Ek anokhi kahani Episode 20

Episode starts with angry faces of ragini and sanskar.
Arjun:- i think ragini is angry on bhai.
Sheena:-even sanskar bhai face is angry and i dont know wats happening between them.
Arjun:- as i know my brother likes ragini and do u know that if may be sanskar likes swara.
Sheena:- in that case i have to conform it but how.
Arjun says some plan sliently.
Swara:- see face of sanskar and says its looks like some one got angry but why.
Sanskar:- how can u ask me why.
Swara:- how can means i asked with my mouth yar and laughs.
Sanskar:- very fuuny.
Swara:- say naa wat happen why are angry with me.
Sanskar:- why not swara .ragini is not feeling well and asked u place and u and lucky wats wtong with u people without helping her your are asking questions and wat type of question is that why are u getting vomit.
Swara:- laughs loudly .
Now even sanskar gets more angry and turns his face.
Laksh:- so how r u feeling now.
Rags:- wat for u u dont care right then dont ask
Laksh:- come on ragini i care for u.
Rags:- but i cant see that.
Laksh:- even i cant see that you r not feeling i mean sickness symptons.
Rags:- looks here and there and says ofcourse i am not feeling well.
Laksh:- but ..
Rags:- are u doctor no naa then shhhhh.
Laksh:- that right but your brother is a doctor wait i will call him and ask to check u.
Rags get tension and makes him sit back by pulling his hand.
Rags:- even i am doctor mr laksh and i can check my own pulse and she checks and says i am getting more sick sitting here and answering to your questions i am going back yo my place.
Laksh:- i wont give u place to go from here.
Rags:- but why get up i wont sit here.
Laksh:- coming and goining from here is sll your wish or wat i wont get up.
Rags:- ooo yaa wat do u think if u dont get up i cant go or not.
Laksh:- ofcourse not.
Rags:- see now wat i will do and calls sanskar .
Sanskar:- haa .
Rags:- i not feeling well here i am suffogating here and swara plz come back to your place.
Laksh sighs to swara noo.
Swara:- no i wont get up.
Sanskar Nd rags opens their mouth in shock and asks why.
Swara:- because now i am not feeling well.
Sanskar :- if u stop questioning and take a break naa then this wont happen and u only said right for vomiting there us no need of place.
Swara:- ofcourse i said thats why i am not moving from here and infact i feeling like unconsioness.
Rags:- ohhhhh so dont get up and takes her phone and messages to sanskar.
Meanwhile sheena and arjun watches them enjoys .
Sheena:- you are rightvarjun bhai also likes swara infact i think they like each other.
Arjun:- we have to pkan something so that they csn xpress their feeling.
Sheena:- first of all you dont know how to express your own feeling and planing for some other so funny.
Arjun:- so mean yar i can express my feeling.
Sheena:- really ok then let me challenge you have to express your feeling in different way that to infront of everyone and one more no one should get doudt about it.
Arjun:- done challenge accepted.
Rags message sanskar these two people are not movind so i will ask arjun and sheena to sit with them ok.
Sanskar:- ok
Laksh:- what ru planing now i mean doing now.
Rags smiles and turns back to arjun.
Sanskar to sheena.
Rags:- arjun can i ask a favor will u help me.
Arjun:- haa ragini ask wst ever u want no need of permission i will help u at any cost.
Laksh understands and nodes his head in no.
Rags hits laksh.
Arjun will you plzz sit with your so called badai bhaii.
Arjun:- but why.
Rags:- because i hate him .plzz arjun and keeps a puppy face.
Laksh:- actually arjun wants dit with sheena.
Rags:- did i ask u so plzz and sheena plzz
Sanskar:- haa yar plzz sheebu give your place too u can sit with swara plzzz.
Sheena:- but bhai from morning onwards why are u changing ur place.
Sanskar:- wat is this whom ever we both are talking they are keep on asking question and sheebu cant u give a place to your brother .
Sheebu:- bhai for your sake i can do anything.
Sheena says to arjun this is the correct time to ask swara and laksh ok .
They both get up swara and laksh are shocked.
By th8nking they made them angry.
Laksh:- but i wont get up ragini .
Rags:- so sweet laksh and no need also i can go.
Laksh:- but how.
Rags:- wait and watch and asks sanskar to hold hand and jump from one seat to backside.
Dayal:- hi ragini wat r u doing .
Rags:- dad just for fun i want to see how we feel if we change our place like this.
Shailaja:- when u fell and break your teeth naa then say me how u r feeling ok.
