Million Dollar Girl 20th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 20th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Rajat asks Yamini what she is doing in the room???Yamini tells that she came to wish good morning..Virat shouts and tells What She is doing???Yestarday called and Said someone is following..Hurted himself..What going on???Yamini cries..Virat tells sorry..YAmini tells its okay…DJ asks Vicky why he is ignoring??DJ tells she want to talk to him..Vicky tells let it be…DJ tells they are friends and should be clear..DJ tells not to behave like this they will feel awkard..DJ tells she loves Bhuwan..Vicky tells he loves kavya…Dj tells Vicky remeber the kiss??Vicky tells what kiss…DJ tells thankgod..DJ tells Vicky is his best friend…Virat helps Avanti tighting the computer wire..Avanti’s hair Stuck in Virat’s hair..Avanti tells Virat to help her..Virat and Avanti looks at each other…Song goes on Background “PIYA O RE PIYA”…Virat takes out Avanti’s hair and smiles..Virat and Avanti types simultaneously Virat sees Avanti while Avanti feels shy Still Songs goes…Avanti smiles seeing Virat…DJ tells she should not hide anything from Bhuwan..DJ stands..Bhuwan pulls DJ..DJ gets scared..Bhuwan tells to quiet..Bhuwan tells they will not fight As that he called her home because he arranged candle light dinner…DJ tells she want to share something..Bhuwan tells no…Bhuwan tells he is very happy that he got a girlfriend who loves him and is honest…Avanti comes home and is shocked to see Yamini..Avanti asks How she got address???Yamini tells that Avanti gave phone number…Yamini tells that Parathas are awesome..Avanti tells that Yamini have to finish one more Paratha with her..Avanti sits..Yamini asks where she work??Avanti tells she work at “DESI SWAG”…Yamini tells that VIrat also works there..Avanti asks How Yamini known Virat???Yamini tells that Virat is senior of His friend..Yamini asks If Virat is good??Avanti tells no Virat is bad-tempered..Yamini tells that some girls find Virat Good looking..Avanti tells that she dont think Virat is good looking..Yamini tells she have to go..Kavya comes out of House and sees a Heart Of rose Petals,,Vicky comes and tells Kavya to listen first…Vicky tells sorry..Kavya asks what mistake he did???Vicky tells he should have not ask about past and one should concentrate on Future..Vicky tells that their Future will be good…Kavya smiles…Vicky sits on knees and asks If Kavya come for a movie..Kavya asks What are the show timing???Vicky tells 2am..Vicky goes…Kavya sees and Smiles…Vicky goes near ghat and thnks God..Yamini beats Raju..Vicky asks why she is beating???Yamini tells he is following..Yamini tells his boss sent from delhi..Vicky tells he known Raju from childhood..Vicky tells he cannot beat a mosquito..Raju tells Vicky he didnt did anything..Vicky tells he known..Vicky tells who is this girl h ehave not seen yet..

Precap::Bhuwan and DJ kiss,,Ankit makes their Video..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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