Million Dollar Girl 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Million Dollar Girl 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mr feroz and calls and Order’s three coffe…Feroz tells he is impressed..After sometime Avanti tells Virat they did it…..Virat tells that Mr feroz is impressed..Avanti tells that they will tell to Zubair,,Virat tells why “Y” is messenging her…
Virat comes in Avanti’s house..Virat pulls Avanti..Avanti tells what happen??Virat asks what is the problem of Avanti???Avanti is trying to oversmart..Virat asks why everytime Avanti comes in between his work..Virat tells Avanti is lucky becauseits her house..Virat tells that he thought Avanti changed but he didnt..Virat goes…Avanti tells suddenly what happened to Virat became “Hulk” from “SAAJAN”…Avanti comes in office..Avanti also comes..Zubair comes..Virat tells that Mr feroz is back..VIrat tells Mr feroz came back,,Zubair tells why everytime happens like this that Virat will execute…Zubair tells Avanti cannot take everytime credit..Zubair tells Avanti to become a coffee girl and to work under Virat..Zubair tells If Avanti didnt did job then she can leave….Zubair goes…Avanti shouts and tells why Virat did like this…Virat tells why Avanti did…Avanti asks what she did????VIrat tells why Avanti is playing dirty games???Avanti tells what dirty games???VIrat tells why Avanti called his exgirlfriend..Avanti tells that she called by mistake..She was not getting her mobile..Virat tells to stop lying and making stories…Virat tells Avanti to make a coffee..Avanti tells okey…VIrat tells to say “OKAY SIR”,,,Avanti says “Okay sir”..Avanti tells herself Stop crying as Every successful person will be working under someone..Avanti tells when she will become successful then thousand of people like Virat thakur will work under her…Avanti gives Coffe to Virat..VIrat tells Avanti to wait..Virat tells Avanti drink the coffee,,Avanti drinks and tells Coffee is good..Virat tells to drink all..Avanti tells she made for him..VIrat tells its okey..Virat tells Avanti not to be smart as he will be everytime one step ahead of her.. At night Vicky hides and goes in Kavya’s room…Vicky’s phone rings..Kavya asks who is this???Vicky hides…Kavya sleeps…Vicky comes out with a note..Vicky throws the paper..DJ picks it up..DJ comes and sits…Vicky asks what???DJ tells this attitude is not good..Vicky asks whose attitude????DJ tells Bhuwan..Bhuwan was online in messenger since morning but didnt said “Good morning”..Vicky tells for a good morning..Bhuwan comes and stands back of DJ,Vicky sees Bhuwan…DJ tells that Bhuwan took her for granted..and Boyfriend should be given such importance… Vicky tells he known but..DJ tells this is soo much..Bhuwan holds DJ”s hand and moves her away.. DJ tells Bhuwan attitude is not nice…Bhuwan asks why Dj was disconnecting the call.DJ tells that BHuwan was online in the morning but didnt message once…Bhuwan asks soo what?Bhuwan tells he will not tolerate this attitude…DJ tells Bhuwan is unbelievable.Bhuwan tells enough as he is done with it…Vicky tells Bhuwan to stop scolding DJ at his dhaaba and insulting her???Bhuwan tells DJ is her girlfriend. Vicky holds Bhuwan’s shirt Both look at each other angrily..Bhuwan goes…Vicky asks why DJ was not fighting with Bhuwan…DJ tells she loves Bhuwan..

Precap::VIrat’s girlfriend calls Virat,,,Virat shouts at avanti and tells all is happening because of her..

Update Credit to: Ansari

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