Million Dollar Girl 22nd December 2014 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 22nd December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells that she is in paris and the whole world is back of her,,,Avanti’s mother call her,,,Avanti tells that she have seen iffil tower it is awesome,,,Avanti comes out of car,,,,wearing pink frock,,Photographer clicks pictures of Avanti,,Interviewer shows the way to come..Avanti tells is they paying for money..Interviewer gets shocked,,Avanti tells he is just joking..Avanti gives her interview,,,Avanti tells From BAnaras the begginning started,,,,Avanti touches and sees a car in showroom,,,Salesman comes and asks what happened,,Avanti sees the car,,Advance gpc,,high speed,,,Salesman asks if she wanted to buy or just checking,,,Avanti says installment are available??Salesman tells that installments are available even for a second hand scooty… Avanti’s mother checks Scooty with kavya(Avanti’s sister),,,,Avanti’s mother tells that new job of 20 thousand her daughter is doing,,and if scooty stopped in the middle she will show them.,.Saleman tells to Avanti that 20 lac ,,Avanti tells that it is very costly,,Salesman tells that it is all over year rate..Avanti comes,,Avanti’s mother tells that where was she,,Avanti tells that she was seeing car,,,Avanti’s mother tells that they are thinkin to see a scooty for kavya,,Avanti tells to take a auto,,Avanti’s mother refuses,,,Avanti takes tempo and sits..Avanti’s mother tells that she kept money in locker of shop..She will take money and buy Scooty tommorrow..Avanti listens and tells that Money is available.Vicky is introduced sherlock of banaras and friend of Avanti,,Vicky calls Avanti tells that he has a client ,,,Avanti tells that if anything happened free foood at his dhaaba,,Vicky calls Avanti “Ambaani”,,,asks what about her phone,,Avanti tells she will come in some time….
Rajat introduced, is sitting with his mother Police tells that his father took money and ran,,,A boy enters poice station,,,Officer asks who is he?????He tells to leave them,, he is Rajat’s brother..
The boy Virat is introduced came after 14 years,,to banaras to meet his father,,,Virat tells that to realese both of them,,VIrat tell that if he have arrest warrent ot court orders,,Virat tells power of attorney is named after him,,And he is responsible,,If anything they want to ask,,,Ask him,,,Rajat goes,and his mother,,Virat goes to old shop of his father,,tells that he will fullfill his father dream’s ,,,Avanti opens her shop and goes inside…Virat comes in..Avanti search for Locker’s key…Virat comes in his father’s shop and sees all the certificates..and gets emotional…Avanti searches and finally finds the key’s….Avanti steals the money…Avanti tells that to be happy have to steal,,Avanti tells his father’s picture and tells that she will return in sometime…

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Virat comes in Avanti’s shop and holds Avanti’s hand,,Avanti shouts to leave and Virat leaves,,,,,Virat goes,,Avanti tells what job he do..VIrat tells catchh girl red handed stealing,,Avanti sees Virat car and asks if he stealed that …Virat tells that he has done mba from IIM and will be buying all the shops in some days,,,Virat goes…Avanti runs and comes to Dhabba..Vicky introduces Avanti to the client…Avanti tells to say…Client tells that if the deal happened with gents it will be more good…Avanti tells that gents and ladies both are equal now a day..Client shows the sample of product,,,Avanti sees men’s undergarment and gets shocked….Avanti slows gets up try to go,,,Client tells 200 crored..Avanti stops….Client tells that she will get 8%..Avanti tells she cannot as 8% is very less…Avanti stands up and goes…Client tells to stop,,,Avanti tells okey deal is done….Avanti eatss,,,Vicky asks how she knew,,,Avanti tells that she have noted that all the distributers were calling him..and his boss has given magin of 12%…Vicky tells to play the bill…Avanti tells she will not..Avanti goes to home…Avanti’s mother tells where is money…Avanti show the phone to her mother and take selfie…Avanti tells that she can chat and talk to relatives….Avanti’s mother beat her…Avanti runs…kavya stops in middle Avanti closes the door..Avanti’s mother tells that someday she will kill Avanti…Avanti takes picture..Avanti’s mother tells that she is shameless…she tells Avanti to study,,Avanti tells that people who study will do job.,,,but who dont study will distribute jobs…Next day kavya tells Avanti to get up..Avanti is on bed and say kavya cannot buy scooty..kavya tells its okey,,After sometime Avanti gets a call about kavya’s accident…Avanti goes to hospital..Avanti’s mother slaps her..Taaya ji comes tells that auto bumped Kavya..Taaya ji tells Avanti to stay into limits..Avanti cries asks why everyone have to sacrifice???Avanti tells why they kill their dreams??Avanti goes..Tayaaji comes and tells Avanti to handle Avanti..
Avanti tells Vicky that he is her best friend..Avanti shows her phone to Vicky..and tells that she buy for 40 thousand..but will give them for only 37 thousand…kavya tells her mother that salary will not get until she joined the office…Her mother tells that they will sold the shop Kavya tells that they cannot do that..Avanti comes…kavya tells Avanti to show her phone..Ankit comes and show electricity bill…Ankit tells to pay it and not to take from his father….Avanti tells Kavya that she sold the phone..Kavya tells mother that Avanti sold the phone..Avanti tells she sold the phone as accident happened because of her phone..She tells that first time Avanti did a good thing..Her mother asks for money …Avanti tells that she invested the money otherwise market value would have been down..If the market value was 99rs …they would have been in a loss…Kavya tells to give the money,,,Avanti tells that she think about future. but they think only about money…They hears a car horn…Interviewer asks Avanti is there any car,,Avanti tells no it was not car but was the biggest problem…..

precap:precap:Virat tells avanti’s mother he will buy the shop at 30lakhs..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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  1. HAWW……………..
    this is not FAIR!!!!!!!!!!
    MDG Ne mere fav show ka telecast kha liya…
    ab main MDG kabhi ni dekhngi
    kuch bhi!
    hate u mdg!

  2. Its not as good as ps i hate!
    Mising ps i hate u 🙁

  3. it iis good only guyz,,,nt that bad..

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