Mann Masth Magan—(episode 2) Ankit cracks the deal

Recap: Ankit’s decision to stay away from marriage upsets the family members. Ankit’s unpleasant meeting with Priya. Kritika prepares for interview. Ahana is worried.
The episode starts with Priya entering into the office. She looks for her boss but doesn’t find him. She feels relaxed and enters into her cabin. Her boss stands right in front of her.
Priya: good morning sir. I’m sorry for being late. Just a few minutes sir I will be ready for the presentation.
Boss: shut up! How careless are you! Is this the way you work? You are just an employee not the boss. What’s today’s excuse of being late?

Priya: sir, actually a car hit the…
Boss: Stop it Ms. Priya! This is too much. Now listen you are just an employee and you must obey my orders. If you want to work here then do what I say. You must be thankful to me that I tolerate your irresponsible behavior. What do you think of yourself? You come to the office whenever you feel like. It’s not completely my fault that I hired you. You will be on time from tomorrow. No excuses. Understand!?
Priya feels very bad after being humiliated by her boss. She hides her tears. She had always been responsible for her work. She was one among those employees who worked day and night at the time of crisis. And now her boss insults her for being irresponsible. She decides to quit.
Priya: Now you don’t need to handle my irresponsible behavior. I quit. I cannot work for a company which doesn’t value it’s employees. I cannot work for a company which humiliates my hard work. I admit it was my mistake. I am not supposed to be late. But that doesn’t mean you speak whatever you feel like. I am an employee and a person with much self respect. An arrogant person like you doesn’t deserve my service. I quit.
Boss: do not think about it. You will regret later.
Priya: no never. In fact I am happy that I am quitting my job. Good bye.
Priya leaves angrily.
Boss: I swear Ms. Priya Sen you will never get a job.
Ankit’s office
Secretary: sir the delegates left angrily.
Ankit: why didn’t you stop them?
Secretary: sir I have tried to stop them but they said they prefer punctuality to excuses. I am sorry sir.
Ankit: this contract was so valuable for our company. We will face a huge loss if we dont get it. Ok do one thing, arrange a video conference.
Secretary: ok sir.
Secretary leaves. Ankit becomes furious as he is late.
Ankit: I am late for the first time in my life only because of that ill mannered girl. I will not spare her if my company loses this contract.
Meanwhile Priya is furious as she was insulted by her boss because of Ankit.
Priya: All thanks to that arrogant person. I lost my job. I will kill him if he crosses my way again.
Kritika becomes anxious about the interview. She creates a mess in her room. Meanwhile Sanjay comes to meet her.
Sanjay: Kritika, what happened? Look at the room. Are you looking for something?
Kritika: thank God you are here. Tomorrow I have an interview and I am very nervous.
Sanjay: Relax. I will help you.
Sanjay helps her in getting prepared for the interview.
Kritika: thanks a lot Sanjay. You are a savior.
Sanjay: stop thanking me. I am happy that I was able to help you.
Kritika: you are so sweet.
Sanjay: I can do anything to see you smile.
Kritika: You sound like a typical Bollywood hero now.
Kritika starts laughing.
Sanjay adores her.
Kritika: what happened? Why were you staring me?
Sanjay: no. I wasn’t. Ok I have a little work to do. See you tomorrow evening. Do not panic. Give your best. All the best.
Kritika: thanks again. Bye
Sanjay: bye
He leaves.

Meanwhile in Ankit’s office. Ankit arranges a video conference and finally convinces the MD for the contract.
MD: well done Mr. Ankit. Your ideas are mind blowing. We will be happy to work with you. All you have to do is prepare a presentation and attend the meeting with our partners at Bangalore tomorrow.
Ankit: sure sir. See you tomorrow.
Ankit finally manages to get the contract.
Secretary: sir we have a meeting with board of directors tomorrow. How can we attend the meeting at Bangalore?
Ankit: don’t worry. Ashish will attend the meeting at Bangalore. Book tickets for him. And I think there are no other appointments for today.
Secretary: no sir.
Ankit: I shall leave now.
Here Priya reaches home and starts crying. Her parents become worried.
Priya’s father Rajesh asks her to calm down. After a few minutes, she tells that she left the job.
Rajesh: very good. You did the right thing. I wanted to tell you the same. But I couldn’t. Everything happens for a reason. Life is full of opportunities. You will soon find a better job. Relax. Take rest.
Priya’s mother Sudha decides to get her married.
Sudha: you don’t have to work. I will find the best alliance for you. Get married. This is not the time to work. You have worked a lot more than girls of your age usually do.
Priya: mom, stop it. I will not marry till I achieve my goals. Stop thinking about that.
Priya leaves angrily.
Here at Jaiswal House Arshith and Ashish get busy with work.
Ashish: I think I need to explore new places for perfect shots. I have visited almost every corner of Delhi. My photos have been awesome till date. Some other cities might be craving to be shot with my camera.
Arshith: ufff! Stop it. You are so obsessed with photography.
Just then Ankit comes.
Ankit: What’s up boys!
Ashish: bhai I was thinking to explore new places for photography.
Ankit: how about Banglore?
Ashish: Banglore?
Arshith: why only Banglore?
Ankit: actually I need a favor from you Ashish. There’s a presentation in Bangalore and you know I have been trying for a while for this contract. I cannot attend that meeting since I have a meeting with board of directors tomorrow at the same time. I cannot trust anyone other than you. Can you please attend that meeting?
Ashish: you don’t have to request bhai. I will definitely attend that meeting. Don’t worry.
Ankit: thanks. The tickets are ready. Flight is at 8 Am tomorrow. I will mail you the presentation. Ok?
Ashish: ok bhai.
Ankit: The contract would have been ours today itself. But because of a crazy girl I was late and the client left. She disturbed my entire schedule.
Arshith: did you hear something?
Ashish: yes a girl disturbed bhai.
Arshith: interesting! Who was she?
Ashish: what did she do?
Ankit tells the whole story and the brothers are shocked.
Ashish: seriously? Did she really break the headlight?
Ankit: yes! I have never seen a girl with such attitude.
Arshith: I would definitely like to meet her. I mean attitude like bhai. Rare thing.
Ashish: true!
Ankit: stop it.
Ashish and Arshith laugh.

The episode ends.

Precap: besties on video call! Ahana’s big decision! Kritika’s interview

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