Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 29th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Saurabh comes to stay in Rajmahal

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 29th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanchan coming home. Dadi and Manika scold her for stealing Saurabh’s watch. Dadi tells this to Rajmata. Rajmata asks what. Ananya shows the gold watch. Rajmata says no, this can’t happen. Ananya says I have found this in Kanchan’s cupboard. Kanchan stops Rajmata. She says I don’t want to clarify and prove you a liar, we are one family, and family means to trust each other, I don’t want to blame anyone or clarify, I hope that you also respect me as I respect you. She goes. Dadi says her tantrums won’t work here, we got insulted because of her. Rajmata says sorry, Kanchan is gold, she doesn’t need to prove her shine, everyone will see it on their own. She goes.

Saurabh sees the old footage and smiles. Mishti plays. Trishna and Ananya come talking about some ritual. Trishna asks Ananya to ask Rajmata for help in the rasam. Ananya asks what if we take help from Kanchan, I had upset her last night about some matter, it will help me in making things fine. Saurabh says yes, why not, you call Kanchan here and start preparations, I m there to help. Trishna says fine, we shall start preparations. Mishti runs away with Saurabh’s phone. Trishna takes the phone and sends Mishti. He worries. Trishna says phone got locked and gives it back to him. She says I will invite Pandit, you talk to kanchan. Saurabh thinks before Vishesh comes, I have to get you once again Kanchan.

Vishesh is on the way. He says I will be thankful to Saurabh for giving me this chance. He praises Saurabh. Kanchan asks can we talk about us for some time. Vishesh says sure, why not, sorry to discuss about my work, you look in romantic mood, tell me, where do you want to go. She says I will call later and ends call. Ananya comes and apologizes to Kanchan. She asks Kanchan to help her in rasam. She says if you say yes, I will think you have forgiven me, I have come to pick you, come with me. Kanchan gets worried. Rajmata comes and says Kanchan won’t go anywhere else, I need her here.

Ananya asks what’s more imp for you now. Rajmata says Kanchan is newly married, even your Dadi is here, try to understand. Kanchan says Ananya, don’t feel sad. Ananya goes. Rajmata says you have handled the matter well, very few people handle such truth’s burden. Dhara sees Shubham and her marriage pics. Aman comes. She says Shubham isn’t here. He says I know, I have come to talk to you, why do you tolerate so much, you are educated, why don’t you raise voice for yourself. She says you are talking about my husband. He says yes, he doesn’t know meaning of being a husband, are you happy with him and this relation, do you get love, affection and respect. She says stay in your limits, I m happy with him. She cries. He says really, even when you know he is in love with Renu. She slaps him and runs out.

Kanchan worries about Saurabh. She plays tv. She sees the fire incident news at Saurabh’s house. She rushes to tell Rajmata. Rajmata says I know, call isn’t connecting. Saurabh and his wife come home. Rajmata and Kanchan get shocked. Dadi asks Rajmata to open guest rooms, we should help Saurabh, he wasn’t agreeing, but I got him here, Sumer was hurt, so Ananya went with him to hospital. She asks Dhara to call Ananya and ask about Sumer. Rajmata says call isn’t connecting. Dadi says this house is yours also, you can stay here. Saurabh smiles. Dadi asks Kanchan to take them to guest room. Kanchan worries. Rajmata says Kanchan doesn’t know well, I will manage their stay. Dadi says I knew it, Kanchan is useless.

Kanchan goes to her room and says I never felt so helpless, my culprit is in front of me and I can’t do anything. Rajmata says I can’t do anything, I m helpless because of my children. Kanchan says I want to punish him, but Rajmata made me promise. Rajmata says Kanchan is my bahu, she is a woman, her self respect is my responsibility, what shall I do now. She comes to Kanchan. She says forgive me, I m helpless, but its true that you are also my responsibility, I m equal to your mum, you sleep with me in my room at night, don’t feel insecure. Kanchan says you worry for me, that’s enough for me, if I shift to your room, Dadi will question, don’t worry, I m fine. Rajmata says how, that man is here, I m so worried, we have to do something, I will call Vishesh and ask him to call you Delhi for few days. She calls Vishesh. He is busy in meeting. Kanchan says I m fine. Rajmata says just stay inside room till Saurabh is here, tell Vishesh to take you with him, call me if you need help. Kanchan nods. Rajmata goes. Kanchan calls Vishesh. She gets shocked seeing Saurabh coming. She gets angry and faces him.

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