone complains that they couldn’t hear. But Aryan says it’s fine if they are uncomfortable and as far as the person got their answer.

Purab feels emotional to Disha’s answer. They share an eyelock which is broken by Aliya’s dirty shout.

Everyone plays the game and party ends. Disha goes to kitchen to drink some water but someone grabs her and pins her to the wall and holds her neck.

“ how dare u? how dare u get close to my Purab?” says Alia.

“ Alia….”Disha was unable to speak as she was choked.

Disha stamps on Alia’s feet due to which Alia leaves Disha.

“ listen Alia, I have come here for Prachi. And I have no interest in ur husband….” Disha gets interrupted by Alia.

“ shut up, u liar. I know u. u want to steal my husband from me, just like the way I did with u. listen, I destroyed ur life once, I can do it again. Don’t u dare make me helpless. And stay away from Aryan. ” saying this Alia leaves from there.

Aryan and Shahana watches everything. Aryan gets shocked to know about his mother’s evil side. They go their room. Shahana understands that Aryan is quite disturbed by whatever has happened. She starts thinking whatever Alia has said hoping that she would find at least one clue.

“ it was her.it was my mother. Isn’t it?” says Aryan.

“ ur mother.. what Aryan?” asks Shahana.

“ haven’t u understood yet? Didn’t u hear her? My mother unknowingly said that she stealed papa from maasi and destroyed her life. So, whatever I heard about my mom was right. She is really evil.” Saying this Aryan breaks down. Shahana consoles him.

“ aryan, u have to be strong. U clearly knew something like this would happen. Didn’t u?” says Shahana.

Aryan sleeps in Shahana’s lap whereas Shahana gets thinking.

Shahan’s pov

Alia aunty addressed papa as my purab everytime she could, but she ddin’t say Aryan as mine atleast once.  She calls Rhea also as her’s. But why not Aryan?

Shahana also remembers how relaxed Alia was when Aryan met with an accident. She tries to connect the dots and figure out the truth.

Next episode on sunday

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