Part 14 30/08/2018

After sometime Shaurya asked her to pack her stuffs and they will leave to Delhi immediately. She nodded and went to her room to pack her things slowly. She felt bad and equally broken she sat on the bed in between and covered her face with her palm to let out the tears flow out.

Shaurya hear her crying outside her room, he lean on the wooden wall and calm down himself seeing her broken. He scrunched his nose and went to her room door and said to her I am done let’s leave before its get late. She looked at him and wiped her cheeks and gets up from the bed zipping up the bag and walks with her bag out from the room. Both walked slowly to the hall way and proceeded to the cottage door. Mehak turns to look back at the cottage as Shaurya was locking the door as he reminisces his memory with Mehak how she react when he teasing, her anger and her recent outbreak how he threatened by shooting himself. Both gets into the 4 wheel drive. Mehak buckled up and looked outside as he drove out.

He didn’t see her as his concentration was on road. As the journey goes Mehak’s tear fell from her eyes as her memory of how they both used to be flashed in her. As the journey goes she fell asleep. Shaurya’s mind was full on her accusation she was right he was not there when she needed the most and he was not behaving well how he should have, he caused her loss of her parents and made her suffer so much. He knows she is upset with her situations as he was not there for her, so getting her trust back and for her to accept his apology is not easy for him. He will not give up no matter what happens, he looked at her she was looking serene as she was sleeping. Her head fell on his shoulder as she was moving in her sleep. He leans his head on hers so she can sleep as he continue to drive. After a while they stopped for a refreshment. He gets a sandwich and chai for her and offered to her but she denied he in his taunting manner asked her to eat and don’t create drama here be quiet and eat. She grab the sandwich from his hand and started to munch it vehemently. She choked as she munch, he immediately offered her some water as he patted her head gently. She manage to say she is fine and he takes his hand away from her head. She eat slowly and once they finished eating they continued their journey.

After several hours they reached Delhi. Mehak became restless it was evident in her face as she is going to meet her family almost a year she wonders how would their reaction will be, she still confused how is she face them. Once in a while Shaurya notice her expression and he knows what worries her.

At Sharma’s all finished their dinner and as usual wants to move to their rooms for resting. As they want to leave their doorbell rings and all stopped as they wonders who would it be at this hour. With a confusion at all the Sharma’s face , Ravi chachu steps forward to go and open the door but Mohit and Sonal stopped saying they will open. Mohit opens the door and surprised to see Shaurya there, he slowly said jiju you are here at this hour, the rest of the family asking him to come in. But he stand still there and said chachiji and PD I came to return your family’s amanat and all looked at him what is he talking about.  Shaurya slowly step aside revealing Mehak who was standing behind him. All of them freezed in shock seeing their Mehak there. Mehak stiffen seeing all them. Her eyes waters and her voice was shaky as a slow smile erupts on her lips. Her hand clasped at her throat and another hand was holding at the door firmly. Chachi slowly called Mehak and PD asked Kanta is that our laddoo, is our laddoo back. PD and Kanta chachi stepped forward to Mehak.  Kanta chachi cupped her face and asked her as her voice breaks where did you go leaving me and all of us, Mehak sobbed Kanta chachi beats her arm few times and asked tell me why did you leave us and go. Shaurya wants to stop chachi as he saw Mehak sobbing heavily. PD hugged Mehak and said my laddoo is back Kanta don’t talk anything about past, she is back finally. PD pulled Mehak in bringing her inside the house, Ravi chachu Jeevan chachu dadaji Mansi chachi and Nehal all were in tears. Mehak stands in the middle of the hall and the entire Sharma’s surrounded her. Nehal hugged Mehak di we missed you so much. Sonal and joined them too. Dadaji and Ravi chachu came to her folded their hands and said puttar forgive us we made you to make hast decision and ruined your life. We are all grown up but didn’t think about your happiness. Please forgive us. Everyone in the house told us to think first before we do something but we were angry and failed to rationally. Please forgive us puttar. They asked for her forgiveness. Mehak hold their hands down and ask them not to ask for forgiveness as they are her pillar of strength and have been protecting her since child. Kanta interrupts and ask Sonal and Nehal to bring her to the room. She moved slowly with them. The rest of the family turned and saw Shaurya was still at the doorstep not coming into the house. Jeevan chachu asked Shaurya why are you still standing there, come in beta. Shaurya wiped the lone tear from his eyes as he scrunched his nose. He said it’s okay and getting late so he will make a move. Kanta chachi saw him he was not in his usual color and she approached him and asked him what happen Shaurya why you are not coming in she asked earnestly. Chachi he started she asked what happen Shaurya why you don’t look your usual self. Is everything alright? Compare to all of us you should be happy but you don’t seems to be happy at all, what happen tell me.

