MMZ – Kaisi Yeh Manmarziyan (Shot 5)

Hello Darlings!!! I’m sooooooo happyyyyyyy because I became Maasi yeterday!! My sis gave birth to a cute doll..She is soooo pretty..n making my smile….

Thank you soooooo much for your support and love to this story and me..sorry i couldn’t able to reply on last chapter of this story….

Many asking that I got gym or not..Yess I do go to gym..that’s why I knew phrases related to it. But I don’t have any crush on my…just blending of real life incident with imaginations.

Cheat-Meal Day

“Come on, three more to go……….no…no…no…….don’t even think of giving up.”

It’s been three weeks since I began the training. I liked the change in my appearance and daily routine.

Physical training is just not only meant for fitness but it brings visible changes in your kitchen. So as per by diet plan oats, green tea sachets made their place in my kitchen.
To smell parathas in morning and not eat them is quite an emotional hurdle to cross. So you inhale their aroma wafting out of the kitchen but you have to turn your face away and swallow your boiled oats instead! For the first time, I had begun to emphasize with smokers and understood how difficult it must be for them to quit smoking.

When I visited nearest retails store, it was one of the tortures trip. After watching calories contains behind the every product I realized that the big food retail store, there is very little that can be brought by fitness freak. The chocolate and ice cream sections are of no use. Same with the entire section containing chips, cookies and other assorted junk. Don’t ever look at the aisle containing various types of and beautifully decorated pastries and cakes. They all full of sugar. Basically, it is no fun visiting a retail store at all!! You are better off at the neighborhood Kirana store.

“Come on, Ma’am! Let’s finish this!”

More than planning your diet and exersice, the main task of coach to motivate you to push your boundaries so that you discover new limits. That’s what Arjun was doing with me every day.

In merely three weeks, I felt my stamina increase. I had lost a little than 2.5 kg in the three weeks. That was my achievement and the discovery thrilled me. However, according to Arjun it was quite normal. He told me that fat loss in initial few weeks is fast. But for me it was enough to make me happy. I felt energetic.

“yes! Just two more left now…come on… it and feel proud” he roared

Arjun’s way of motivating people was novel and interesting.

“Beyond this last repetition, there is glory waiting for you..Go claim it! It’s yours! “ he would cry out.

He would make me feel as I was a gladiator!

His words, and more importantly the energy with which he would deliver them, would have an enlivening influence on me.An influence I could rarely overcome…

And yet, there were those moments when I would cry “ I can’t ! I can’t !!” and feel like giving up. Arjun would bring his face closure to mine. And like a beast he would wildly look into my eyes and without blinking he would say “ that’s only in your mind..Tame your mind! And the body will follow..It will!!

His gaze and his words penetrate my eyes and my mind. Somewhere deep inside me they would explode, generating enough energy for me to be able to finish my set. And that would mark my turning point.

Arjun had made the gym floor a battlefield for me. He made me claim my victory..In every fight!!

Eventuallly, I got so used to all this that I ended up doing things that I never ever believed I could. It was one of the most important lessons I learnt from Arjun – It’s all in the mind…
Just the way he would say it, pointing his forefinger above his right ear.

After I would finish the set, he would raise his hand in the air. And I would respond. The two of us would do a high-five. We celebrated every successful completion of set. That had become our ritual.

But then there were also moments when I was unwilling to give up, and Arjun intervened and stopped me. As an intelligent couch, he knew where to draw the line. If he saw uncomfortable posture or shaky body he would call it off.

“Dream big. But be practical. There’s no point in wanting to become Amazing Spiderman when you town lacks tall buildings..” He said in the first week of my training. He had stopped me lifting a dumbbells that was double the weight he had asked for. I thought I would impress him.

“what?” I asked back. He didn’t answer and kept looking at my face smilingly to see if I got the meaning of his words.

“wow!! That was nice..can you repeat the Spiderman line?” I insisted at the moment I got it.

He ignored my compliment and said “ I know you can do it, but I fear you will injure yourself…”

In subsequent weeks if anytime I would repeat this mistake he would remind me “ Ma’am the town still doesn’t have tall buildings…”

Spending time in gym also meant a lot of fun for me. Sam and I had alternate day cardio-workout routine. On these days, Arjun did not train either of us. That time , the two of us exercised together and gossiped a lot; more so when we were in the stream room twice a week. The gym had become our space to hold long girly heart-to heart conversation.

