You are mine. A tale of love – Epi 2

Guyzzzz it’s a new year party .Kavita has returned and as we know sanskar is angry with swara and we don’t know who will he choose
.Swara being swara will think sanskars happiness lies in Kavitha decides to leave him with Kavitha.
Swara who is flustrated drinks in the party .She goes to sanskar but he doesn’t mind She is about to fall but he holds her.
Sanskar scolds her and says Swara r u out of ur mind y did u drink…
And puts her finger on his mouth.
Sanskar-what shhhhh
Swara-shhhhhhhhh.Sanskar r u happy now Kavitha has returned and…..
Sanskar-and what
Swara – nothing
He takes her to his room.
Sanskar – go n have a bath u will be feeling fresh
Swara-don’t u want to be fresh and pulls him into the washroom
Shower also gets on they have an eyelock.
After being fresh swara lies in the bed and
pulls Sanskar also she runs her finger over his chest and days I love u …She falls asleep.He kisses her forehead and sayss I love u too swara..
In the morning when he woke up swara was not there…
After 2 yes
Ragini is depressed and is trying to continue her carrer on music and has sent an application for teaching in an music colleague and has been selected it is probably the biggest one in delhi..
She is in Delhi right now and is staying in a women’s hostel.
Sorry for the mistakes and do comment guyzz..I have not decided the paired yet I am totally confused …plzz suggest me pairsss……..

  1. unite swasan pls

  2. swalak plzzZ

  3. yar megha..i am not understanding y u r telling that u hv not decided pairs..?? as u r continuing ur story from current serial there is no chance for swalak n ragsan..both sanky n swara love each other..n now if u make swalak ragsan then what is the image of character portray..just think once..else u should start new track other then original track…i m so so sorry dear if u feel bad..

    1. yeah!!! i also agree with niti… swasan should be a pair if you are starting it from the current track… and you also mentioned in the previous update that ragini left because of the love she had for laksh… if you want, you may ask suggestion about new pairing with ragini and laksh… if you get hurt by my words, please forgive me… i love your concept… only this thing irritates me… Sorry!!!

    2. really sorry megha!!! i shouldn’t say like that… i just expressed my thoughts… please don’t feel bad…

  4. swasan plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  5. raglak and swasan pleeeeeeeaaaaaaasee

  6. Not yet, let sanskar due to find her

  7. Jyotika patel


  8. Unite swasan and raglak plz plz plz

  9. swalak plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  10. Swasan only swasan plz u can pair ragini with laksh n I don’t want kavita in btwn swasans.

  11. swasan and raglak plzzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. hi dear, u ff is too short…please make it long.

  13. swalak
    there are already many ff of swasan

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