Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadi calls Om to see the first rose when it prickles her hand and fell on the other terrace. Dada comes out of the door and introduces himself, Dadi points at the rose annoyed. Dada laughs and picks it, Dadi asks can he do something other than laughing. Dada says proposal, he can propose her to have tea with him to get her rose back, he will play all their best classical music collection for her. Dadi is annoyed and asks him for her flower. Dada says in the time of college, she looked so beautiful and her voice was so sweet. Dadi calls Om, Dada throws the flower in the other terrace. Om comes out, dada explains him the whole event. Om asks why they always fight, he tells dada to remain inside for yoga when dadi is watering plants while dadi should pray inside when dada is out. Dadi comes inside annoyed. Inside, dadi asks Om why should one get the flowers when she takes care of the plants all day long. Om says he knows dada for a long time, he isn’t that bad. Dadi says he flirts with her. Om says atleast she still has something in herself. Dadi says had she something attractive, her children wouldn’t leave her. She is a burden on him and can’t even be angry here to her will. Om asks her to take seat and says she came to turn this house to home, he has got organized and changed a lot. Someone is waiting for him makes him return earlier home. She must never say it again. Dadi asks what would happen to her had he not come to old house, it was good he came there for a project. She used to wake up and spend the whole day thinking why her children don’t remember her, they don’t care she is alive or dead. Om sits with her and says everything is going well, why she remembers all this. Om says she is so charming. Dadi asks him not to be like Kamat dada, he was saying she looks like Shubha Kotlay. Om says Shubha Kotlay looks like her, but now like Jacquline Fernandas. Dadi shies and asks him to give way, she has to cook for him. Om says she must not cook as he has to go to another city tomorrow to meet his uncle, in jail. Dadi is shocked.
Ashvini comes to the office, the boss Mr. Bramhay scolds her for being late. Ashvini begins to cry, he gets offensive and offers her to sit. He asks her to call Ashvini, Ashvini says I am Ashvini, he doesn’t remember the name of the person to be called. Esha comes inside, he asks Ashvini to give Esha the seat. He asks about Divarkar’s case, Ashvini says it is going on very well. Esha says she has to sent him the work on it. Bramhay wants her to work on it but Esha says she must go, she hasn’t spent a single birthday without her family and if she doesn’t go they will come to Poona and take her away. Mr. Bramhay asks how is it possible. Esha says it is her grandfather’s order, she can’t reject. Mr. Bramhay stands at his name and says she may go. Ashvini is shocked he allowed her so soon, Bramhay says it is because of him they are here.
Om was at his uncle who laughed at a joke of Data Raam. Om says it is so embarrassing, he has come to sign on 138 matter and take him out. His uncle says he doesn’t want to go out, Om tells him not to say this with mistake even. He asks what he will do going out of here. His uncle says he will start a business of film industry and work as director. He has found a financer as well. Om says before this as well, some financer got him caught. Om asks what is everything else going. Chacha says someone asked this after a long time ago. They have some connection. Chacha says he will get free from here day after tomorrow, and it is his birthday they will celebrate together. Om gets lost, he says it is on that day only he remembers he isn’t an orphan. His parents call him each year only on that day. Chacha asks Om to keep his friend Data Raam at their house for a few days as he is also getting freed from jail. Om says he can’t stay at their home as they can’t keep a thief at home.
Esha comes to electronic shop to buy earphones for her dada ji. She asks for a funky one. Om comes there for getting balanced recharged. Both the phones of Om and Esha ring together. Ashvini tells Esha that Vijay is crying because his chacha is getting freed from jail and coming home. Om’s friend asks him to keep a lover couple at his home. Esha asks can’t they keep him somewhere else. Om tells Sagar he can keep them here but then his chacha with his friend is also coming then. Both repeat the names to be Data Raam, then look at eath other. They turn to pay for bills, Esha asks to pay before him and leaves. Om picks up the phone to check recharge and is worried whose phone is this.

PRECAP: Esha picks a call, the man asks for Om. Esha says there is no Om, he isn’t talking to Om. The man asks who is she, Esha argues he called so he must tell. The man asks if his Om is there, Esha says no one here and it is a wrong number. She disconnects.

Update Credit to: Sona

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