On other days, Arjun trained Sam at 10 am for about an hour, followed by training me at 11.30 am. The three of us would often sit together and chit chats at the juice counter between 11 to 11.30. I remember the first day all of us got together, how Sam was shocked when she found out that the guy whose car I ran my car into was Arjun. She kept interrogating Arjun on why he didn’t shout at me.

the chitchatting around at the juice space had been our routine for a long time in the gym. This chitchatting turned our trainer-client relationship into friendship.

Often, during our post workout chitchats. Arjun and I would talk about our day to day lives. Our post workout talks on Mondays would be the best. Sunday being a holiday would provide us a long break from each other, so there would be a lot of talk about. Like the new restaurants we had tried out over the weekend or the movies we watched.

In the beginning of the second week, I had discovered my personal trainer, who instructed what I should eat and what I shouldn’t; often forbade me touching my favorite dishes, was himself a big foodie. He followed a concept cheat meal day and suggested his clients including me.

“once in a week you can eat whatever you wanted but in limited quantity….” He told me after my workout.

I had expressed shock when he told me that he loved ma-go ice cream and had had it for dessert a day before. I had called him hypocrite.

But then he clarified “pick a day, I would say choose a weekend, as we go on shopping or outing on that days and pick up something to eat. Make it cheat-meal day”

This guy makes everything so interesting…..claim your glory!!Cheat meal day!!

“Cheat meal…how exciting it sounds” I had exclaimed

And as I said that, I recalled our diet-plan discussion that took place on the day one of my training. I had already expressed my love for food, from extravagantly luscious Choco-lava cake to the mouthwatering aloo-tikki.i knew I had to keep distance from such guilty pleasures.

“I hate tomato, cucumber, broccoli, mushrooms and all that kinda’s all raw and tastless…” I had said making my face

“you decide whether you want to eat what’s right for your body or what’s right for your taste buds…” back then Arjun left it up to me.

And at that very moment, I had formed Arjun’s image in my mind as someone who only ate healthy food and would hate me if I didn’t follow the same…

“you don’t have little love for won’t understand what I am saying…” I said in disappointment.

My statement had hurt the debate that had followed, the only argument I had was that he wouldn’t understand my cravings for food…to which he asked me to make a list of all my favorites food items I craved for. The items are double in digits. Arjun’s response made me amazed.

He had got his mobile phone and shows me a photo of him from the past. I could not believe my eyes when I saw the really fat guy who looked like him.

“this is me..Madam!!”

He must have been some 100-plus kg!

“i craved for and ate everything that you have on your fact, a lot more..even today I crave for so many things. And therefore I need determination to overcome such temptations. A lack of love for food would never demand determination. Just because I can stop myself doesn’t mean I don’t want them”

In that moment, I had seen a self-disciplined person in Arjun. And on seeing his amazing transformation, I was not left with any other choice than to follow diet plan.

I recalled how disappointed I had looked because I knew there was kadhi chawal with deep fried pakoday at home for lunch.

“I will follow diet plan” I had said with heavy heart.

But I also liked the idea of cheat Meal day because it sounded forbidden-and adventures…

How the two of us looked for our weekends cheat meal day!!it had become Monday a ritual to discuss about our respective cheating…

One day My would be mother in-law called me for dinner as her friends came home…so at the end of the day we four left for dinner.. My would be MIL had discussed my diet plan with Saral. It had been embarrassing. Thankfully , saral supported me and said it was upto me to decide what I wanted to eat. I was happy for a moment. Then he said he was happy that I was trying to look good.

Look good? Wasn’t I already pretty? Why did my beauty have to depend on my weight? Yet I kept quiet and didn’t say anything. Everyone continued to eat as if they had done me a favor by trying to be understanding.

So this it??? Did I bored you guys? Actually I wanted to gave their relationship cadual start so I added various incident..

Thank you soooo much for amazing support and love guys….

Love you

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  1. it was good…while i was reading i had thought for a second that its going in too detail of the relationship…but you had said in the end also..its all good…its important for the story…well done

    1. Dipika

      Kk darling thank you sooooo much… I just liked it you confess at first u think it was deep but thn its essential.. Thanks darling.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  2. Amazing

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much Ayushi dearyy.. Love u lots ? ? ?

  3. Kavina

    Loved it

    1. Dipika

      Kavina darling thank you sooooo much ? ? ?

