Million Dollar Girl 16th January 2015 Written Episode Update

Million Dollar Girl 16th January 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Virat comes home..Rajat calls him and tell that he is outside with her Mom..Rajat tells that her mother wanted to Take only her own son thats why she took him(rajat)..Rajat keeps the phone..Virat feels upset..
Avanti goes to Saree shop..The shopkeeper tells that he has stopped making handmade sarees.Avanti tells but real handmade saree are only made in BAnaras..The shopkeeper tells that he know but .As his son want to use powerloom sarees..And more profit and less work will get in that saree..Avanti goes and tries in another shop name “Goel shop”..Avanti gives the shopkeeper Sweets He accepts and eats..Avanti asks for saree..Shopkeeper agrees..
Avanti take’s Saree from shop..But the shopkeer tells that he want money..Avanti tells she will give in installments…The shopkeeper says noo..Avanti tells she will provide him Nandu Halwaai Sweets daily..The shopkeeper agrees and gives the stock,,Avanti gets happy,, and goes…Virat sees Tatoo on his shouldler and remebers a girl..Rajat comes and tells Virat to remove the tatoo as One year is over..Rajat goes..Avanti tells one customer to see the handmade saree..The girl tells why should she buy..As powerloom sarees are also available..Avanti tells that one black shampoo is selling at 1rs and same at rs 2..Avanti tells that they will choose good quality that is Rs 2..That what she is selling good quality..Avanti tells that the Saree worth Rs 45 thousand but she is Selling at Rs 40 thousand..The girl gets happy and buys the Saree..Avanti tells well done…Avanti counts the money and tells that she has 40% of profit..Virat peeps from the wall..And tells that If he searched by using torch also will not get like her stupid girl..Avanti tells to shut up and go..Virat tells that she will not earned Rs 1.5..tells to give the shop..Avanti tells that she will not give by how..Virat comes out of office and tells Avanti that nowadays Ac is used instead of Fan..And Mixer..Avanti tells stop giving lecture..Avanti tells that she will earn the money and its a challenge..Avanti takes Virat’s photo,,Virat asks why she is staking photo…Avanti tells that she is taking because when Virat fails in the challenge..She will show the photo and remind him..Virat puts painting on his wall…Avanti pushes and removes it..Virat tells it is design of his mall..Avanti tells not to show off his money..Avanti tells Virat will feel jeoulous..As she has earned Rs 1 lakh already by selling handmade Sarees..Virat tells Soo what happened She need to earn more Rs 50,000..Avanti tells Virat to forget his plan and she will never sell her shop to him..Avanti goes..Virat sees the shop name from where Avanti is buying Sarees.

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Avanti goes and gives Money to the shopkeeper of selling the saree’s..Avanti asks for more stock but shopkeeper tells that supplier has not provided Avanti asks how come??Shopkeeper tells to come after some days..
Virat’s secretery goes inside the shop..Avanti sees..The shopkeeper tells that Virat has given a good deal..Avanti goes and tells thats why he was not her giving Saree..Avanti tells that he has cheated him..The shopkeeper tells that he have done a deal with Virat which have more Profit..Avanti tells what about that he is eating daily free sweets of “Nandu halwaai”..Avnti tells go to hell and come out of shop..Avanti gets Now she have to search supplier and only 3 days are left..Avanti goes to shopkeeper and asks Supplier number he gives…
Avanti calls the office and asks for handloom Saree..The person tells that handloom supplier are not there Because Powerloom are available..The person tells that now adays nobody are using handmade saree..The person tells that Virat has given a good Scheme..Avanti asks what Scheme..The person tells that If any shopkeeper’s stock didnt sod he could return back also..The person tells asks that anyone could get such good scheme??Avanti tells she dont know and cuts the phone..Avanti calls TJ and tells that she is given a chance to say sorry..Tj says that she is seeing movie with Vicky..Avanti tells Tj to come out..Tj says no..Avanti tells to die with Vicky..Avanti cuts the call..Avanti calls Tj’s father and asks where is TJ??Avanti tells that she didnt meet TJ since 3 days..Tj’s father gets shocked..Avanti keeps the phone and tells Now she teached a lesson to TJ..Avanti goes inside the shop and sees lot of paper’s throws in her shop…Avanti collects all the garbage and throws on Virat..Avanti tells that its his garbage and tells he dont know that “Swachh bharat Adhyaan” is going onn!! Avanti tells that If he like that much garbage then she will bring tommorrow and throw..Avanti tells Virat that she is the one who make her own way…

Precap::Virat’s Secretery tells him that Bhuwan is the leader And he can solve the problem..Avanto listens and gets shocked

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