Finding the true love of my life… SWASAN OS

Finding the true love of my life… SWASAN OS

Swara’s pov
I was standing at the balcony looking everywhere, I badly wanted to know who send me those beautiful letters with those mesmerizing words! It always comes to me by this time, my eyes were looking around everywhere, when a paper rocket fell on me. I widened my eyes and immediately went to the direction where it came from, but my fate! I found no one. I sighed and took the rocket opening it excitedly,

“why are you always so much excited to find me? You will never be able to find me until I wants!”
I pouted reading those lines and then continued to read the next lines,
“I saw your eyes when you were desperately finding me! Your eyes were shining with the fresh sun light, and you looked very cute! Today I noticed that as soon as you came to the balcony, you were inhaling the red rose present there. You smiled seeing that your bud has started blooming! I never knew you loved roses! I wish that god bless this world with beautiful roses so that you may keep smiling! Have a good day!”

I smiled reading it. God! All his letters never fails to bring a smile on my face! I went inside my room and moved near the bed and took a key from under my pillow silently so as to not disturb the sleep of my sister Ragini who was sleeping peacefully. I took a box from under the bed and opened it with the key. I kept the letter in that box which already had so many letters that he sent me. I heard a sound of someone coming and immediately got on the bed and covered myself with the comforter acting to sleep. I sensed the door opening.

“Shona, Ragu! Get up fast!” I heard the shout of my mother and sighed and opened my eyes lazily, I was active but I still acted so that my mom doesn’t get doubt. I sat on the bed rubbing my eyes, mom smiled at me and said, “good morning, beta!” I smiled back at her lazily. “ragu! You also get up, it’s getting late for school!” she said shooking ragini who woke up irritated. I chuckled as I know how much she hates if someone wakes her up! We both got ready for our school while I was still thinking about the secret admirer of mine, I felt so special by all his words. Who is he? Is he studying in my school? My class?..

I am 17 years old now and I still get those letters still completely unaware who is sending them! Now I and my sister ragini are walking on the beach, she suddenly slapped lightly on my shoulder and stared at me angrily. I smiled sheepishly realizing that she was telling me something and I didn’t heard it. We continued to walk cracking silly jokes when suddenly a boy came near us. He looked elder than us! Smart and good looking. “umm.. my brother wants to talk to you!” he said looking at me. “wh.. what?” I stammered, he was completely a stranger to me! And he was talking about his brother? I was just numb and shocked, I don’t know how I should even react! “your brother?” I whispered confused.

He nodded and pointed his index finger to a person who was not standing so much far. I can only see his back. “no ways! Why should my sister come?” ragini asked angrily, she was so much feminist and I clearly know that she hates those boys who disturbs girls! “look! My sister is not going anywhere and she is not meeting anyone!” she continued saying angrily while I caught her arms trying to control her anger. “ragini! That’s fine!” I turned to him and said, “what he wants to talk?” I asked. “shona! Why are you even talking to such people?” ragini shouted at me dragging me from the guy. “excuse me! What do you mean by such people?” the boy asked and they both started arguing and at such a moment, I didn’t realize the wave brushing my legs and I lost my anklet. I got tears in my eyes. It was a gold! I am dead today, mom and dad are not going to leave me! Ragini who was still arguing with him looked at me, she panicked and asked, “shona! What happened?” I cried looking at the huge sea, where will I search for my anklet now? “ragini! My anklet!”

I said looking at my feet, she followed my gaze and looked at me ankle. “I lost it!” I said crying. “it is in the sea?” she asked as if she was thinking something, I nodded to her teary eyed and suddenly she turned to that boy and said, “tell to your brother that he can meet my sister only if he gets her anklet from the sea!” I widened my eyes hearing her, she looked at that boy with attitude and caught my hand, she dragged me from there. “ragini! What is this?” I asked. “shona! That boy will go from here now! He will not dare to come back again!” I shook my head feeling unbelievable. “what about my anklet now? I am so scared! I am gone today!” I said worried thinking about mom and dad’s anger.

