A girl with dreams! episode 8

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Hola everyone look who is back… well its me… sorry for not uploading but i am back and i am continuing with my story

Recap: akansha talks to mrs.tandon

Akansha’s PoV
What did just sid say he will stay with forever ?….
Sid : hey aki u there
Me: ummm… yea i just need to go to my room looks like i am tired need some rest and inform ridhima that i went back to hostel
Sid : but i need to talk
Me : umm… remeber doctor said i need to take rest ?
Sid : fine
I left from there and went to my room..
Is this really my place ? I dont belong here its better i leave mumbai and get back to my hometown, i came here to be independent but looks i need my family..

I took my suitcase and started to pack my clothes when i heard a voice
Voice : attha ekkada ki veltunaru ( bua, where are u going ?)
That’s amirta’s voice what is she doing here
I turned back to see my cousins standing there and looking at me in shock i was happy to see them
Nandu : why are u packing your stuff?
Me. Adhi.. (woh)
Nandu : what ?
Me: i am thinking to leave this city and come back to vizag
Shankar : what do u mean by that ? You were the one who decided to come here right ?
Nandu : i will talk to her, and u guys go the guest house i will come with akshu…
Me : eh? Guest house we dont have any in mumbai na.
Nandu : we just rented a guest house for a week, you know na my daughters cant outside food, so thats why we rented a guest house so that we stay there and cook everyone home made food and you are joining us
Me : i cant come, the incharge wont give me permission she is already pissed that i was not a hostel yesterday
Nandu : your brothers took the permission,
Me: okay. Let me pack my clothes atleast
Nandu : i will do it
Bhabhi just packed my clothes and we left from there. While going towards the gate i saw sid was running towards along with meera, amar and ridhima, sid haulted and was breathing heavily
Me : Woah dude, why were you running like that..
Sid : i thought you were leaving city when i saw u with ur suitcase
Me : no i am just staying with my cousins for a week
Nandu : wont you introduce them to me ?
Me : yea! I totally forgot, guys this my bhabhi Nandini Manik Varma, and bhabhi they are my friends Siddanth rajput, meera rajput, ridhima kaur, amar seth
Nandu : hello, its nice to meet u guys. If you dont have any problem join us for lunch tommorow
Ridhi : woh ? Okay
Everyone in usion : okay
Nandu : bye guys i need to go, see u tommorow, aki lets go
Me : bye guys
I left from there and went to the guest house i must say the guest house was pretty huge.. as i entered my pumpkin came running to me and hugged and i lifted her up and hugged her, i was feeling as if i was back home. Shankar, amit and swadintha came down
Swadhinta : finally i get to see you… i was so worried when bhabhi send u had were stressing again and u fainted
Me : i am fine, thanks to sid’s mom she took care of me
Shankar : you feeling okay now?
Me : yea , why did you guys come to mumbai ?
Amit : well, shankar has a meeting with rajput industries so he was planning to come here , when he told he is going to mumbai to work, bhabhi wanted to see u, so i made a plan and we all came here
Me : okay, where is nimita bhabhi then ?
Swadhinta : everyone will come then who take care of the elders that’s why she stayed there
Me : stop lying she did not come because she thinks that i killed her and she hates for that
Shankar : you did not kill anyone, for now go and take rest
Amit : i am thinking what if i open a branch here in mumbai ?
Me : thats a wonderful idea you should definitely do it

Precap : akansha sneaks out from the guest house ….

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  1. Neehaa

    This story is just next beautiful soon pls continue it

  2. Neehaa

    Sindu pls continue it even there are silent reader who might be reading your story

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