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Mohi 29th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Rekha telling Anusha about Vinay. Anusha asks why are you saying this about dad. Rekha says as your dad, he will tell you well, Vinay went for camp years ago, and then he forgot me and you, I got him here after many months being adamant. Anusha says that’s amazing dad went Bhuvana, but he did not tell me, it will be easy to find Mohi, dad knows Bhuvana. Rekha says don’t waste energy, Mohi’s fate will not have studies, forget it.

Anusha says why are you talking like this, I promised her I will make her a doctor. Rekha says you both don’t listen to me, I wanted to invite you and Ayush for dinner on Sunday, come on time. Anusha says okay, and ends call. Ayush sees Anusha’s missed calls and gets some message. He gets worried that Anusha is planning to go Bhuvana. He says I have to stop her, else she will know my secret, don’t know what will happen if this secret comes out. Ayush calls Anusha and asks where did she go. She says nowhere, I did not leave yet, dad had emergency and went there. He says its good you did not go there, you would not get Mohi there, she went to another place to collect her certificates. She says fine, but how do you know. He says I got her letter in my old office. She says fine. He asks her to carry on her work and ends call.

Sharad misses Shubhangi. Shubhangi calls him and cries. She apologizes to him. He recalls their fight and starts scolding her. She ends call. Aaji talks to Rekha and says I m seeing for the first time that you are waiting for Vinay. Satish calls Ayush and says I have a letter which has your truth. He asks for money. Ayush asks him to show the letter first. Aaji says I m glad to see Rekha waiting for Vinay but found it strange too. Rekha reminds Vinay’s trip to Bhuvana many years ago, and they both fought a lot, he did not come back, I asked him to come back for Anusha’s sake, he did not come, I got angry and went to my dad’s place. Aaji says I remember.

Rekha says I did not talk to Vinay for long, I felt he will not come back again, but when my dad got ill, Vinay came back. Aaji says then he did not went Bhuvana again. Rekha says I did not know medical camps are for such long time, he shares everything with you, what was the reason for his stay in Bhuvana, he would have told you something, did he not worry for me and Anusha. Aaji says why are you asking me, did you not ask him. Rekha says just Anusha is link between us. Aaji reminds Vinay is your husband. Rekha says our relation ended. Aaji says you ended, but Vinay is still keeping the relation, you try to become wife once.

Vinay comes home. Rekha says you came home from Bhuvana soon, did you get Mohi. Vinay says we did not go there, Mohi’s letter came that she will come in few days. He goes to his room. Rekha smiles.

Kaki praises Anusha and talks to Anjali. Shanta says Anusha knows dealing well with people. Anjali says Ayush felt Anusha can’t do any work, but see Anusha is doing all work well. Kaki says I m lucky to get such bahu. Anjali says Ayush is super bahu. Shubhangi comes home with her parents. She greets everyone and hugs Kaki. Kaki asks Anjali to get water for everyone. Shubhangi’s dad asks for Sharad and starts scolding them for disrespecting Shubhangi. Shubhangi cries.

Shanta wakes up Sharad and tells him that Shubhangi has come with her parents, go and see how they are scolding Kaki. He fumes.

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  1. Please don’t make it as another family is becoming boring and loosing the interest

  2. I really hope Shanta truth will come out one day

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