In Mehak room she looked around and all looked the same. She sees around as she has not seen her room for so long. Nehal interrupted di your room is still the same taiji don’t let us to move anything from here. Wait I will get you for you something she left from there. Sonal quickly hugged Mehak and scolded her pagli why you did this to us. Do you know how much I missed you, Mehak’s tears flowed again. Sonal release her hug and wiped Mehak’s face. Now don’t cry anymore, you must stay happy always.

Nehal came with water and asked di did you had dinner shall I ask maa to get some food, Mehak shakes her head and said I am not hungry. Mehak changed her clothes and sat with them.

On the other side Kanta chachi bring Shaurya to the balcony. She asked him what happen Shaurya, where did you find her and why are you like this? Slowly Shaurya conveyed her about how he found her at Manali and how he tricked her to bring her to a cottage so he can talk and solve their issues but it turned out to be ugly arguments and Mehak vouched that she will never forgive him and accept him back in her life. His tears came out and chachi looked at him. She continued the Shaurya that I know he never gives up easily. That girl is upset with things happening around her and she was having hopes things will be alright once she is with you but all went out of hands and she lost hopes. But now things has completely changed. I want you to not to give up look at me she said he was feebly looking at the sky and he turned his view to see chachi. Do you love my daughter? Shaurya replied she is my life, my reason for breathing and everything in me chachi. Then don’t give up. This time do anything you want so you can get her back in your life and please make my daughter’s like happy and colorful as before. I can’t see my daughter like this only you can bring that smile in her Shaurya. Shaurya was elated hearing it and he thanked chachi to trusting him and he promised her he will work hard for earning Mehak’s trust and love again. The duo started to plan immediately and hi five.

Back at the room Mansi chachi and PD was feeding Mehak food and she keep saying she is full. Later, Mansi chachi asked her to rest and leaving her with PD. Mehak rested her head on PD’s lap and PD keep caressing her and ask her to rest and don’t think of anything as all will be fine. She assured all will be fine. Mehak felt relief as burden lifted from her shoulder.

Next morning Mehak woke up it was late morning, she looked at herself in the dressing mirror, and her long unruly hair was falling on her face she gently push them to her side as her eyes captured on a photo frame on the dresser it’s her wedding photo with Shaurya where she was pulling on his shawl and she was leaning back. It was a candid shot, she was smiling happily. She recalled that moment when Shaurya pulled her aside as he wants to spend some lone time this wedding and all the rituals it’s taking too long. He wanted a kiss from her, and that was the time that shot was taken, her thoughts were interrupted when Kanta chachi came in to her, greeting her good morning Mehak, did you sleep well she sat down on the bed. Mehak manage to smile a little and replied morning chachi, yes I slept but still feeling tired. Chachi caresses her hair and looked at her confused face, Mehak I know what is going on in your mind, but try to understand that things has changed now , and you need time to think carefully. Forgetting the past is not easy but we need to move forward. You are matured person and I support your decision, promise that you will not leave us like that again, you don’t know how much we all suffered. Your PD nearly got heart attack your dadaji health became worst and was admitted. Since the elders was sick your Chachus was busy taking care of the house matters and can’t concentrate on the food truck and the family’s income were affected. I am not blaming you for whatever happen, but you are our family’s amanat. When your mama papa passed away you were given to us as our amanat and we want to take care of that till our last breath. Any problem you face please talk to me and I will help you don’t rumble in your head and make hast decision. She patted her cheek and asked her to get ready after breakfast they want to go to temple and Gurdwara as she have vouched to go there. Mehak nodded and went to shower. Chachiji folded her blankets and adjusted the pillows before getting to downstairs.

