Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 30th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Savita comes to Modibhavan and asks Kokila and starts taunting her regarding Radha and her illegitimate child. Kokila asks her to mind her tongue as she is talking about her unborn grandchild. Savita says everyone is asking why Radha’s goad bharai did not happen yet. Kokila says it will happen for sure and she will also get an invitation.

Kokila informs family about arranging Radha’s goad bharai. Radha gets happy that god is in her favour. Pari asks Kokila how can she think of it when Radha is their biggest enemy now. Kokila says Radha is bearing our family child and we should for it for her. Radha asks Hetal to get her jewelry and sari and goes into her room. Gopi tells Pari to let goad bharai happen, she will benefit it from it ultimately.

Hetal gives Radha necklace and sari. Radha asks if she will take it back. Hetal says she is pregnant with Jigar’s child, so she will not take anything back. Radha gets happy.

Kokila invites Savita and other neighbours for Radha’s goad bharai. Savita taunts that she is just showing off. Kokila gets irked, but Gopi calms her down. Radha comes down for the rituals after getting ready. Gopi says Pari does not want to come down. Kokila says she has to attend and asks Gopi to get her ready and bring down. Pari cokmes down wearing a beautiful sari. Kokila gets happy seeing her and says this is called Modi bahu, she is attending function even without her wish for the family’s sake. Guests discusss that Pari is Jigar’s second wife. She gets sad hearing that. Kokila asks Gopi to start rituals and drape veil over upcoming child’s mother. Gopi drapes veil over Pari. Radha gets irked and Pari happy. Savita asks veil had to be draped over Radha. Kokila says she knows it and says goad bharai is of Pari Jigar Modi’s and not Radha’s. She says the truth is Radha is bearing our family child, but everyone knows Radha is mentally ill and cannot take care of her child, so Pari will take care of child once she bears child. Radha is shocked to see that. Pari gets emotional. Gopi says she is the mother and will be honored. She asks Radha to step aside and let Pari sit on stage.

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Hetal performs Radha Pari’s goad bharai followed by others, leaving Radha irked. Radha tries to walk out, but Kokila holds her. Kinjal says she will tie protective thread over Pari’s wrist. Kokila says she should tie it on both as Pari and Radha. Kinjal does same. Kokila then asks Savita to perform rituals. She says it is done for pregnant woman. Kokila says woman who upbrings child is also mother and the best example is lord Krishna. Savita does it hesitantly. They all start dancing gharba then. Savita says she and Kokila are in loggerhead and engage in healthy argument, but she is proud of her that she went against her own sister. Gopi asks Radha to do garbha, but she angrily walks to her room.

Radha thinks Modi’s cannot insult her like this. She will have to get Pari out and stop Gopi from going to US. Pari thanks Gopi for supporting her. Gopi says it is finalized that she is upcoming mother. Kokila says they have proved Radha that she is just bearing child, but not the real mother. Pari asks Gopi if she can stay till delivery of baby. Kokila says tickets have come and they will have to go. Gopi says she is sure Pari will be a good mother and prays god to protect her family.

Precap: Radha says if she does not have right on her child, she will not let it come into this world and falls down from the stairs.

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