Ragini was about to say something when suddenly the same boy who was arguing with ragini came to us and caught ragini by her arms tightly. He looked furious, I got shocked and tried to free ragini from his grip. “are you happy now? See there!” he said and we both looked back confused, ragini was now crying because of fear. We saw a crowd there. “my mad brother really jumped in the sea because of your mad challenge! If something happens to him na? I swear, I will not leave you and this is Laksh’s promise!” he said angrily pushing my sister backwards as I caught her for her support. So his name was laksh? “and you!”

he said looking at me. “he just wanted to talk to you na? arey! He love you!” My throat choked listening him. he really jumped? He.. he loves me? I looked at the crowd again with fear. What if something happens to him? I got scared, I cried and blinked my eyes, I am just too blank, I don’t know what I should do! That boy, laksh ran to the crowd. I was also about to go there when I saw ragini who was very much scared and was crying. “please, let’s go from here!” ragini pleaded to me crying loudly. “please!” she whispered. “but we have to see what happened to him!” I said, but ragini started to running to the car, I sighed helplessly looking at the crowd with tears. “I am sorry!” I murmured and ran behind my sister. She was very scared as laksh’s shout on her has made her cry so much, he was literally threatening her! I went near the car and saw her sitting calmly hiding her tears from our driver. I also sat silently beside her taking nothing..

I saw ragini sitting on the bed with a pale face, we both of us were very much scared, shocked and shattered. I hugged her tightly and she hugged me back, we both wept silently in our room all night. Sleep was far away for both of us…
I and ragini are studying college now. After ‘that’ incident, ragini has stopped talking much with everyone, her attitude was disappeared somewhere. We both never talked about that incident to anyone, but still the impact it has left on us is indescribable. I still cry daily thinking what if that boy was dead that day? My eyes got moist remembering that, at a moment, I convince myself that he will be alive! But I was immersed in the world of guilt. I had no one share to about these things, my sister herself was always very upset! Even she was very guilty! That day kept haunting us like the most fearful nightmare, I wish I can change whatever happened that day! My soul was pierced more and more whenever I remembered it making me more guilty. I don’t know when this pierced soul is going to break completely. Truth cannot be hidden for long time! It will come in front of everyone.. someday! “shona!” I immediately wiped my tears hearing my mom’s voice. “coming mom!” I shouted back and immediately got ready as it was getting late for my college!…
I was silently walking out of the class all set to go back home holding my bag and lost in my thoughts, when suddenly from no where my classmate Sahil appeared in front of me, I jerked, I was not expecting him. he smiled at me, I curved my lips making a smile looking at him, but I knew that my smile was not from my heart and then walked past him. “swara!” I heard his voice from behind, I turned to him confused. “I actually wanted to talk to you!” he said coming near me. I blinked my eyes and nodded gesturing him to continue. “umm… please don’t get angry!” he said nervously. I was really very much confused, I again nodded to him tiredly. I was in no mood to talk to anyone, I just wanted to be alone. I was standing in open ground, but I still felt suffocated with so many people around. He cleared his throat, he was about to say when I interrupted him, “sahil! It’s actually getting late for me!

Will it take time?” I asked. He immediately nodded a no and took a deep breathe and said, “swara! I actually wanted to tell that…” he again sighed closing his eyes and then said, “I love you swara! I will die without you! I love you so much!” I closed my eyes, my lips shivering to tell anything, my throat choking as I remembered a voice which I heard before years, “he loves you!” and now sahil, “I will die without you!…” I shot my eyes open widening them with tears flowing from my eyes, what if sahil also does something mad? He looked at me shocked, maybe because I was crying. “swara!” he tried to come near me but I ran from there… just ran..
Closing the doors behind me, I collapsed on the floor as sahil’s words repeated over and over in my mind, “I will die without you!” “he just wanted to talk to you na? arey! He loves you!” I closed my ears with my hands crying loudly. These things were making me mad. Already, I don’t know what exactly happened that day! I still don’t know whether that brother of laksh’s is alive or de… I laid on the floor touching the floor with my head crying as guilt consumed me. I don’t want anything to happen to anyone because of me! I cried hiccupping.. I just felt like disappearing somewhere!..
I was very much nervous, I don’t know what I should tell sahil. I said nothing to him yesterday. He will definitely ask me today about my decision, I tried a lot and made so many excuses in home but still I had to come to college today! I sighed entering my class and as expected sahil came running to me. “swara? What happened to you yesterday?” I got scared, what if I say the truth? What if the secret that is closed between me and my sister gets out? I immediately nodded a no fearfully. “swara!” he said and sighed. “did you think about my proposal?” I sucked a sharp breathe still scared, I felt my eyes moist again. I surpressed my tears and said, “sahil! I don’t know if my parents will agree!” I don’t know why I was stammering, of course my parents were strict but they were not so much orthodox! If I say that I love someone then they will definitely agree! But I didn’t had any other reason to reject him politely! He was looking at me keenly, I became scared, what if he caught my lie?

