When I met you, my world changed – A Shivika ff by Tanz (Part 3)

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PART – 3
Hello everyone, this is Tanz, back with part-3 of my ff. I hope you like it as you liked the previous parts . So let’s start….

Recap : Annika leaves from there in an auto and Shivaay comes back to OM and lays down on his bed, trying to sleep.

Shivaay is trying hard to sleep but he is unable to as his thoughts are preventing him from falling asleep. He is thinking about his encounter with the ‘weird’ girl as he had called him.
Shivaay’s Point of view(POV) :
Who was that girl and where did she come from? She looked much distressed . Oh Shivaay! Rudra’s company has lowered your intelligence level . She was going to commit suicide , so of course she was distressed . I think she was worried due to some family matter because when I said the word ‘family’ , she began crying inconsolably .

BUT why am I thinking about her and her problems? Who is she to me? No one. Just a common middle class girl. But she certainly has some kind of magic in her . Being with her, I wasn’t the normal Shivaay. I, the “Shivaay Singh Oberoi” was laughing in front of her . I don’t even remember the last time when I had laughed so heartily . It was only possible due to her magic .Wait….What am I thinking. Control yourself Shivaay . Don’t think so much about that girl . Just try to sleep. Focus on your sleep.

I closed my eyes , in an attempt to sleep but all in vain . Even with closed eyes , I could see her innocent face in front of me . I began thinking about her again.
Her language was so weird. Ta…Tad….Tadi….Yes, that’s what she was saying. But what does it even mean ? I don’t know how people come up with such words . I should find out it’s meaning . Where’s my phone, I had kept it here only . I started to search for my phone in the folds of my blanket. I had bought that phone just 2 days before. My former phone was broken by me because I had lost some shares in the stock market. Poor phone, it became the target of my anger. So finally I managed to find my phone.

Okay now let me search the meaning of that word on Google (the savior) . What was that word again? Oh yeah I remember, it was tadi . I typed the word . It’s such a strange word. How can people use such words in their daily conversations ? I looked at its meaning. What? She meant to say that I have much attitude . The next time I meet her, I will give her an answer for this, in SSO style. How can she say that I have attitude problem?
Well , if I consider honestly then I guess she does have a point . Ok, maybe I have some attitude and ego problem but not much . But she was really strange . Her actions and her talks were so strange . I mean who names their scooty or their sandal and that too such weird names . But she was DIFFERENT. She was different from others. She was least affected even after knowing that I am Shivaay Singh Oberoi, the best businessman . She didn’t care who I was or what my position was in the society. She just said what came into her mind, without any fear . I liked her boldness.

She was definitely in great distress. I should try to find out her problem and help her. But why am I so keen to know about her ? Oh Shivaay don’t think so much. You are just helping a woman in need . you have done it several times earlier too. There’s nothing new in this .
End of POV.

Shivaay called Khannaji ,” Khanna , find out everything about the girl you followed today. Her name is Annika . I want to know each and every detail about her, her family and her financial condition. I want this information by tomorrow morning. Okay? Why are you not saying anything?”
“Yes, Yes Sir . I’ll find out about her . You don’t worry about that. Good night sir.” said a sleepy Khannaji. Saying Good Night Shivaay hung up the phone . Khannaji thought,” I don’t know what has happened to Shivaay Sir. First, he asked me to follow her and now this information . Keep your eyes and ears open Khanna , you might get some amazing photos now.” Khannaji started his Detective work, considering himself to be one , maybe James Bond .

Scene at Annika’s home:

Annika opens the door carefully , so as not to make a noise and she enters the house and sees that the lights were off. She starts to go towards her bedroom when suddenly the lights open . She sees a lady, in her late forties standing near the switch board, all red and blue in anger.
Lady :”Kahan muh kaala kar ke aa rahi hai itni raat ko?”(From where are you coming at such a late time?)

Annika : “Maa wo mai….”(Mom , actually I) Before she completes , Jaya cuts her in between.
Jaya : “Aye Ladki, mai teri maa nahi hun. Samjhi? Hogi tu apne papa ki favourite…Mujhse ye ummid bilkul mat rakhna ki mai tujhe kabhi apni beti manungi . Mai tujh se nafrat karti hun Nafrat . Tune jo mere bete ke saath kiya hai na waisa to koi dushman bhi naa kare . Iske liye mai tujhe kabhi bhi maaf nahi karungi . Pata nahi kya jaadu kara hai mere bete par….Jab dekho tab Annika didi, Annika didi karta rahta hai.(Hey girl, I’m not your mom. Understood? You might be your papa’s favourite ….. but don’t expect that I will accept you as my daughter. I hate you . What you have done with my son, even an enemy might not have done that . I will never forgive you for that. I don’t know what magic you have done on my son….He keeps saying Annika Didi, Annika Didi everytime.)
Listening to all the shouts in the hall, Saahil comes out from his room with the help of his crutches .He goes and stands by the side of his Annika Didi and is about to say something when Annika signs him in negative. He can do anything but never go against his Annika Didi. So, he keeps mum and Jaya continues her accusations.
Jaya : He Bhagwaan , Pata nahi kya jaadu kiya hai iss ladki ne mere bete par…. Teri hi wajah se ab mera beta mujhe ulta jawaab dena seekh gaya hai . Mujhe to apni maa manta hi nahi hai.(Oh God, I don’t know what magic you have done on my son…..Because of you , my son has learnt to answer me back . He doesn’t consider me as his mom)

Saying this Jaya goes towards the dining table which was kept close and sat on one of the chairs and pretended as if she was crying . Annika couldn’t take this that someone was crying because of her. Even though she was not her biological mother, but still she was Saahil’s mother. She had all the right to be angry on her for what she had done to Saahil. Although, the fault was not hers technically but being blamed for one thing over and over again, she accepted that she was responsible for Saahil’s condition. She was guilty for being so careless that day. She mustered up courage and spoke in a low and respondent voice,

Annika : “maa Don’t worry, I’ll make Saahil understand and I will make everything right again. I cannot change the past but I will try my level best that Saahil has a perfect future.”
This emotional blackmail was Jaya’s way to have her work done. She was happy that this trick always worked on Annika . wiping her crocodile tears she said,

Jaya : “ If you are assuring me , then I will wait for the situations to get better. What other choice do I have? Okay, I’ll go and sleep now. But Annika don’t you forget that you have to get up early tomorrow to finish your daily chores and then prepare for the kitty party that I’m going to hold at our house tomorrow. All my friends are coming. I don’t want to disappoint them . Okay?”

”Yes Maa, you go and sleep I’ll organize everything perfectly tomorrow “said the poor soul Annika, faking a smile over her tired face.Jaya went to her room and Annika tucked Saahil into his bed. Then she went to her room , changed into her night clothes and fell asleep as soon as her tired body touched the bed. She was tired due to the day’s activities or more precisely the night’s activities . She was afraid how would she tell her so-called “Maa” that she had lost her job. But for now she brushed off her thoughts and slept, trying to
be away from the harsh realities of life at least for some time.

So I’m done with the this part too . I hope you liked it. Let me know if you’re finding this plot interesting or not and also what you’re expecting in further parts. I’ll try to include that too.
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