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Om says they have so much similar, they have birthdays on the same days, they are in same profession and even the offices are in the same building, they have similar phones as well as the ring tones are also same. Esha smiles saying same is good. Om says bye to her, and heads to leave. Esha stops him and asks for tea and coffee. He denies any offer. She asks him to be a bit casual with her, she would be comfortable. He says they didn’t even have an introduction, how can they not be formal. She shakes hand with him introducing herself as Esha Deshmukh, he says I am Om Chawdhry.
Om smiles at sleep, he opens his eyes to be frightened by Sagar staring at him. He tells Om he has brought the couple along. Om says he has a great friend who woke him up at such a perfect time. Saga introduces Jayesh and Dhaneshvi, Jayesh tells Om he is a teacher of Ganit and she is a student. She was an dull student and couldn’t pass, she is the eldest student of her class and everyone scolded her; he disliked it. He gave her tutions and she passed in a single attempt. And in the times of tution their love affairs started, but her family didn’t agree because they belong to different casts. Om says we haven’t changed a bit, we still believe on caste, creeds and everything. Jayesh tells him her elder brothers are really strict. Om allows them to stay here for a while and tells them everything will be fine. Dhanesvi had a coin in hand for Gods, Om says it doesn’t vanish, does it? He takes and tosses it in his hand and opens his fist to be a chocolate inside. They get happy, he says similarly, he is saying that everything will get well. The couple get happy.
Dadi asks Om if they really ran from home. Om asks her to get cool. She was worried, he says they are going to go to Mumbai tonight. He says Sagar is a fast friend of him. She says what about his pains. He says what pains he has. She says what if he gets caught. He says they are simple people. He watches Dhaneshvi coming, he puts a cucumber in Dadi’s mouth. Dhaneshvi was crying that Master ji isn’t here. Om says he must be here. Dadi says he didn’t tell Om where he went. Om asks Dadi to be quiet, they are already worried. Om asks Dhaneshvi to take a seat and gives her a chocolate. She asks how he did this magic. He says this isn’t magic, he thought there it would be and it came. He is saying Jayesh will come, he will come; she must go and watche TV.
Esha comes home calling where has everyone gone. The house was dark with no one around. The lights get on at once, she thinks about finding everyone. The ladies, maa, chachi dadi, Pinky, Bunty and Adu as Esha calls them. Esha calls papa and chacha to come out from behind the sofa. She asks baray papa to come out as he is also hidden somewhere near. She turns to see Baray papa but couldn’t find him. He calls her himself, he says he is a big lawyer, teacher others all the tricks but keeps the order in his own hand. Dadi calls him being childish as soon as he looks at Esha. Baray papa asks Esha’s father to present a song on his daughter’s birthday. Esha enjoys the song, the family arranges for cake and gives her gifts. Esha says there is time in midnight. Chacha says it is not for us, for us any time for celebration is a good time. Dadi asks Esha to take blessings of everyone.
Om brings a pastries for himself to the table.
Esha collects the gifts from everyone, and recognizes everything each of them had given her.
Om lights a candle on his pastries alone. He smiles and counts the seconds down.
There on Esha’s birthday all the alarms ring, Esha cuts the cake happily.
Om says thank you to himself, claps himself as well.

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