  4. Jessie

    Spell bound…!!!! DEEPZZ….how to express it….U are turning the best in writing….!!! So realistic….the lines u give for Arjun…!! My god…!! Claim your victory…and she feels like gladiator…! Haha…..everything realistic…wish to give up and then we try too much…2.5 kgs…haha super truth…the first weight loss which makes to feel like achievement….while the trainer casually says’s normal .. I cud get that’s…

    Deeepz…everything I cud get the images…like Arjun saying. N doing those….How to appreciate girl….bear hugs…and Cheat meal..and the lines he says after showing his once upon a time ..pic…wow…simply best…yaar…do a guy like this exist…I really wanna meet him..hahah1…this is what you had done to me Deeps….Mausi ji what a wonderful gift you had given to us…chit chats…and trio…Sam asking ques…and Ardhika speaking abt weekend….wow…!! Retail store one…???so true….100% true…the way we check calories…as though we got enlightenment..then sigh and push it back to the rack…hahaha…she compares to smoking..haha..quit..Lol.

    I so LIVED with your story today….THANKS for such a super write up….Just tell me one secret….How do get such good lines for Arjun…u say so beautifully girl…the way he points his finger on his temple…Oh..I..Seee….No…I don’t See…Deeps…I couldn’t see any way. Further…We are locked inside this Arjun Mania….I guess…we are locked forever..!!!!! Love you tons…..I thoroughly enjoyed….in fact..experienced a person to train me…haah…COOL guy…!!stole my heart….lotssa blabber…!! It’s only because of ur write up..!! Its 6 in mrng….! I feel…………………………………………… ?????

    1. Jessie

      Spider man dialogue….????? and he dint repeat.. Deeps….now am giving you the sub title for ur epilogue…Life with my trainer… ???…Deepsss….you have a amazing talent…you know what, even if its not Arjun you would have made us to enjoy just because if your character sketch…I so love Radz and Arjun here….! After DPO its here I feel so…???????? that I like the character itself….

    2. Dipika

      Jesss qe truly are judwa behena… I could smell that similarities in us… Goshhhhh i did all this craziness in retail stores.. Lol.. N i saw tht cookies n pastries section like m starving from decades.. Lol… N arjun words.. God thy automatically come to me..
      N tht spiderman dialogue i read some where n i used it here…. Awsome na… Arjun mania… Yesss n we can’t get over it in this life.. Lol.. Till we get out version.. Hai na… God we r such crazy girl yarrrr… Thank u sooooo darling for this awesome sw bhi. Awsome words.. I was so giggling all the time… Grinning n smiling… Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  5. Jewel

    Deepz,….”Beyond this last repetition, there is glory waiting for you..Go claim it! It’s yours”….. “There’s no point in wanting to become Amazing Spiderman when you town lacks tall buildings”….. Wow???….. What is this arjun, is he really a trainer, he is playing with words…. Actually u r playing with words, it superb deepz, especially that Spiderman dialogue…….. Poor rads she is avoiding her fav foods, and that retail store part, that was really nice….. Cheat meal day…….Arjun was a fat guy before, I am imagining him as fat guy now….. Now also he calls her madam….. Last part, her thought….. Everything is really really beautiful deepz, loved this chapter a lot….. Waiting for next one……

    1. Dipika

      ? ? ? ? ? jewel thank you much yarrrrr.. I was laughing whn i read it.. Yeahhhh… Arjun… Words se play kar raha hai.. Hahaha.. He ia player na.. Playing qith our hearts.. N we like tgt.. Hahaha… Thank u sooooo darling.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ?

  6. Hey Deeps…
    Amazingly well…. I loved every bit of it.

    1. Dipika

      Savera dearryy thank you sooooo much ? ? ? ? ? ?

  7. Brin

    Congratulation for becoming a maasi, and now the episode is outstanding, I enjoy reading it, you nail it, well done, eagerly waiting for the next update. 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much brin darling… N double thank for your sweet words… Love u lots ? ? ? ? ? ?

  8. Dipu di…congratulations…!!! You got advance Christmas gift…and do tell her first name letter i would suggest a cute name…
    Wonderful ….its going interesting and loved every bit
    you have made a realistic convo …so interesting n so lively…loved town n tall buildings dialogue….also cheat meal concept….n Sam asked Arjun why he didnt shout on radz…i was expecting his reply but its essence of the story…am so excited ….!!!
    Love you di…teddy hugs…n how yours job going…??

