Million Dollar Girl 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Avanti tells not to Virat not to act as there are more orginal people exist who made handmade sarees..VIrat tells he have a gift for Avanti..Virat shows lock and tells to put on her shop..All laugh..Avanti listens and goes..Virat’s secretery tells him that there is no man power As people still want to work on handmade people..Virat tells he want to increase his market will do anything..Virat’s secretery tells leader is Bhuwan,,Virat tells to fix his meeting with BHuwan,,Avanti listens all this things and goes to a shopkeeper to asks about Bhuwan but he tells that Bhuwan is a problem..The shopkeeper’s son comes and tells to do his work and leave Avanti,,Avanti goes..Avanti searches for bhuwan..Anotherside DJ and Vicky sees movie and comes out..Dj tells that If Avanti was there would blow whistle in Hero’s entry..VIcky tells yes and his ears will burst..DJ tells VIcky to patch up with Avanti..Vicky tells okey and goes..
Anotherside DJ’s father is tensed..DJ’s father ask where was she..Dj tells that she was wwith Avanti..DJ tells that Avanti was playing prank..Her father tells that he dont know English…He tells he kept her name Durga but she became “DJ”..HE tells from tommorow onward DJ should be in pooja,,,DJ calls Avanti and both fights..Avanti comes home..Vicky is sitting talking with kavya..Avanti tells what Vicky is doing here..Avanti tells Vicky to go..Avanti tells that 955 girls are waiting at dhabba..Vicky tells that they all are sister’s..Avanti tells that his real sister is kavya…Vicky goes..kavya tells Avanti is misbehaving with his friends also..Avanti tells her mother and kavya full story..Avanti tells her mother that she wanted to meet the Main leader’s..Avanti’s mother tells that it is dangerous..She will not give..Avanti’s mother tells what the problem in selling machine saree’s???Avanti tells how come??Avanti tells in handloom there is more profit compare to powerloom..Avanti’s mother tells that she is not rich people and If all are running to Virat thakur then whats the problem!!Avanti tells there is certain direction’s in her life Avanti tells that she want to become become by self..Avanti’s mother tells that she will not give number and goes..Avanti gets angry and goes..Kavya brings diary and gives to Avanti..Avanti gets happy and hugs Kavya..kavya tells now Avanti can beome queen of banaras..Avanti takes ricksaw and goes..Avanti goes in a village..Avanti goes to a person,,Avanti tells that she is daughter of Bhansal..The man asks how is bhansal..Avanti tells he expired 6 months before..The person tells its okey..The person tells they are blind making this handmade Saree..He tells that a machine can never make saree’s like this..Avanti tells to show the saree..The person shows the saree Avanti sees the saree and asks how much is the saree..The person says Rs 5000..Avanti tells that she has 8% more profit..Avanti tells she want the sareee..The person tells that he will give to supplier only..Avanti tells she is the supplier..The person tels to show the supplier card..Avanti tells that card is lost..The person tells that without card will not give saree’s..Avanti gets shocked…

precap:Rajat tells did avanti gave Rs 1.5 lakh??Virat says no..Rajat say that people like Avanti should be handle roughly..Rajat tells he will teach a good lesson to Avanti..Rajat goes in Avanti’s shop and throws all the items..Virat comes and stops him..Rajat and Virat fights..Avanti comes and gets shocked..

Update Credit to: Ansari

  1. In precap it luks Virat is geting feelings fr avanti!

  2. ilike virat’s nature….

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