Million Dollar Girl 26th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 26th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kavya tells Vicky that because of him she had loss of two thousand rupees..Vicky tells how??Kavya tells that Ankit is blackmailing when Vicky called on Landline..Vicky tells he also had loss..Kavya goes..Vicky tells to wait..Avanti comes out of Bathroom…Avanti Thinks all the moment with Virat,,,Song goes on Background “ZEHNASEEB”..Avanti puts mascara and lipstick..Avanti tells Fine she will go..Mother asks where Avanti is going???Avanti tells to say her “Best of luck”…Mother hugs and tells “Best of Luck”….Avanti goes…Bhuwan do pushups..DJ tells to stop it….DJ tells she love Bhuwan…Bhuwan tells sorry to DJ..DJ tells that she cannot go at avanti’s house as Ankit will create a problem..Bhuwan tells he is guilty If he had his own house..DJ tells its Okay..Bhuwan tells DJ to go home back…Dj tells no as just now she came from home only..
DJ tells she wanted to live his life Fully on her terms..Bhuwan tells one place is there..DJ asks where??Bhuwan tells Vicky’s dhaaba..DJ thinks about the kiss…Dj tells no..Bhuwan tells it will be safe…Kavya does shopping..Vicky follows Kavya…Kavya asks Vicky what does he want???Kavya tells Vicky to go as she dont want to waste her time…Vicky tells Kavya to give her a chance…Vicky tells please please…Kavya tells okay but for only one month..Vicky tells Kavya should go on date with him,,Kavya thinks..Kavya agrees…Vicky tells he will drop Kavya office..Kavya tells she will go…Vicky smiles..Kavya goes…At Vicky’s Dhaaba..Bhuwan tells that he want a favour..Vicky order’s a ice-cream..DJ tells that Bhuwan landlord caught her and created a big scene..And she cannot stay at Avanti’s house as Ankit will create a scene..BHuwan tells Vicky that room is emty at his dhaaba..Vicky gets shocked..Bhuwan tells please to help him..Vicky tells okay..
Virat opens his almira and doesn’t found his clothes..Yamini comes..Virat tells Yamini again in his room…Yamini laughs…Virat tells to stop it..Yamini tells lets go for shopping..VIrat tells stop it as he wanted to go office..Yamini gives Virat’s shirt..Anotheside Vicky and Kavya drink Coffee..One boy Comments on Kavya saying to come and sit here…Vicky tells the boys to get out…Kavya tells lets go…Vicky hold that boy t-shirt and beats him…Vicky also beats his friend..Kavya tells stop it..Kavya tells she will not give second chance..Kavya goes..Virat talks to Zubair..Yamini calls and cries..Virat tells Zubair he have to go…Vicky and DJ cleans the room..Vicky and DJ cleans the whole room…DJ stands and puts her bag..Suddenly DJ falls Vicky holds DJ..Virat comes and asks Yamini is good..Yamini tells she called Virat because he will be working all the time..Yamini tells lets go for coffee..Virat tells he will come but Yamini have to promise that she will not do fake calls..Yamini tells okay..Yamini pulls Virat and tells lets go..Virat drives…YAmini tells that Virat have promised that they will together…Virat tells it was past..Yamini asks If Virat is in love with someone,,Virat sees Yamini…Suddenly Virat’s car bumps Avanti…Avanti falls on unconscious..Virat comes out and shocked to see Avanti…Virat tells people to bring water..

Precap::Avanti is in ICU and unconscious..Virat cries and tells Avanti to get up

Update Credit to: Ansari

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