Million Dollar Girl 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vicky sits near Ghat and cries..Dj tells she is also feeling..It seems like someone beaten their heart with stone…DJ tells that they choose the wrong people..Vicky tells there should be machine which show one partner is perfect..Vicky tells this love and relationship are confusing and complicated..Vicky tells If DJ was not there he would alone sit and drink…DJ takes and Drinks…Vicky touches DJ’s cheek and kiss her..DJ goes..Vicky stops her But she goes..Vicky tells what he did..Next morning Vicky serves Food…Bhuwan calls Vicky,,Vicky ignores…Bhuwan tells Vicky Did DJ said anything???Bhuwa tells he planned a candle light dinner for DJ but she did’nt came..And they fought…Bhuwan tells Vicky to help him..Bhuwan tells he really love DJ,,But DJ does’nt pick his phone…Vicky tells he will come in one minute and goes…Vicky tells bad happened..As Bhuwan loves DJ and he kissed DJ…
Virat and Avanti shows the bag to client,,Virat tells he known a good distributor..Avanti tells Virat to watch..avanti shows Bag and tells that this has four zips and quality is very good…Avanti tells this is jute..Client touches Avanti’s hand..Virat slaps him..Avanti shout’s “Virat”,,,Virat tells lets goo…Virat and Avanti goes..Yamini does excercise Rajat stares Yamini..Yamini tells Rajat to come in..Rajat tells that Yamini is beautiful and Pretty..Yamini tells what does it mean??Rajat tells that Virat cannot sees beyond buisness..Rajat llaughs and tells what Virat is doing at Office…Yamini gets upset..avanti tells Virat that it was a good supplier,,Virat tells that Supplier was more intrested in Avanti…VIrat tells tha he will deal with Supplier…Avanti tells why..Virat tells he cannot leave Avanti,,,VIrat and Avanti looks at each other..Yamini calls Virat and tells to come fast as she is not well..Virat tells he is coming..Virat goes home and sees Blood,,,Yamini’s Foot is injured..Virat asks How this much happened???Yamini tells Nobody came here She only did…Virat asks how???Virat gets angry…Yamini tells that Rajat came and said that buisness is the first priority of Virat..Virat tells that he left his buisness and came..Yamini hugs Virat..Zubair tells vanti and Virat he have given a task to search supplier..ZUbair tells If any problem came in buisness they have to solve..Zubair tells If Avanti cannot do it Soo get married and attend Kitty parties..Virat tells its not Avanti’s fault As he have some personal work..Zubair tells both of them are mad..Zubair tells that he will only sell..Virat tells sorry to Avanti..Avanti tells that his dreams are shattering because of Virat…She want to become “BILL GATES” of Banaras,,,Virat sleeps..Yamini brings coffee..Yamini goes near Virat and kiss him..Virat gets up suddenly and gets shocked…

Precap::Vicky tells Kavya not to Reject him..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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