At the dining table, Mehak sat down and she was still not use to her own family, she remain quiet. Everyone notice that she is not the same Mehak which used to be who is very jolly and happy preparing the meals for all and serving them. Mansi chachi and Kanta chachi served her food on the table and she keep telling them this is too much and she can’t finish them all. Mansi chachi said if on normal days you will eat more and Kanta chachi will say don’t give her more today you must eat. Mansi chachi and Kanta chachi said then we both will feed you and you will eat without complaining. Mehak looked at them in surprise before she could say anything they both started to stuff food in her mouth. She keep shaking her head no and she can’t eat but they didn’t let go. PD also feed her more and the family felt happy seeing this moment. Once breakfast done all gets ready for the temple and gurdwara visit.

In the Gurdwara the entire family prayed and thanked for the safe return of Mehak home. Once done that they went to the temple and thanked Matarani for the blessings upon the family and ask for blessings so the upcoming all will be good for them as they had suffered enough. Once all are done they get into the MPV and chachi said now we have to go to another place as well all looked at her Jeevan chachu asked where are we going Kantaji, she asked them all to be patience and they will know once reached there.

As all settled in the large MPV , Sonal and Nehal keep bugging Mehak with lots of questions and saying this and that, she was quiet irritated with them but she sighed and ignored. Her mind was somewhere wandering. As they entered Vasant Kunj area Nehal asked taiji why are we in Shaurya jiju house area, are we going to their house.  Mehak realized yes this is Shaurya’s house area and before she could ask anything their vehicle stopped in front of the large mansion. The guard opens the gate and let the MPV to enter. Mehak’s heart started to beat violently as they enter the mansion she never expect to come here at all, this will be the last place she wants to be visiting. As all gets down from the MPV she was drowned in her battles of thoughts and didn’t pay attention till Sonal and Nehal called her oye Mehak where are you come down from the car. She shakes her head in NO as she in confused what is going to happen? She reluctantly gets down from the vehicle and stands on the ground shakily her mind brought her back to the day when she came to visit Karuna maa and Shaurya chase her out from the house as his sharp words echoed in her mind. All were proceeding to the house entrance but she stood still there. Kanta chachi turned to see her as she was there and she called her Mehak but she didn’t budge from her stand. She went to her side and hold her hand, beta what happen why you are standing here come in beta before Mehak can say something chachi holds her hand and brought her inside the house. She entered the house heavy heartedly. She was tensed and started to fidgeting her duppatta. A motherly familiar voice called her Mehak and she lifted her head to see it, it was Karuna maa. Her heart sank seeing her in wheelchair as a caretaker pushes her towards her. She immediately rushed to her side and fell to her knees as she holds her hand and started to cry at her lap. The entire family look on and it was pretty emotional. Karuna maa between her sobs said I am sorry beta, because of me you suffered a lot I have done sin and I am the one should be punished not the younger ones, please forgive me beta she pleaded. Mehak looked at her and wiped her cheeks maa, what are you talking about, we all are humans and we tend to do mistakes at times please let go all these don’t say like that anymore. Karuna maa wiped Mehak’s tears away. She introduced Naina her care taker to Mehak. Naina this is my beti Mehak. Compare to photo in real she looks very pretty and she and Shaurie is like match made in heaven. Mehak folded her hand as she greet Naina, she is the caretaker who is in her 40s. Karuna maa called Dolly, Dolly where are you? Come here see who is here? Where is Shaurya, Naina? I am here maa he replied as slides down the stairs. Mehak stumbled hearing his voice at her back.

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