Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Trishna learns Saurabh’s truth

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh saying Mishti wanted to apply nail paint, so I got her to you. He acts cheap. Kanchan gives nail paint to Mishti. Saurabh says thank aunty, give her a kiss. Kanchan gets shocked when he touches her while giving Mishti to her. Mishti thanks Kanchan. Ananya calls out Kanchan. Ananya says you are here. Saurabh says its good you have come, Mishti is troubling Kanchan, handle her, I will go. He leaves.

Kanchan sleeps at night. Saurabh comes to her and gets close. She wakes up and shouts Vishesh. She sees door shut. Rajmata comes and asks her to open the door. Kanchan opens the door and hugs her. She asks why are you worried. Kanchan says I m not scared, I m worried that I can slap him in anger. Rajmata says calm down. Vishesh calls Kanchan. Rajmata takes the call and asks him to call Kanchan to him for few days. He says its good, sure. She asks him to talk to Kanchan and goes. Kanchan says sorry to talk to you rudely. Vishesh says I m sorry, I have left you alone there and came here to work, don’t worry, I will arrange your trip, you will come to me soon.

Kanchan goes to get some water. She gets shocked seeing Saurabh. She drops the glass jug. He asks why are you worried, we didn’t come close for the first time. He stops her and asks why are you worried. Trishna sees them and gets shocked. She hides. Saurabh turns to see. He says we will meet again and goes. Trishna stops Kanchan.

She says you have shown your true colors, you were trying to trap my husband, you are newly married, you should have thought of Vishesh, who has fought with the world to marry you. Kanchan says enough, you are insulting me, are you respectable people, you can’t insult me, world is doing candle march so that such girls live with respect and come out of the trauma. Trishna says what I have seen today, I think whatever happened would be your fault. Kanchan says its easy to blame the girl. Trishna says I know my husband, I have seen what you did. Kanchan says fine, go and ask him about it.

Trishna says you tell me, I want to ask you, you are characterless. Kanchan says I m not characterless, that man is characterless. Trishna says who knows about it. Kanchan says go and ask your husband about it. Trishna gets shocked. Kanchan says yes, your husband is the culprit. Trishna raises hand to slap. She thinks of Saurabh’s words. Kanchan says be thankful that Rajmata stopped me on Raksha bandhan day and I didn’t tell anyone, I got to know everything on that day, but don’t think my silence is my weakness, I m worried as Ananya is pregnant, else both families will be affected on my truth revelation, look at me, you think can anyone save me from catching Saurabh, you know what will happen if Vishesh knows this, nobody can save Saurabh, everything will happen. Trishna cries. Kanchan goes.

Trishna is about to ask Saurabh. Mishti cries and wakes up. She says I have seen a monster in dream. Saurabh pacifies her. Trishna cries. Its morning, doctor says Ananya’s pregnancy is complicated, take care of her. Vishesh calls Kanchan and says I m coming to get you here, all my time is for you now. She says I m not coming, I have to do some work, Ananya is unwell, I have to help mum. She thinks to give an answer to Saurabh. Saurabh asks Ananya how is she now. Ananya says I m fine. Kanchan comes. She says I want to go temple to pray for Ananya, it would be good if Saurabh comes along. Rajmata and Trishna get shocked. Saurabh says yes, why not, I will come with you. He smiles. Rajmata comes to Kanchan and asks what did you do, how can you go alone with him. Kanchan asks what shall I do, I can’t be silent.

Rajmata says I don’t want your step to spoil Vishesh and Ananya’s lives. Kanchan says Trishna knows everything. Rajmata gets shocked. Kanchan tells everything. Rajmata says how dare he. Kanchan says he had to dare. Rajmata asks why did you tell Trishna, I explained you to stay silent. Kanchan asks how, she was questioning my character, she was saying I m trapping her husband, she was blaming me. Rajmata says enough, I don’t want the families terms to spoil, you won’t go with Saurabh, I will see him. Kanchan asks how long will you save me, let me fight with him, bless me. Rajmata says no. Kanchan asks do you trust me. Rajmata says yes but… Kanchan says trust me, I won’t do anything that stains our family, Lord is with me, leave everything on Lord. She prays.

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