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Hello friends. Sorry now-a-days I am not able to update regularly. So please pardon me. And guys this episode will be small. Next episode will be big one I promise. So coming back to the story track, the episode starts from:

Purvi: Humse bahut big mistake ho gayi.
Shreya: Han Purvi. Humne bahut big galti kar di hai. Jisne hamesha sath diya humne usse hi bbura kaha. How we can do that?
Purvi: I think so we should ask for forgiveness. Janti hun humne galti bht bari ki hai so shayad who hume kabhi maaf na kara. But we should try once.
Shreya: Ya we should try atleast once.

A dark room is shown a girl is standing there and crossing some pictures.
Girl is talking to photo “tumhari wajah se humne apni khushiyon kho di thi. Now you will pay for that. I losted my sister only because of you. Today she is not with us only because of you. Mai tum se tumhari sari khushyion cheen lyungi just wait and watch. Ab mai tumha batayungi ki dard kya hota hai. Ek behan ko toh mein phela hi kho chuki thi but dusri ko khona wali thi. Tumhe kya lagta hai tumhari sachai koi nahi janta”.

Someone knocked the room door. The girl moved from there and opened the door and instructed the person to come inside. A boy came inside and saw that photos and become angry and emotional.
Boy: Because of this bastard we lost our sister.
Girl: Yes I will not leave him.
Boy: Exactly. Apni behn ke lyia itna toh kar hi sakta hai. Aisa trap plan kiya hai yeh khud usme phsyga.
Both the girl and boy started laughing and burned that boy photo.


Sanskar came to their farmhouse and went inside and locked the house. And rushed to a room and opened a secret room and started to some pictures. He then stands in front of one big picture. This picture is of one boy and girl. And yes the boy and girl is none other Swara and Sanskar.
Sanskar: Swara maine tumhe kahan kahan nahi dhundha. But I am not able to find you anywhere. Please come back swara. Mai tumhare bina adhura hun. Uss raat agar tumne meri baat mani hoti to shad ajj tum mera sath yahan hoti. I miss you swara and mai tumhare sath jo bhi hua uska badla lunga us insaan se. I will not leave that person because of whom today I am suffering. Ussne sirf tumhe nahi mera BHAI ko bhi maar dala uss insaan ne. I swear swara mai tumhari aur apne BHAI ki maut ka badla ussa lunga.
Sanskar closed that room and went from the farmhouse angrily.


Who is that boy and girl and about whom they are talking about?
Why sanskar think that swara is dead?
Who is BHAI of sanskar?
Whose picture that boy and girl had burnt ?

  1. I think they are swara’s sis n any one bro. They are talking abt swara(second option is ragini. Cause she is also sis).
    But I hope they don’t blame sanskar for this.
    N may somebody must have tried to hurt swara n sanskar some other brother tried to save her n died in the process???

    But whatever it is plz upload next part soon. Otherwise I’ll keep thinking about this unsolved mystery

  2. nicee n i think it’s ragini n armin n the boy pic is laksh

  3. Priya tripathi

    I think girl r ragini n the boy is vivan or armin

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