“you will agree if your parents will agree?” he asked. I blinked my eyes stopping my tears, I gulped as no words came out of my throat. “tell swara! If there is no opposition from your parents, then will your agree?” I would say no, I would have definitely said no, I have no plans to marry anyone but I again and again remembered his words that he will die! I nodded a yes to him and quickly walked away from him…

I was unable to concentrate on any of my classes. I was just sitting pale, my eyes remained moist, but I didn’t let them flow and kept blinking and wiping my tears. it was so much difficult for me to hold back my tears. it was break time now. The class was half empty, there were only few students and I was thanking god that sahil was not here, because by now my tears were uncontrollable and they flowed out. I sat in the corner making sure that no one noticed me. When suddenly a voice startled me, “swara!” I immediately wiped my tears and turned to the source of voice. I found sanskar, my classmate looking at me worried, I faked a smile seeing him as he sat near me. “what happened?” he asked.

I nodded a no to him continuing to smile. “I know why you are crying!” I looked shocked at him. what if he knew? “you are irritated with the last class na? god! She was explaining the same thing again and again as if we were kids! Huh! I was continuously looking at my watch so that the period ends!” I found myself smiling at his cute angry face. “even when my mother sings song for me na? that time also, I would not get this much peaceful sleep which I get when our teacher take class!” he said so much of his silly worries making me laugh and forget about my tears. the break was over and he went to his place back and when he went away, I felt that happiness went away from me… from my life…
I and ragini were returning to home, I still didn’t tell her anything about Sahil, we were at the entrance of our home when we saw few guests sitting there. We entered the home, I widened my eyes seeing sahil sitting on the sofa with an old man and an old woman, maybe his parents. I gulped, NO NO NO! the three of them smiled at me and I was unable to make my lips even curve, I was just shivering. I badly wanted to cry. Mom came near me, “I will get fresh and come!” I murmured looking down and ran to my room…

I threw myself on the bed as I cried clutching my mouth. Why was this so difficult? The door opened with a bang and I saw ragini standing at the door looking at me horrified, she immediately closed as she came near me. She cupped my face, “shh shona! What is happening here?” she wiped my tears but I continued to cry. “mom told me that Sahil loves you!” I closed my eyes tightly hearing her. “he is your classmate na? did he tell you?” I wiped my tears and sweat and whispered, “he proposed me!” she looked at me shocked. “I told him that if my parents agree, then I will also agree! I thought, he will give up but I didn’t expected him to come to our home like this!” I said choking with tears. “but if you don’t like him, you could have just said no!” she said with tears worrying for me. “he said he will die without me!” I said in a bare whisper, feeling guilty again. “I don’t want anyone else to fall in danger! I don’t want anyone else to….” Ragini immediately hugged me stopping my choking voice, I hugged her back tightly and cried loudly, I heard her weeping too and then I realized that once again that incident, that guilt has pushed us in a misery pit!…

We both came down to the hall ready in a simple outfit, we washed our face but still I am sure there would be tear marks. Dad came near me and patted my head, “sahil told me what you said to him!” I looked down hearing him. “that you will agree if I agree. I am so proud of you beta!” I felt tears again brimming in my closed eyes. “I accept this proposal!” I opened my eyes wide and my tears blurred vision didn’t fail to see my father who was looking at sahil’s parents happily. Ragini clutched my hand tightly, I looked at her as she hugged me. “swara! Shall I talk to papa?” she whispered. I hugged her back tightly hiding myself in her hug, hiding my tears in her hug. She was about to break the hug but I held her tightly and whispered. “please hug me!” I begged to her and she immediately hugged me more tightly weeping silently with me. Everyone present there thought that we both were overwhelmed, we both got emotional! But only we knew our pain!…
Sahil has told almost everyone about our relation, as we are also on the final year, our families have decided our marriage in a very much near date. Many people congratulated me, but I just passed a smile to them or at least I tried. Right now, I am sitting on a bench in the ground. No one is going to disturb me here and as my tears are betraying me from so many days, I had to be alone. I have no more control on my emotions. I sighed looking at the sky with tears when suddenly from no where sanskar came and sat near me. I looked at him, and I didn’t realized that I was still crying. I didn’t understand how my hands failed to move to my cheeks and wipe them but sanskar do wiped them making me feel something really different and mesmerizing. “why are you crying?” he asked.

