Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th January 2015 Written Episode Update

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pari slips from roller coaster road and shouts to save her. Gopi identifies her and informs Modi family that it is Pari. Jigar asks driver to get the ride down. He says ride’s power has failed, so cannot be brought down. Kokila sees a tent cloth and aks Ahem and Jigar to hold it. They both hold it with other people’s help. Pari jumps, falls into tent and is saved. Radha gets irked seeing this. Gopi hugs and takes her from there. Vivan comes near Pari. Ahem stops him and Kokila slaps him for trying to kill Pari. Vivan says Radha this all this. Gopi asks Pari if she saw Radha around her. Pari says yes.

Pari hugs her father and cries. Police arrests Vivan and drags him from there. and identifies Radha’s goons around. Ahem and Jigar catch and beat them. Radha sees that and thinks if Modi’s get to know that she is the mastermind behind this plan, they will get her arrest. Kokila hugs Pari and says she know knows how much she loves her family and it is because of Gopi who belief against you did not deter. Pari hugs and thanks Gopi.

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Pari shows Radha’s goons and tells that they are the ones who kidnapped her with Radha. Ahem and Jigar catch and beat the red and blue. Radha sees that and gets worried that if her goons tell about her, Modi’s will get her arrested, so she should elope from there. Goons say that they did as Radha said and request to forgive them. Kokila asks Jigar to leave them and asks them to tell Radha that she and her children are not welcomed in their house.

Radha sees constables and gets worried. They ask if she needs any help. She says that she is waiting for her husband. Once they leave, she relaxes thinking if they knew about her, they would have arrested her.

Hetal welcomes Pari at home and takes her in. Baa also hugs her. Hetal asks Meethi to bring food for Pari. Pari praises that she did some good work in last life that she got such a good family and thanks Kokila. Kokila says she should thank Gopi as she is the one who made them believe in her and she even went against me, but she took a right decision and stop me feeling guilty. Gopi apologizes Pari that she was troubled by her sister Radha. Kokila asks not to blame herself as she is opposite Radha who tries to harm everyone. Urmila says children’s good upbringing is very important and she brought up Gopi. Kokila looks at Madhuben. Madhuben says Urmila is telling right, she took care of her and feels ashamed of Radha. Kokila says she knows Radha’s nature and she will come back.

Radha meets her goons and asks how did they escape. They say Modi’s freed them after beating to the pulp. Radha asks them to get her out of Rajkot and she will give them more money. They say they cannot risk their life and says Modi’s told she should not come back to their house. Radha realizes that Modi’s know about her know.

Pari hugs Jigar in front of whole fmaily. Kokila asks if she has forgotten that elders are standing. Pari apologizes and asks since they have accepted her as their bahu, if she can stay in Jigar’s room. Kokila says no, tells something to Hetal, and says Pari again that she cannot stay with Jigar. Pari asks why. Kokila says she does not want to.

Pari in her room yells at Kokila that she is not letting her stay with Jigar. She calls Jigar who tells that he is sleepy and will talk to her in the morning. Gopi comes to Jigar’s room and ask if he is happy with this decision. He nods yes. She says wait till tomorrow morning.

Pari comes down in the morning and hears Kokila telling Baa that they have special occasion at home. Pari says it is not janmastami today, then what festival they are celebrating. Kokila smiles and walks from there. Pari asks Gopi and Gopi says she will know in some time. Radha peeps in and thinks what is happening there.

PrecPrecap: Radha sees Tolu/Molu playing with walkie talkie and steals it.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. i like the episode

  2. I think jigari will be married

  3. Thank god Pari is back. I feel sorry for Radha, but at the same time i feel so happy. Amazing serial.

  4. why sorry for Radha, modi’s helped her lot even when her friend give her poison. Second thing is not really pregnant.

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