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Miley Sur Mera Tumhara 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Esha comes home shouting, she was excited and tells Ashvni that she is so happy today. She tells Ashvini that Khamkar vs Khamkar case solved, both are ready to take their petitions back. She tells Ashvini that it is all because of Om, she tells Ashvini that it was odd meeting him out of court but he is so nice and cooperative, he handled it all so well. She tells her they are going for dinner tomorrow.
There Om tells chachu, she asked for celebration. He says we will have coffee, she complained he will take her to dinner. Om says he isn’t used to taking girls for dinner. Chachu asks how she looks. Om says she is good, simple and like the others. In the beginning, they didn’t get well, he thought she is childish and over smart.
There, Esha tells Ashvini that he is over smart, and is proud about her studies. But he isn’t a bad man, not al all. Ashvini smiles. Esha shies saying I am confused.
Om says she is as beautiful as a lit candle when she smiles.
Esha says there is a conviction is his voice, she is going to enjoy standing against him in court, he is really interesting. Esha notices Ashvini and asks why is she behaving so odd. Ashvini says she understands her, she has started loving Om. Esha doesn’t agree.
Om leaves chachu, saying this is the problem of fimly people; they consider everything as love. He comes back and says he is only talking about the case, how she cooperated and how they settled. Ranjeet says Dataraam is master, they must ask him if he has fallen in love. Om smiles and says to chachu he isn’t going to do any such thing, why would he bring in between this all. He asks chachu not to give him looks, Ranjeet still smiles. Om says he is just happy with the case only, he is living well alone and let Dataraam watch his serial. Om leaves, then comes back again and asks Ranjeet to stop what is going on in his mind.
Esha comes to office, Om pulls up his bike with hers and stops her. Esha says Hi to him, he asks if their dinner today is confirmed. Esha says offcourse. Om asks where they must go? Esha says he is an old dweller of city, he must know good places. Om asks what she likes to eat, Chinese, Mexican, Italian? Esha says she would have anything, there should just not be any children and encaged bird there. Om laughs that she is so specific and heads to go inside. Esha stops him and reminds him that his helmet is still on; Om removes it feeling awkward and asks if their dinner is confirmed. Esha smiles, confirmed and goes inside. Om curses his mind.
In the office, Om comes excited and says Good morning to Shovna mausi, revolves her on chair and promises to help him. He tells his colleagues not to be sad today. Shovna asks why is he so happy today. Om boasts that he always live happily. Shovna tells him to go to Pradhan soon, Om goes to him in a good mood.
In Pradhan’s office, Om informs him he has come inside. Pradhan smiles and asks him to take a break today. Om says thanks, Pradhan says they are leaving at 5 for a meeting with client for Mumbai and will stay there. Om was saddened, Pradhan promises to give him a great dinner but Om wasn’t still happy. Pradhan asks him to go, he comes out with a drooped face.
His colleague comes to ask Om for a short leave, Om says he will do her work, he is in office today till late. Shovna asks what happened to him and comes to him, worried. Om tells her that sir doesn’t inform about anything, just throws bomb on one. Shovna gives him a glass of water, he drinks whole from it. She asks what is the matter. Om says there has been a problem, he has to go to Mumbai with sir for an urgent meeting, his dinner plan has been cancelled now. Shovna asks who is he going to dinner with. Om stops for a while, then jerks and says his childhood friend. Shovna asks childhood friend? Om says means… Shovna asks is he going with a girl? Om gets alert and tells her not to misunderstand him, there is nothing going on in his life, she is just a colleage. They both settled a case, they were happy so they are going for dinner. Shovna asks is this colleage Esha Deshmuk. Om asks how she knows about it? Shovna says she was filing his Khamkar case and came across her name. Shovna says it is good, Om says she is good. Shovna says the name is good, Om is confused. His phone rings, Shovna teases him but he says it is chacha’s phone. Ranjeet asks where is he going. Om says Mumbai. Ranjeet says good food is available here as well. Om tells him he is going to Mumbai with his Pradhan sir. Ranjeet says no, he must go with Esha. Om asks why is he so interested in dinner. Ranjeet says his nephew is going on date for the first time. Om asks who is going on date? Shovna clears her throat. Om clarifies it is simple dinner, and until this Pradhan is here in his life, his fate only has court dates. Ranjeet asks him to tell Pradhan to keep sitting on his chair comfortably. Om says he can’t say so, Ranjeet offers to send Dataraam for this. Ranjeet suggests he must tell Pradhan that his chachu has gone to hospital, he can lay for Om on oxygen bed. Om says he isn’t going to do any such thing, he has lot to do and is hanging on. Ranjeet thinks for a while about it, then turns back and make a call again.
Shovna asks Om to go to sir’s cabin and tell him he has to go on dinner today, he can’t come to Mumbai. Om says no. Shovna says sir takes him along as he likes him, but there is no compulsion that Om must go on every meeting. She can request Sameer to go this time. Om says no, then says what is wrong in telling the truth. His plan was pre-decided, he will go and tell him everything now. Shovna says this is what she is saying. Om asks what to tell him. Shovna says he must say he has a dinner date with Esha tonight. Om says no, it isn’t a dinner date. Shovna says he is going on dinner and Esha is about to come there too, they have decided that she will come in the timings he will go for dinner. Om asks her not to confuse him, he knows what to say. Shovna asks him what would he say? Pradhan comes there himself and asks what is happening here. Om says sorry sir, Pradhan says why is his phone not working? Om checks his cell phone and asks if he was calling him from inside. Pradhan says his phone is unreachable. He says his neighbor called, his chacha ji is ill and his phone is not reachable. Shovna smiles, says good morning to Pradhan. Pradhan asks what he was saying to him? Om says chacha is getting breathless. Pradhan tells Om to go home soon, Shovna asks about Mumbai’s meeting. Pradhan says meeting will take place even if he isn’t there, he likes that Om is with him. He tells Om not to take tension, he will take Sameer along. He asks if his chacha had such problem before? Shovna says sometimes, she tells Om that they must tell sir about his clearly. Pradhan says he must hurry now, Om leaves.
At home, chacha was on couch when Om comes back. He says very good to chachu, switches his RV off to take his attention and says he did great. Chachu asks what happened? Om asks him not to pose so innocent, he make Kamat dada call his office and his Dataraam must have got this done. Chachu smiles. Om asks why he creates problems, how much will he take care of. Chachu says he is such an over actor, taking a girl on date is important now. He tells Om to change his clothes and leave for dinner. Om says he won’t go there, Chachu says he must tell Dataraam about it.

PRECAP: Esha doesn’t let Om talk, and ignores Ashvini as well while asking Om how she must reach to restaurant, where is it, send her address and phone number as well etc. Ashvini says she knows where green-roof is.

Update Credit to: Sona

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