Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Astha thinking why did Indrajeet angry on her, and feeling bad by his rudeness. Indrajeet comes to her and says sorry, I was angry on Shlok, I will not do this mistake again. She says its ok. He holds her close. She says I m sorry, I m feeling strange. He thinks till when will she stay far from him, one day she has to get close. She thinks why is she not feeling good if he comes close, he is her husband, why is she uncomfortable, why do I always refuse him. He asks the same to her, and asks is there any problem. He says after accident, he felt she will be fine after some time, they are husband and wife, and have kids, why is she doing this.

She says even I m thinking this, I get uncomfortable when you touch me, give me sometime, I know I m wrong, I did not becomes yours completely, I m sorry. She leaves. He says now you are my Barkha, and I will not let you become Astha again.

Surbhi finds Shlok happy. Shlok tells Sojal that Astha taught him to be happy and live life, and apologizes for him to be rude. She says its fine, but when he was rude, pain did not touch him, when he got his love Astha, pain has got around him, now I wish you get Astha soon and they unite and stay happy. Shlok says yes, this will happen. Astha brings juice for Indrajeet. He apologizes again. She says its ok.

He says I don’t want your worry to get high, he kidnapped you to talk. She says don’t worry, I know how to handle him. He asks is she sure, he can’t bear anything. She promises she won’t go outside alone. He says good and leaves. Apsara hears them, and says is she kid for not going out. Astha says kids are upset, I will take them out when Indrajeet comes back.

Apsara thinks Astha will go out, but Indrajeet should not be with her. She calls Shlok and tells Astha is fine and gives the news. She says Indrajeet stopped Astha from going out alone, he is afraid that his Barkha will become Astha again. Shlok says my Astha will be mine. Apsara asks his plan. He says he has a plan and tells her. They smile. She ends call and says Shlok is smart and gave good idea.

Apsara asks kids to have chocolate milkshake. Shantanu refuses and she insists. Shlok calls her and tells her that Shantanu likes pani puri, and she talks to him infront of the kids. Shlok asks her to provoke them. She tells about ice gola. She names the chaat. Astha comes there. Shantanu asks Astha to take them out for chaat. Mishti says but its not hygienic, we can get ill. Astha says even I like to eat it. Apsara says but the stall will go at 6pm. Shantanu says we can go together.

Astha says if dad knows, he will scold us. Apsara says he will not know if anyone does not tell him. Astha says yes, its our top secret. She hugs the kids and smiles.

Shlok meets the chaat stall vendor and says he needs his help. Tiwari says Chowksi explained him everything, he will manage, don’t worry. Shlok goes and hides. Astha comes and talks to Tiwari, asking him to make stall. Mishti says she looks like Sapna today. Shantanu asks her not to say so. Astha and kids eat the kids. Shantanu says he wants to have gola. She says fine, finish this first. She takes their pics. Shlok smiles seeing her happy.

He asks Sojal to see how she is becoming his old Astha, Astha is still alive in her. Sojal says yes, the kids can identify you. He says no, my fight is with Indrajeet, not kids. Sojal says you are still thinking about the kids, no one can do this easily. Shlok calls Chowksi. Chowksi says Punjabi and says sorry I forgot I m Madrasi, I m ready. He goes to the stall and steals Astha’s purse.

Shantanu says we will go. Astha checks her purse is gone and thinks how to pay the money. She says I kept it there and Tiwari asks for money. She asks kids to take money from driver and sit in car. Shlok comes there and asks is she finding this purse. She calls him thief to steal it and return it. He says he is Shlok Agnihotri, I don’t need to do this, I m not interested in you. She argues. He scolds her purse in dustbin and she talks in Marathi, like Astha.

He smiles and asks her not to come in between to fight. She says you came in my way. He asks did mad dog bite me. She says even I m not interested. The driver comes and asks what happened. She says nothing and leaves. Sojal says she is happy seeing Astha talk in Marathi. Astha and kids leave and asks did they enjoy. The driver talks to her, and she says she don’t know how she says Marathi so well. He says she says well. She smiles and says yes.

Apsara asks Indrajeet does he want anything. He says nothing, where is Barkha. Astha comes with kids. Mishti says they had chaat. Astha says she stood near gate and lies to him. Apsara smiles seeing Astha lying to have chaat, now she will become Astha soon. She leaves. The driver returns the keys to Indrajeet as its his half day leave. Indrajeet asks where did he take Madam. The driver says he took her to market. Indrajeet asks did anything happen. The man says Shlok was there also, she was scolding him. Indrajeet asks him to go, and thinks Astha has hidden this from me for the first time, she met Shlok and argued, and did not tell me.

Astha thinks how does she talk in Marathi. Indrajeet asks did she meet Shlok. She says he is stranger for me. He asks then why did she fight with him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  9. amena why some mistakes in today’s update yaar but also your update was nice and thanks for ur update

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  12. was a gud astha..u r realy naughty….

  13. Oh God after correcting her appearance also Sojal is still looking granny with that wide short nose with big nostrils,chimpanzee face really looks like a gorilla from side n with that long giraffe neck keeping tooo front and wearing that artificial tooo bulged bra keeping it also too front n stands like a call girl in s*x homes.I think producers brought Shalmalee from Mumbai red light area.When ever she appears on d screen I spit on her n slap her with my left leg on d screen.Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I have never seen this type of s*x deprived Shalmalee granny in any of d tv shows till now in my whole life.I am still watching d show only for Aastha.

  14. sp n prdn team plz retelecast the episode atleast once in d next day

  15. Right ,that’s why Avinash grand father selected n loved n marrying Shal who matches her in all the qualities n character.Throwing aside this dirty n characterless peoples personal problem, I like this show very much n now d show is so interesting but avoid Shal she is irritating a lot keeping that stone voice n dirty figure appearing baar baar on d screen standing beside that very much stooped n big faced man Shlok Sojal Agnihothri.

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  17. All fans did u all notice one imp thing with Sojal in d show,her real life character is exactly potrayed in d show( leaving one man who stayed with her for 7 years n settling with another man Shlok for 1 or 2 years that we can not tell now.Wow what a coincidence with her reel life n real life.

  18. Though epi is nice but not able to enjoy Ashlok because of that witch Shal.Ashlok r no more alive.Shlok does not know d difference bet per n pro life.How did he become an actorI really wonder.An actor should know to act infront of camera.This man is just showing his personal life ,her real wife Shal aunty infront of the camera.Disgusting n cheap show.

  19. Aastha u r just fab n ur nautanki no words u rock.Avinash does not deserve even one fan atleast as he does not care any one.Its better to leave him for ever.I request each n every fan not to talk about waste n kachra unworthy Shl n Soj.Damn waste simply wasting ur valuable time.

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    bahot shokria 🙂

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