Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Don threatens Akhilesh

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 30th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vallabh coming home and telling how he fell down and the man helped him. The man/Don acts good. Ira takes Vallabh to room. Akhilesh says I will get water. The don points gun a him and says I want my diamonds, else I will kill Vallabh, the waistband has bomb, if you try to tell anything, I will get Vallabh arrested. Akhilesh says don’t do anything to Vallabh, I will help you in finding diamonds. Don says you just have 24 hours to return my diamonds. He goes. Ira asks how did you fall. Vallabh says I went to pluck flowers for Ganga. Ira says you behave like kids, I will send her to take care of you. He asks really.

She asks what happened to you, I can’t understand. Akhilesh comes. Vallabh smiles and gives him flowers. Akhilesh asks did you bear pain for my sake. He says I m your Ganga, no one expressed me such love. He hugs Vallabh. Vallabh gets glad. Akhilesh thinks to remove the belt some how. He tickles Vallabh and removes the belt. He throws the belt out. Vallabh asks why did you throw the belt. Akhilesh says you don’t need that cheap belt, I will relieve your pain by massage. Vallabh asks really. Akhilesh massages his back. Vallabh jokes. Akhilesh says you won’t go to shop till you get fine. Vallabh says I have to go to get payment. Akhilesh says you can take it later. Vallabh says I got fake diamonds, which looked like real diamonds, I got rings order, I have to get payments for those rings. Akhilesh thinks to find the diamonds. He says I will get the payments. Vallabh gets glad and asks him to get the diary to check details. Akhilesh goes to Ira. She gets angry. Akhilesh says sorry, you got tension because of me. Ira says no, I m happy, I will party alone.

Akhilesh asks is it your marriage anniversary. Ira says no, Akhilesh is finding a girl for himself, I should be happy if he is moving on. Her finger gets hurt. He asks did he tell this to you. Ira asks will I go and ask him. He says I think you are upset. Ira says I don’t care, he isn’t my real husband, he is my good friend. He says yes, you should be happy. She says I m happy. He thinks sorry I m glad to see your jealousy, I will make you realize that you love me. He helps her.

Akhilesh comes home and tells about Vallabh. Chandu jokes. Akhilesh says Vallabh doesn’t know that I m Ganga, goons are after the real diamonds. Devina tries to hear their conversation. Akhilesh says I will get the rings back. Devina says the roof is leaking. Pushpa says I m purifying the house by Gaumutra, I m keeping fast for my husband’s long life, you also keep fast for Birju. Devina laughs and refuses. Bhoomi shows interest in fasting. They look at her. Devina asks why will you wake up soon, the fast is for married ladies. Pushpa says yes. Bhoomi says come on, I can help you. Pushpa gets glad and hugs her. Chandu asks what to do now, tell this to Ira. Akhilesh asks how shall I say. Chandu says tell her about diamonds. Akhilesh says I have to say about Teej. Chandu says Vallabh is in danger, think about diamonds.

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