Million Dollar Girl 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti slips on the cow dung..Virat laughs,,Avanti tells she will teach a good lesson As Virat goes. Avanti picks up Cow’s dung and puts on Virat’s shirt..All gets shocked Scarlett and Vicky laughs..Virat is shocked tells Avanti to move away..Avanti tells Vicky to drop her home..Vicky starts the bike and goes tells that his bike will be dirty..Scarlett sits back of Vicky ….Avanti tells that she will wear kavya’s saree in the shop..Avanti goes in the shop..and wears the Saree..Virat comes and takes out his shirt as it is dirty..Virat sees Avanti..Avanti tells how shameless VIrat is..As staring her.. Avanti tells Virat tht why tattoo girlfiend left her,Virat tells to mind her own buisness,,Vicky and scarlett comes,,Vicky gets shocked seeing Avanti tells that she is looking like ganga yamuna..Avanti wear’s kavya saree and comes outside the shop..Avanti wears her earings,,Virat sees Avanti and stares..Virat sees Music goes on..Avanti asks what Virat is staring,,Virat is quiet..Virat’s secretery comes and tells there is meeting they have to go..
Avanti and Vicky goes to Dhabba,,DJ is eating,,DJ tells why Avanti is wearing Saree,,Avanti tells because of Virat thakur..Dj says that there are never endung problems in Avanti’s life and thats all because of Virat thakur..Avanti asks DJ why she is eating like hungry peopleDj tells why parent’s put this much restrictions in periods..She cannot eat properly the food,,She is hungry..And not to sit here and there,,Dj tells this all because of Men..Vicky brings water and puts on table..Vicky comes and sits near DJ..Vicky tells DJ who will refuse to food,,Avanti tells what a good idea..Vicky tells He dont know what idea he gave!!Avanti tells Vicky to preapare some good food except daal chawal,,Vicky tells okey,,Avanti goes to Village..Along with DJ,,Scarlett..Vicky and Avanti serves Food to The children,,Vicky tells he want his money back,,Avanti tells she will return the money dont worry,,Avanti tells the children that sweet is also there but she will give only If the children agree to study,,Avanti asks will they study??The children tells yes,,DJ and Avanti teaches the children..while the parents of the children gets happy seeing..Avanti goes and tells to give Saree’s The villager’s tells noo as Bhuwan will scold..Avanti tells its okey but atleast Send the children to study,,The villagers tells okey,,Avanti tells the villager’s are very scared she have to do something,,Some idea she have to think…Avanti comes back to shop and tells that it is very difficult Avanti listen Virat’s voice and gets angey..Avanti picks up Cow’s dung and throws on Virat’s car..The car goes and crashes..Avanti gets shocked..VIrat comes outside the shop..Avanti gets shocked to see..Virat’s secretery is damn injured in the car..All people gather..Virat goes and sees the car..Virat shouts who throw the cow dung..Avanti gets scared,,Virat sees Avanti’s hand,,,Virat goes in anger to beat but control himself..People take Virat’s secretery,,Virat calls the ambulance,,Virat’s secretery is taken into hospital..
At home Avanti walks here and there Avanti tells that Virat wil never leave her..Kavya asks what happened..Ankit tells what happen Avanti’s plan failed..Vicky comes,,Ankit tells its not home Ashram anyone will come,,Avanti tells to mind own buisness..Avanti pulls Vicky and asks what happened..VIcky tells that Virat’s secretery is good now..He is less injured..but Virat is full preapared to do police case..Avanti gets shocked,,Kavya listens and comes and asks what accident..Vicky tells a small accident happeend..Kavya gets shocked..Avanti beats Vicky as why he said..Ankit asks what they are discussing??Avanti tells If he didnt mind his own buisness then Ankit accident will occur..Vicky tells his friend accident has happened..Ankit tells he dont believe..Kavya tells Ankit that tommorow is Ankit’s CA exam..To go and study..Ankit goes..Avanti tells kavya to go and preapare dinner..kavya goes..Avanti asks Vicky what to do??Vicky tells what he know as he have not done nay accident..Virat knocks the door and shouts “AVANTI BANSAL”..Avanti is scared..

precap::Avanti opens the door Virat comes inside Virat throws the papers on Avanti and tells to give the money,,Avanti asks what money..Virat tells that there are two eyewitness of Accident Avanti gets shocked

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. Arrey yar , iss serial ko bhi FRIENDS serial ki tarah SEASONAL BREAK mil gaya kya?

  2. Tis avanti is stupid.. Really..always insults the gud guy like virat

  3. Thanx fr updt

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