Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Suhani Si Ek Ladki 19th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Suhani why is she doing office, she is not related to us. Yuvraaj says but Dadi, Suhani’s dad is also involved in our business. Its not wrong if she wants to come to office. Suahni convinces Dadi saying her condition is not yet done, she is just going office, she has much more to do. Pratima supports Suhani. She blesses Suhani and does her tilak. Suhani asks Dadi to send Rags and Menka with her. Menka cries and says I told Suhani will win. Dadui asks her to stop it. Yuvraaj sees a bouquet at the door and takes the chit. He reads how much he tries, he can never get his company back. He asks Ramesh about the bouquet and asks him to take it outside. He asks everyone to come, they are getting late. Dadi asks Pratima not to be happy, she will stop this when she gets anyone managing their work.

Rakhi says she will not get engaged in that small house. Krishna says how can she refuse. Soumya says she has to stay here after marriage. Rakhi says no, I will not stay there. Lalita says if they do engagement here, they have to do all the arrangements. Rakhi refuses and leaves. Soumya tells Krishna that he will say yes when Rakhi does the drama, when Mata says. He says yes, its not drama, Mata said we have to agree to Rakhi, fine I will tell parents to do Rakhi’s engagement. Soumya says how can they believe in superstitions. Suhani and Yuvraaj come to office and the guard asks him to go, as Saxena’s office is parked here. Suhani smiles. The other guard says they are the owners. The guard says I m new here, I did not know, sorry. Yuvraaj says he is new, don’t laugh. Suhani says fine, the staff is old, come.

They enter the house and see the staff passing time. The guard says owner came. They ask did Saxena came. Suhani says Saurabh, Anuj and Yuvraaj Birla came. Suhani and Sharad scold them., The man says but Saxena is the owner, see his pic. Suhani removes it and says throw this outside. She shouts lizard and jumps. Yuvraaj holds her. His shirt gets dirty. He says what did she do. She says lizard was beating her.

The lady asks who is she. Suhani says I m Suhani Birla, and looks at Yuvraaj. She says Suhani Srivastav. Yuvraaj goes. She says she has to clean this office and turn it into office from dustbin and asks for 6 months records. Anuj says did we come to do this. Suhani says we have to clean the place, else how will we work. Rags and Menka come to office and ask whats this.

She says is office like this. Rags says it looks like its not cleaned since years. The lady calls them aunty. Menka and Rags get angry. Saurabh and Anuj come and scare them with fake lizard. They laugh. Pankaj comes home and checks some files. Yuvraaj changes shirt and comes. She asks did he go home and come so soon. He says no, I always keep spare shirt in car. Pankaj says why is Suhani’s phone off and calls bank.

Yuvraaj tells Suhani that she can’t eat till she washes hands. She says she is very hungry. He says fine, I will make you eat. Saware…………..plays…………. he cleans the spoon with tissue. She looks at him. He makes her eat. She talks while eating. He asks her to first eat, then talk. He stops her from taking the bottle and says he will make her drink the water. Sharad and Saurabh smile seeing them. Saurabh says its good something good is happening by this problem.

Lata asks Pankaj why is he looking worried. Pankaj says bank wants to shut Birla office, bank got permission from court and would be going to office now. She says don’t worry, I will get tea for you. Sharad smiles and says I did not do anything, Saurabh told me. Saurabh says I did not say anything. Suhani thinks to call her dad and tell everything. Rags sneezes and says she has allergy with dust, she can’t stay here. Rags throws the file and Suhani’s phone falls. She asks Suhani to pick it. Rags falls down and they all laugh. Suhani takes Soumya’s call and says don’t know from where to start, our all consignment is rejected.

She says I don’t understand how to start. Pankaj calls Yuvraaj and says court orders came… Yuvraaj says I can’t hear. Rags scolds everyone. The call ends. Suhani sits to see the records and calls Pankaj. The call does not connect. Yuvraaj says Pankaj called. She says I m trying, what did he say. He says he…. She looks at lawyers coming. The lawyer asks for Saurabh and says court has sealed this company. They all are shocked. They ask the staff to take belongings and go, and no things will go out. Suhani takes all the records. The lawyer says the bank will sell the company and recover the loan.

Yuvraaj says we should not interfere, we will go home. Suhani takes the hard drive. Yuvraaj says Pankaj called to say this. She says fine. They all come out and the company gets sealed. Anuj says what did this happen, we did not start work. Yuvraaj says we will find some way. It gets sealed and Suhani looks on.

Rags and Menka laugh on Suhani’s smartness. Suhani scolds Rags for her stupidity.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. There’s some romance happening in the office which is good and the part where suhani calls herself suhani birla omg that was so cute anyways I hope very soon yuvraj confesses his love to suhani or suhani should first so that yuvraj knows that yes suhani loves me too so he can confess his love too and suhani doesnt need to keep giving him clues that she loves him if she directly tells him she loves him but hurry up love confession scene it’ll be fun to watch then rn it’s so boring but saware moments are so cuteee

  2. Nyc epi

  3. Nice epi after many days

  4. Awesome epic luv it bt yuv plx confess u r luv to suhani just LUV this serial,

  5. Nice episode.

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