Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishesh surprises Kanchan

Mitegi Lakshman Rekha 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Saurabh giving gifts to everyone. Ananya praises Saurabh and his NGO work for women empowerment. Dhara says I also want to work for social cause. Saurabh asks her to come to office, he will guide her, it gives him peace to help women. Rajmata sends Dhara to Shubham. Manika says we shall also gives gifts. Rajmata gifts the gold chain to Sumer. Sumer says its lovely, I m sure its your choice, thanks. Rajmata gifts Ananya, Trishna and Saurabh. She asks where is the watch. Manika says how is this empty, this had gold watch, don’t know who took it. Rajmata says I don’t understand. Manika recalls stealing the gold watch.

Dadi asks Rajmata where is the watch. Manika says I had kept all gifts together. Saurabh says its fine, we have spend good time and shared big happiness, I don’t want any gift, your feelings are enough for me, we shall leave now. Manika asks Ananya to stay back. Saurabh and his family leave. Rajmata goes to take rest. Manika smiles and thinks climax is still left.

Dhara comes to Shubham and gives him gift from Saurabh. She says we should also give some gift to Ananya, we shall go on shopping. He refuses. Aman looks on. Ananya asks why is mum so casual towards my inlaws. Manika says now her responsibilities got divided, why did Rajmata send Kanchan to her Maayka. She gives gifts to Ananya and smiles. Kanchan says I was thinking to go to academy. Kirti asks her to wait for her. She plays song. Vishesh comes in Charlie Chaplin’s disguise and dances for Kanchan. He dances on Lungi dance. She laughs. They have a talk. She recalls Rajmata’s words and doesn’t tell anything. He says I wanted to be with you, I love you a lot.

Ananya gets the gold watch and says this was to be gifted to Saurabh. Vishesh says I shall leave now, take care. He comes back and says I love you. She asks him to go. He comes again and says I won’t go, Nandan will sing for me again. She sends him and shuts the door. She says Vishesh… now what. She opens the door and sees Saurabh. She gets shocked. Nandan welcomes him. Saurabh acts good and gets seated. He asks Kanchan how is her health. He says Nandan has given good values to his daughter, they have much tolerance, that’s why Kanchan is independent even after such a big incident, Kanchan is very brave, I have become her fan. She goes to kitchen. Nandan says Saurabh left, he gave this gift, Trishna has given it. She checks the gift and reads Saurabh’s note. She crushes the note and throws the gift.

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