Million Dollar Girl 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti takes men’s undergarment to a shop..and shows the underwear,,The shopkeeper tells that this Underwear does not belong to his shop..Avanti tells the shopkeeper to buy this,,The shopkeeper refuses..Avanti tells to think about the Sharma uncle who got profit in buisness became rich,,and in her daughter’s marriage helicoptor was used,,Avanti tells to think,,The shopkeeper thinks and agrees…
Shopkeeper tells Avanti till evening to sell atleast 5 pieces…Avanti tells people to buy underwear..women’s see Avanti and tells how shamless Avanti is ..A man comes and tells Avanti to show,,Avanti asks what is the size,,The man tells to see himself and tell,,Avanti says she cannot tell..Man says size is 90,,Avanti search but doesn’t find,,The man taunts Avanti..The man goes to shopkeeper and tells what type of people are selling,,Shopkeeper tells that yes.Shopkeeper comes and tells it is already 2:00 and no stock sold…Shopkeeper tells Avanti to go,,Avanti goes..Avanti goes and tells in every shop but no-one agree..Avanti gets and idea to sell in road..
Client asks Avanti how is the stock is selling,,Avanti tells stock is selling like rocket,,Client says to carry on the work,,Client Mr ghosla tells that if Avanti sold all the stock she can meet Distributor’s,,Avanti agrees..
Avanti shouts saying “Delhi and India Underwear”…A boy calls Avanti shameless,,Other girl also tell,,,One MAn comes and tells Avanti to feel shy,,Avanti asks the MAN that he dont have Mother and sister,,The man says yes..Avanti asks did his mother and sister stich their clothes at Men’s tailor..Asks the same why A girl CANT sell Men’s Underwear???The man goes..No one buys ,,Avanti gets tired and sits..
A boy tells Avanti to come for dental checkup,,Avanti refuses,,Boy says free Toothpaste also,,Avanti goes,,Doctor checkup Avanti,,Avanti stands near medical shop..Avanti talk to Vicky,,acts and tells that new medical Underwear is has came in market and all the stocks have sold only few are left The chemist listens all,,Vicky asks what medical shop?what sold?Avanti keeps the phone,,,Chemist listens and asks what is the speciality of Underwear??..Avanti tells that it is new type of medical underwear..which can help to prevent rashes and absorb sweat.Avanti tells all sold,,and tells that it is International brand..Chemist gets happy,,and tells to give atleast one box,,Avanti acts and refuses,,Chemist pleases..Avanti gives 5-6 boxes and goes…

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A car bumps into Avanti,,Avanti falls,,,Avanti tells to go and learn driving by giving Rs1000..Avanti tells the man to come out of car,,Avanti sees its Virat,,Avanti asks that he dont work,,rather then this,,coming into someone’s shop,,hurting other’s,,Virat tells Avanti dont have another work stealing money from her own shop,,Avanti says to mind his own work,,Virat sees Underwear boxes as Avanti is holding,,and laughs,,tells that Avanti sell Men’s Underwear and earn money..Avanti tells like him(Virat)..Everything didnt serve her in plate..Avanti tells whatever she will do its her wish..Virat tells let him go,,Avanti tells to wait..Avanti asks when she is getting the money and token of shop..Virat tells that he have buyed all the shops and will give in some time,,Virat tells that he have done deal with her mother not with Avanti,,Virat tells that he dont want to waste his time talking to her,,Virat goes,,
Neighbour Comes and tells Taayji that Avanti is selling Underwear in the market like Vegetable’s,,,Avanti’s mother listens and feels upset…At night Avanti comes,,Avanti’s mother tells to throw the whole stock out..Avanti tells to give some more time..Chemist calls Avanti tells that medical underwear didnt sold..tells to take back,,Avanti feels upset,,,Avanti goes to chemist he tells that From morning whole underwear sold..Chemist gives money to Avanti..Avanti gets happy,,and tells that till evening she will send the stock..
Avanti’s mother goes into shop and sees Underwear..She gets Angry and throws the boxes…Avanti tells the client that already she sold many stocks only few is left,,Avanti goes to the shop and sees that her mother burned all the Stock,,Avanti shouts and cries,,Interviewer tells very bad..Interviewer asks as it is the end…Avanti tells that it is the beggining….

Precap:Client MR ghosla tells Avanti that Chemist called him and said about the stock

Update Credit to: Ansari

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