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We found the people directionless all around in all the phase of time slot, and there is no exception in it. They seems working all the time, either for survival or for hobby, sometimes for time passing even.

But what we found here is shocking, major people are working without any aim, and very few people are working for a certain AIM, and we can extract such people very easily from the MASS, as they are not the common people, but DISTINCT people.

CAUSE ROOT of such anonymous state of people is lying down under the MISSING LINK within a human being.

Every individual is the combination of CONSCIOUS (C MIND) & SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (SC MIND).

CONSCIOUS MIND work as and when it find it necessary , but your SC never get idle. It works on and on, never get stop to perform its duties. This very SC is responsible for our normal dreams to the wild dreams. Whether we awake or sleep, it keep its work all through the life from the first breath of human to the last breath of human, we can say, it work harder than our heart. Hear bit gets low in sleeping mode, while SC work more speedily in sleep mode, and in the way we found our SC more active than our heart even. Both work give different end result, one keep you alive physically while other keep you alive virtually.

Your C mind take the decision looking at the end result of your SC mind’s analysis of the DATA it keep receiving from you or AROUND.

So from above, it is very clear, SC never get IDLE, it keep analyzing the data it keep receiving either from you or else one. If do not feed data your SC to work, it keep getting from around and you keep working for others, and not for you, and in the way, you keep walking on the way carved by else one,

Remember YOUR SC needs non continuous DATA to analyze,if you fail to maintain communicate these data, it extract from others, and your SC analyze the OTHER’s DATA, and eventually SC make you work on other’s AGENDA, and you then work for other, other one’s beliefs then start to seeded in your SC of which you can’t be aware even, and whether you are educated or not, you become the SLAVE, lose your individuality, and you emerged out as the BLIND FOLD FOLLOWER.

This all is due to the MISSING LINK BETWEEN YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND AND SUB CONSCIOUS MIND. In absent of such link, one becomes the VULNERABLE to anything, and can be in trance with lowest degree of hypnotism. To maintain individuality one should have a vulnerability nearer to ZERO level. If you go through history and also if look at around, you will found some GREAT PEOPLE having almost ZERO VULNERABILITY.

So talk with your SUBCONSCIOUS each moment , instruct him what you want out of life , what you want from SC, and keep doing all these, all the while , otherwise it start to extract ideas, beliefs from others only to make you a UNAWARED SLAVE.

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