RadhaKrishn 9th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Krishna hurts Radha

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Krishna asks Radha if she loves him because he saved her, danced with her, or got rid off her fear, then it is infatuation and not love. One that is done hidden cannot be love, love is very pure. One that he does without any fear is love. Radha asks who gave him right to decide whose love is infatuation and whose is true love, at least she accepted her love hiding, she did a big mistake by hurting her dear ones, she will apologise her father for her mistake and will marry a boy he chooses. She breaks krishna’s bansuri and walks away saying he will never play bansuri again or call her. Krishna with teary eyes thinks now Radha has moved from infatuation towards pure love.

Balaram confronts Krishna and asks why did he do that. Krishna says now Radha has broken hudle of infatuation and moved towards love, one chapter is closed next toughest chapter or hatred will start. Balram apologizes Krishna for misunderstanding him. Krishna says he requested boon of becoming elder brother to show his rights, so he should not apologise. Balram emotionally hugs him.

Radha goes back home and pleads Vrishbhan to forgive her and take back the life which he gave. Emotional Vrishbhan asks not to say that. Radha promises that she will marry whichever boy he chooses. Vrishbhan says he doesn’t know if Vyom’s parents will reaccept alliance. He meets them and says decision is up to them now. Father says his son still wants to marry Radha. Vyom says he is selfish of thinking to get a pure hearted life partner like Radha who does not hide anything in her mind.

Krishna gives moral gyaan that both babool and pippal trees are vast, but babool is used to make furniture and pippal is prayed as it gives shelter, similarly one should gain respect by spreading love and peace.

Krishna meets Radha on her wedding day and says he loves her and will not let her marry anyone else.

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  1. What wedding day?? Looks like another sudevi Bhairav vivah..

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