Sadda Haq 24th December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sadda Haq 24th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sanyu asks why am I lucky? He says okay you are so unlucky. She says please tell me. He says I will tell you if you win this lab task. Otherwise you wont ask me. sanyu says okay. rajveer comes in with manish and says I hope they don’t this with me. I am so scared. PKC comes and says you task is to take this pump to maximum speed. Marks will be according to speed of the pump. Sayu starts working with rajveer. SAnyu says use this bolt where is your focus? he says sorry this wont happen again. Vidushi says to mansih look there how much sanyu and rajveer have completed. Rajveer says they are cheating from us. SAnyu turns and says what are you both doing. randhir says pryali you are so slow. Take a side I will do it. PKC says time is up, I am coming for inspection. Randhir’s is slower than sanyu’s but rajveer loosens the wire. sanyu says what you did. He sasy I was tightening it. PKC syas today’s winners are priyali and randhir.

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In canteen randhir says sanyu please calm down now. sanyu says do you even know why my mood is off He says everything is okay. Priyali says you lost in the end. sanyu says rajveer loosened the wire. I need to rope his hands. Randhir says I can break them. He comes in. randhir says should I solve the problem. rajveer says so you will break my hands? I came here to learn engineering. And sanyu madam I did all you said. Randhir says shut up. Rajveer says I will, but you will promise me that you wont rag any junior. Randhir says stop your drama and leave. Rajveer says I know you like physical fights. Lets go for an arm wrestling if I win you wont rag any junior and if you win you can do anything. sanyu says he is trying to manipulate you don’t listen to him. randhir says challenge accepted. sanyu says lets go from here. Randhir sits with Rajveer. They both start the arm wrestling and starting to force. Jiggy says randhir break the table and this idiot too. Yoyo comes in and says whats happening here. His friend says come and enjoy the show. Everyone is cheering for randhir. He is about to win but admin comes. He says what have you made of the college this is against rules. Rajveer says they forced me into it. Admin says shut up and everyone go to your classes. He takes randhir and rajveer to maya.

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Maya says are you sure you are in fourth year? This is what you will teach juniors? you need to set examples for them rather you are breaking rules. randhir says we were trying to know each other. maya says is this the way? maya says to rajveer you are not even a regular student here and I wont let anyone ruin reputation of it. and radhhir one more complain against you and you are rusticated. She stops rajveer and says you are new, you don’t have to be feared. you can tell me if anyone is bothering you. He says radhir and sanyu forced me into this but don’t tell me you told me this. Everyone is scared of them. maya says okay you can leave I will do what I have to. Admin says they are genius I don’t this they can do this. maya says just because they are genius doesn’t mean they are mannered.

Scene 2
varun is in café with his gf. parth is spying on him. She says when will vidushi say that in front of my parents. varun says give me some time she will say it all. all I need is your support. I will take her in confidence. She leaves. Parth comes in front of varun. parth says what are you doing? Varun says I am not accountable to you. ANd you are spying on me? Parth says I know you are cheating on vidushi. He says stay in your limits. Don’t interfere in my life. Parth grabs him by shoulder and says yes I will. varun’s pals come there and say who is he varun? Varun says speak now. you become stud in your college now tell me what kinda fighter are you. Parth his him hard and hits his pals too. A guy comes and says I am leaving I don’t interfere in others fights. They all leave. parth is hitting varun and says will you tell vidushi or I? A guy comes and hits parth on head. He is numb. varun says if you come between us I wont leave you. Parth is in too much pain.

PKC says mentice will mount a wheel on motor. your mentors will teach you methods. you have one hour to teach them.
Sanyu is teaching rajveer and randhir to priyali. rajveer says did you listen to what I say? I am your mentor and you will learn. rajveer says I don’t consider you my mentor. he says you think girls can do what boys can. sanyu says I don’t want to be like you. He says why don’t you stay like you were in the party. Lipstick heels, randhir comes and grasps him.

Precap-rajveer makes sanyu slip and she falls on manish. He falls on a wheel and get his hand cut. rajveer says this is Manish’s letter he has written that he wont study in FITE after what sanyu has done to him. I will take this letter to authorities.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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