Mohi 29th December 2015 Written Episode Update

Mohi 29th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohi telling Kaka that she is unwell. Kaki applies medicine to Mohi’s hand. Anjali and Deepa come there and like the decoration. Anjali asks Mohi to make Anusha ready today for the wedding night. Ayush asks what is she saying. Anjali says no one can do what Mohi does. Kaki says yes, Mohi is best in everything. Ayush looks on.

Sharad comes to room and talks to Shubhangi. She tells him that its Ayush’s suhaag raat today and asks him to give tips to Ayush. Sharad says today’s generation is smart, they know everything what to do and how. She says its our tradition, you talk to talk to Ayush being elder. He says you are right and I m ready to do my duty. He goes. She smiles.

Mohi makes Anusha ready. Anusha asks Mohi why is she crying. Mohi says no, I m not crying. Anusha says I felt that. Mohi says no, its nothing like that. Anusha says I regard you sister by my heart. She asks Mohi to answer. She sees her hand warm and checks her. She says you have fever Mohi, you should rest, I will give you medicines. Mohi asks her not to worry, I will tell Manohar and take medicines if I need. Mohi makes her ready. Kaki comes and compliments Anusha. She says Mohi made you ready well, one thing is missing. She gives her nose pin to wear, and asks Mohi how is Anusha looking. Kaki asks her to be happy always.

Sharad goes to Ayush and gives him tips on being happily married. He says Manohar, Madhur and I have applied the same tips of keeping wife happy and being happy. He talks to Ayush. Sharad asks Ayush to be careful that his words should not hurt Anusha. He asks her to care for Anusha’s feelings. Ayush thanks him and says I will always remember your advice.

Anusha is taken for some rasam. Kaki tells the rasam and asks Deepa to break coconut in one strike. Shanta says Deepa, you can’t do it, give it to Mohi. Shanta asks Mohi to break coconut for Anusha. Mohi takes coconut and cries. Mohi breaks coconut in one strike. Everyone smile. Mohi’s hand gets hurt.

Shanta stops Anusha and tells her about Mohi’s blood mixing with coconut water, as she got hurt. Shanta asks Anusha to do ritual now. Ayush looks on. Shanta says this is regarded abshagun in our place. Anusha does the ritual. Mohi and Ayush see each other.

Kaki does aid of Mohi’s hand and asks her to take rest. Mohi faints and falls down. Kaki gets shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena


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