    1. Dipika

      Astha darling thank you sooooo.. Yess i got Christmas gift early.. N she is damn cute hai yarrr…. N u knq panditji gave a, r, p, n words for her name.. We r also thinking abt astha name.. Lol.. Same. To u na… Thanks darling for loving n sweet words… Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  9. arti viswanathan

    Dipika darling mind-blowing episode …. I loved it dear…. Arjun tries to help radhika in her gym as her instructor was beauifully written.. And the way radhika tells arjun that she is craving for foods which she will not have it she becomes upset and then arjun shows his pic of being 100 kgs……i liked it dipika darling and teddy hug and loadz of love…..

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh arti darling thank you sooooo much for supporting me n loving me.. M sooooooo dancing here….. Love u lots ? ? ? ?

  10. Rossy

    Gym wala love heroine…and realistic too…how can you manage to find such plots..and penned down it with ur emotions which is quite natural…Arjun was a trainer first, many girls definitely come to him for training….so it’s obvious for him to fall for anyone lately, not suddenly…and u beautifully utilized ur experience darling…i think in next update Arjun may miss rads as she was with her in laws…then he will realize…awwww…but u remember my promise na…milte he apni pe

    1. Dipika

      Rossy darling awwww thank you sooooo yarrrr.. You knq how to motivate me huhhh… Yesss aisa trainer ho to. Main gym se vapas na aau… N yess milate hai apane rosedip. Com pe… N are nxt update me to aur majja ane wala hai.. Hahaha.. Love u lots ? ?

  11. Gauri

    My first reaction was ok this is about me…my cheat day is sunday….I so wait for it 😀 but sad my trainer is a female….no one like Arjun ?????? about the update so rocking…finally they are developing unique freindship…a bond… the wait to see each other….so real and so natural….fabulous Dipu…your stories are so close to reality 😀 loads of love 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Hey angel u too do cheat meal day… Wowww.. Thank u sooooo darling for this Awsomeeeee words yarr.. U inspires. Me always…. Love u lots darling angel
      ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

  12. Sulbi

    Dipu darling… fantabulous… i was enjoying dear… ahh!!! Diet… sucks my life… seriously… i will be following for a week or max for a month… then i will drop it… bt after reading this chapter… u boosted me… Ofcrz its frm Arjun… who gonna deny his words… lol… amazing yaar… even i use to chat in steam room with my frnz… that was the best thing in gym… without working out we will reduce atlst some point kg… i loved that… hehe… everything was superb dear… waiting for nxt update dear… love you and tc darling… 🙂

    1. Dipika

      ? ? ? ? ? arjun’s words boosted like anything na..after all arjun hai.. We will listen to him na only… Hahaha.. Yess diet r so tortures… Thank u sooooo much Sulbi darling.. Love u lots ? ? ? ? ?

  13. Superb dipu. …amazing. …..loved the Spiderman dialogue

    1. Dipika

      Thank you so much dearyyyy

  14. what an amazin chapter .. super.. loving ardhija more..
    hope u get a trainer like arjun.hehe 😉

    1. Dipika

      Neetz thanks so darling

  15. Jnana

    Hey…. Hows you? The first one i read i suppose…. Really very important concept in Girls life isnt? Water for the next…..

    1. Dipika

      Jhana darling thank you sooooo much for supporting me

  16. Sathya

    Cheri….:) see i am here again. Tis TU sucks. Second time am commenting here. Well all my words are gone…rewriting remembering is hard job.

    Well about the episode..same pinch. You know why? Scenes on Retail stores. Oh god…it s so natural yar…still i will avoid some of my fav things..but when i see it in super market , my hands always go and rolls on its packets…but after giving a heavy sigh, i keep it back on its place. It’s the worst punishement we can give to our enemies…Yar this Arjun is making me mad…Spider man, cheat meal day….god what’s he upto or what u r upto.

    It is amazing cheri….i loved each and every line of it…i love the Trio bond cute. Arjun was fat..hmm i m trying to imagine…:P

    Well my gym was on first floor and ground we had a super market. Just imagine my situation then 🙁 poor girl me.

    Love you dipu 🙂

    1. Dipika

      Ohhhh senorita thank you sooooo much yarrr.. Ur comment is something i looked forward to read..reading it is really gave different fun.. N i can imagine tht sigh yar.. Lol… U will see wht i upto.. Haha… I m motivating us for weight loss. Lok…. Love you loads ? ? ?

  17. Sorry dipika di very late comment.asusual you nailed it.waiting for next

    1. Dipika

      Chashni darling thank you sooooo much.. N don’t say sorrryyyy yar.. Love u lots ?

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