I miss you a shivika story chapter 12

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Anika take anay and leave for her  house ,shivaay leave his breakfast normally and somehow reached the entrance hurriedly ,but no use bcoz his wife and son is leave from there  ,sadly be back to his room and dialled Anika number she didn’t pick the call but after sometime she answered the call

A- boliye shivaay

Shivaay just speak a word but suddenly Arpita ( shivaay’s fake wife) she slammed on her by which the phone is fall from shivaay’s hand but still Anika is on call ,shivaay have to behave normally infront of her ,he knows that this marriage is fake for him ,but for Arpiat this is not a fake marriage ( she is a cheap women she didn’t like shivaay but like to stay in Oberoi mansion and their money and for that she can do anything)

She came forward and encircled her arms around his neck

Ar- you seemed be so tired come here I’ll remove your stress , shivaay pretend to be romantic with him ,

S- u can’t imagine how much I miss u last night come give me my morning dose

And she hugged him and give a tight cheek kiss

S- ummmm ,remove this lipstick mark otherwise everyone tease me

Ar- shivaay what do you think about dadu wish

S- we have to work on it and he faked laughter take his phone fromn the floor  move out from the room

And Anika cuts the call ,she listen everything , every single bit and he thinks that phone was cut and Anika is doesn’t know anything

Her eyes is filled with full of tears ,a hatred and betrayed from her husband she knows that shivaay pretend to do this but somehow it hurts her and rather than pretend shivaay ignore her , somewhere in her mind she makes her own plan to do something for herself now  ,she reached her home

A- Khanna ji anay need this medicine so take it from the market

Ok mam ,he said

In office****

Shivaay sat on chair open the beside drawer take picture of Anika and anay caressed them in pic kiss on it and kept it back and close the drawer

He take his phone out from his pocket and dial Anika number rings rings rings but no one attends the call. He is tensed now he call Rudra but he denies that Anika is not in Oberoimansion ,he call Khanna

S- khana  whr r u

K- sir I’m in market to buy anay baba medicine

S- what r u mad Khanna ,anay doesn’t have any medicine now and all medicine I always kept whole medicines in advance at home

Damm it go and check Anika I’ll also come ,he took his car keys and run toward the parking area reach the destination



What happened to anika

Whr is anay

Shivaay find a letter



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