Miracle of Love Part – 4 (Ragsan) (Swalak)

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Hello guys, thank you everyone who read and like this FF. Thank you Geet, Ria, Keerthi, Dhivya, Jasmine, Vani, Ragsan, Priya S, Ishu, Ragsanian, Rikashini,Pinky, Aditi, Maha, Tanvi, Moni and Rehna.


Sanskar and Swaragini walking inside college campus.

Swara: how you identify us Sanskar?

Sanskar: your father send  your pics yesterday.

Ragini: our father?

Sanskar: yeah, yesterday he called me to know whether you both are comfortable here. When i told him that i didn’t see you both, he send me pics.

Ragini: oh.

Sanskar: ok. I think bell is going to ring, we will meet in canteen afternoon. Our moms give lunch to you both too.

Swara: our moms means?

Sanskar: my mom and my cousin Laksh’s mom, my badi ma.

Ragini: why are you troubling them Sanskar? We will manage in canteen itself or else we will have lunch in hostel mess.

Sanskar: No issues Ragini, they are packing little more amount while packing Lunch for us. Ok bye, see you later.


Class is going on. Swara is taking notes.

Swara(while writing): Ragini give me that pencil.

Ragini is playing with pencil. She is in dream world. She thinks of how Sanskar hold her shoulder, how he made that boy ask sorry to her. Without knowing to her smile fetches her lips. Swara stops writing and turns to Ragini. She shook her head in disbelief and snatch the pencil from her. Ragini didn’t realise this too.

Swara(to herself): Yesterday only she met him, but how she fall for him? He too seems good only. They will be a fabulous couple. Oh Swara concentrate.

Ragini(to herself): like Swara told yesterday, am i fall for him? He is too good. I never felt for anyone like this before. I don’t know what kind of feel is this.

Afternoon, CANTEEN:

Swaragini enters canteen little later. Sanlak where already waiting for them.

Sanskar: Why are you late? By the way he is my cousin Laksh.

Laksh: Hi.

Swaragini: Hi.

Ragini: Sorry for late, why you are waiting for us? Don’t wait for us.

Sanskar: No issues.

Suddenly  chill hands from behind close Sanskar eyes. Sanskar touches the hands and find it who is this.

Sanskar(smiles): Kavita.

Kavita: oh how you are identifying me all the time.

Swaragini look at her blankly.

Laksh: She is our bestie, Kavita.

Sanskar: and Kavita they are Ragini and Swara our family friends.

Kavita: oh, hi.

Swaragini: hi.

Sanskar: Yesterday we both were so happy without you.

Laksh: yeah, especially Sanskar’s yesterday is unforgettable day in life.

Laksh smiles at Sanskar. Sanskar gestures him to not to tell anything to her and also he noticed Swaragini lokking at them curiously.

Sanskar: shall we eat?

She sits inbetween Sanlak.

Kavita: oh wow, there is Jamun. It’s my favourite.

She tries to take it. Sanskar pushes her hand aside. She look at him confusedly.

Sanskar: this is a tradition to welcome any new relation by giving Jamun in our family. So this is for Ragini and Swara.

Kavita feels bad.

Ragini: No issues Sanskar, we will share it.

Kavita: yeah, we will share it.

Sanskar: i am telling na Kavi. Mom not even allow me and Laksh to eat it. Also you already had so many times. Allow them to have it.

Ragini: Sanskar i am telling na. We will share it. However aunty told us to have, she didn’t tell us to not to share it na.

Kavita: i am sorry Sanskar. Please smile na. I don’t want it.

Sanskar: ok. You three share it among you.

They had their lunch. Sanskar nudges Laksh behind.

Laksh: Sanskar, i will join you later in class. I am going to library.

Swara: library means Shall i come with you?

Laksh: yeah, sure.

Kavita is surfing her mobile. Laksh and Sanskar look at her.

Laksh: Kavi, Librarian called you yesterday.

Kavi: oh no, i forget to submit Library book. You go, i will go and fetch my book and come.

By saying that she leaves from there. Sanskar smirks by thinking something.


Sanskar was speaking with Shekar in mobile.

Shekar: Swara will go to library only. Ragini will go to all places except library.


Sanskar enters Laksh room.

Sanskar: Laksh tomorrow you take Swara to Library.

Laksh: how i will?

Sanskar: if you take the word library infront of her is enough for that.

Laksh nods.


Swara: Ragini don’t forget to put tablet.

Ragini nods.

Swalak leaves to library. While going Laksh thinks whatever she asks we should carefully choose words to reply or else, automatically his hand went to his cheeks.

Sanskar: for what tablets?

Ragini: morning i had fever.

Sanskar: what? Why suddenly? Anything you had newly? Because sometimes it won’t set to your diet.

Ragini(smiles): Sanskar relax. Now i am alright. When you hold my shoulder itself, fever reduced.

Ragini(bit her lips): oh no, what you said now Ragini?

Sanskar smiles at her.

Ragini(stammers): means i got fever because of my fear on you. It is reduced when my fear on you reduced.

Sanskar: ok ok cool.

Ragini: i am sorry Sanskar. Yesterday i insulted you.

Sanskar: oh, just forget it. It’s just for fun na. By the way, i love that attitude of you.

Ragini blushes but she hides it. Sanskar touch her cheeks with his cold fingers.her heart beat increases. She is stunned.

Both share an eyelock. Suddenly Sanskar take his hand.

Sanskar: sorry i just checked temperature.

Ragini: it’s ok.

Sanskar: still there is little fever. Where is tablet?

Ragini takes the tablet from her bag. Sanskar grabs it and he checks it. Then he opened water bottle and give it to her. Ragini makes faces.

Sanskar: what?

Ragini: you know what? I hate tablets. This Swara purposefully told me to put tablet infront of you. So that you will force me put it.

Sanskar: Ragini are you kid to eat tablets?

Ragini(pouts): give me i will chew it.

Sanskar: Ragini.

Ragini: what? From my childhood i am chewing  it only.

Sanskar look at her in disbelief.

Sanskar: today you are going to swallow it. Open your mouth.

Ragini: no.

He pleased her for sometime. She is adamant like a kid. Then he shouts her.

Sanskar: open your mouth.

Ragini with fear opened her mouth. He puts the tablet and he poured water. He closed her mouth and hold her chin. With difficulty she swallowed water.

Sanskar: good girl.

Ragini: i hate you.

Sanskar smiles at her childishness. Ragini too smiles when she sees sanskar’s smiling face.

– to be continued.

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