Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Chandu lies to Devina and Pushpa

Meri Hanikarak Biwi 28th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ira calling Akhilesh. He goes and sends her a voice message. Ira gets sad that he didn’t answer her call. She gets the voice message and asks Ganga Mausi/Akhilesh to see his voice message. He says sorry I m helpless and couldn’t answer your call, you will always be in my memories, we will unite if Lord wills. Akhilesh says your husband loves you a lot. Ira sleeps in his lap. He thinks I m sure we will unite soon. Chandu tells Bhoomi that Akhilesh will come soon. Devina asks where is he. He says he went for jogging. Devina asks Pushpa for money. Pushpa says Aditya had taken all the money. Devina says I want just 50000rs for shopping. Pushpa says go to Akhilesh and get the money. Devina goes to Akhilesh’s room to get some money. She screams. Pushpa and everyone run to ask what happened. Devina says look what I found under Akhilesh’s pillow. They see a bra and get shocked. Ira feels sleepy.

Akhilesh gets ginger tea for her and says Vallabh told me your likes, I got dhokla for you, your husband told about it, he was saying this in voice message and asked you to eat well, you also love him right. Akhilesh says you both have much love. Chandu gets beaten up and asks Devina and Pushpa to stop the tortures. Devina asks him to say truth, is this of Ira, what happens between Akhilesh and Ira behind us. Chandu says you think of such cheap things in this age, this belongs to me. They ask what.

Vallabh walks on his feet. He blows in Akhilesh’s eye and relieves him. Akhilesh screams seeing him. Ira comes and asks why did you scream. Vallabh says its between us, you go. He gets after Akhilesh and says this dhokla has your love. Akhilesh worries. Vallabh says you will never go from here. Akhilesh asks why, we all have to go. Vallabh says if you wear red saree for me, I will know your feelings for me. He gets a call and rushes. He makes excuse and goes. Chandu says I m helpless to not say the truth, I couldn’t see Akhilesh’s Devdas avatar, I took him to meet a girl, so that he forgets Ira, that girl’s name is Ganga. Devina says okay fine, then what. Chandu asks how shall I say, Akhilesh has crossed limits with Ganga. They get shocked. Devina says bullshit, he is lying, he is making stories, shut up, I want to hear this from Akhilesh. Akhilesh comes. Chandu asks him to just agree with him.

They ask Akhilesh is this true. He says yes, whatever Chandu said is true. Devina says its a lie. Pushpa says you tell me this doesn’t belong to Ira. Akhilesh asks what. Devina shows the bra. Akhilesh gets shocked. He says yes, this belongs to Ganga, forgive me, I did a mistake. Devina and Pushpa get shocked. Pushpa laughs and says this mistake is better than Ira. Akhilesh asks why is mum so happy. Chandu says I told them about Ganga, but changed the story. Akhilesh asks what did you say.

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Update Credit to: Amena

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