Sanskar:- dont worry aunty i will not allow her to fall.
Rags:- aww mera true frd say this by seeing laksh.
Laksh and swara looks at each other when arjun sits he ask sheena to sit with him and he goes and sits with swara.
But they dont accept .
Swara messages to laksh threw phone.
Swara:- they got every angry now what to do.
Laksh:- what can we do we will try to impress them.
Arjun asks laksh why u made ragini angry bhai thats not fare.
Laksh says she got jeously by seeing me sittibg with swara and u see na the way she and he acted that vomit drama after that i thought to tease her but my plan backfired yar.
Sheena to swara so wat up swara jii why u made my brother angry.
Swara say i just want him to tease but i dont now when it became serious and dont worry i will make everything fine.
Sheena ofcourse if u dont make everything fine then who else will make u have full right on my bhai.
Swara:- means
Sheena:- nothing.
Scene shifts to dev and durga.
Dev and durga watches this all and says i dont know sometimes why rags behave like kud.
Durga:- if a sister has a brother like u sisters will be always kids only dev.
Dev:-smiles and says thanks for that even you are good sister.
Durga smiles.
Dev:- so wat ru hobbies.
Durga:- i love paiting
Dev:- wow can i see your paintings.
Durga:-sure when u visit our house again then i will show to and wat about your jobbies.
Dev:- mine i dont gave any particular but when ever i am free and want to relax i will lisen music still i dont have that much knowledge about it and by the way your sister us a good singer.
Durga:-u like white colour dev.
Dev:- but how come u know.
Durha:- i watched u wearing white manytimes.
Dev:- in that case doctors uniform is also white.
And wats your faviourt colour.
Durga:- mine blue and red.
Dev:- red suits u alot .
Durga says thank you.
Durga:- u have a very special bonding with you sister right.
Dev :- every one will have special bonding with their sibbling even you and swara also maintains a very good sisters relationship.
But me and rags share few thongs every common like haa our birthdays are same day but different years.
Durga:- what really both birthdays are on same
Day that so wonderfull dev its unique.
Dev:- haa younger sister and brother are like our first kids naa.
Durga:- haa we learn to love and takingcare about other from them only.
Dev and durga smiles and looks aways by thinking wat should i talk .
Something went into durga eye threw window and shout awee.
Dev turns towards her and asks what happen
Durga:-something went into my eyes.
Dev:- let me see u should nit neglect or rub your eyes and he goes every close to durga and blows air in her eyes and asks are u ok.
Durga:- ok i am fine and open her eyes and sees dev is veryclose to him.
They both lost in their eyes.
Dev says you look very beautifull durga without his sense and then ge realises and sits back and again asks her are u ok.
Durga by adjusting her hair says i M ok.
Dev says wst happen to u .shit wst she will tjink of me.
Durga says what happen to me why i feel happy when dev is so close to me.
Dev tries to change their awkward moment and says i will check once rags and i will come back ok.
Dev sees rags and sanskar together and asks u said u want sit with laksh right then how cone u r sitting with sanskar.
Rags watches laksh and says notjing bhai just like and why u r standing in moving bus u will fall go and sit otherwise i will also stand.
Dev ok ok fine i will go take care.
Laksh tooks at rags but rags turns her hand .
Laksh says yo arjun areyy yar aruu rags is really angry on me yar wat to do give me some plans.
Brother it will be better if u ask some exoerienced person.
Laksh:- Like whom.
Arjun:- like our dad.
Laksh ok good idea.
Sanskar see swara seeing him and he too turns his face.
Sanskar:- rags ,firstly these two irritated us and see how they are smiling to plzz us.
Rags:-hmm yar we did a lot to sit with them and their are making fun of us so now let them handwork to plzz us then only they will come to know planning and implementing them is so difficult.
Sanskar says yes so mission on getting angry and not laughing ir accepting their apolozy is starts now and shows his hand and rags say done mission started and they both share hi five.
Rags says let them know whom they messed with .
Sanskar:- they messed with two intelligent and dangerous gang.

Precap :- all reaching dp farm house some funny moments between couples and family time

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