“yesterday you found out why I was crying, today also tell na!” I said remembering how he said that I was crying because of our teacher yesterday, remembering how he made me laugh. “you are crying because you are sad!” sad? Is that all? Even I don’t know what I am feeling right now but that’s not just sad! “sahil told me!” I looked at him as he sighed saying that. “I have never seen you people roaming around like other couples, no one gossips about you people but still you both were in relation?” he asked me. I closed my eyes taking a deep breathe, I badly want to be alone. I opened my eyes and said, “sanskar! I will tell you everything! But not now, I want to be alone now!” I whispered pleading, hoping that at least he will understand me! He just smiled and said, “no one likes to be alone!” I turned my face away and closed my eyes crying as he said that. “everyone needs a company, only those people will be alone who don’t gets a companion according to their expectation!”

I turned and faced him hearing him while he continued, “I will try to reach your expectations!” he said and I suddenly saw so much of pain in his eyes. “just let me be your companion!” he whispered and I discovered that his voice contained pain, his throat choked, his eyes were so much deep and moist screaming his pain. He wiped his tears and said, “what do you want swara?” he asked moving a little more near to me.

“I want to cry alone in my room!” I found myself saying him whatever I wanted. “I want to be alone from everyone!” I whispered. “then?” he asked and I looked at him. “what else do you want?” he asked me holding my hands. I blinked my eyes crying, more than wanting, I actually didn’t wanted some things! I didn’t wanted to be such a coward who hides from everyone, I didn’t wanted to feel guilty, I didn’t wanted to lie to my parents, I don’t want to watch my soul sister crying with guilt and finally.. “I don’t want to marry!” I whispered weakly. I was shocked at my own words and before sanskar can say anything, I just freed my hand from his grip and ran away from there and I really didn’t understand why my heart pained when I left his hands!..
I was still thinking how did I open up to someone! I have managed to keep everything between myself but I just told sanskar that I… I sighed, I told him that I don’t want to marry. I just said that! The doors of my room opened and I saw my mother who was looking at me emotionally, she came near me and caressed my hairs. “I can’t believe that my chote shona has grown up so much! Today is your engagement!” I looked at her blankly, my throat choked listening her words. What should I do now? “there are few horoscope problems beta! So we have to do it soon!” she said planting a soft kiss on my hair, I closed my eyes feeling tears, I was clever enough to not show them to my mother until she left the room and as soon as she left, I ran near the entrance and locked the door crying loudly…

My hands shivered when sahil made me wear the ring. I cried silently, I was screaming inside myself, I also made him wear the ring crying. As soon as it was completed, I wanted to escape, I wanted to be alone but there were so many people. I wanted to run, run somewhere far where no one finds me. “I am so happy today swara!” I looked at sahil hearing him. “I am nothing without you! I would have been dead if you were not with me! There would be no life for me!” I clutched my dress tightly as his words killed me making me remember whatever happened in the beach. “umm.. sahil! Our aunty wants to meet her!” ragini said coming near us and holded my shoulders, sahil nodded to her smiling excusing us. Ragini immediately dragged me from there to the darkest corner of the hall. She hugged me tightly. “shona! We have to do something! This is not right!” she said. “let’s talk to papa na?” she said to me as if she was making a baby to understand. Yes! This was not right! I am a coward, I am a fool and what not?

I am very much helpless, I don’t know what should I do! Sahil’s words are making me fall more weak, I can’t let anyone be in danger. “swara!” ragini said shaking me by shoulders crying as I didn’t respond to her. “I just want this function to end now!” I whispered. The illuminating lights and the fragrance of the flowers around me, so much of crowd around me, the ring in my hand, all these things were only making me feel suffocation. Ragini nodded to me as if she understood my position, she went away leaving me alone while I sighed standing joining my back to the wall. I was playing my fingers, don’t know for how much time until I heard a voice. “swara!” I was surprised seeing sanskar. “I know you don’t want these things!” I frowned with tears hearing him. “then why are you doing this?” he asked whispering,

I shivered at the intensity and pain of his gaze. “I can do nothing now sanskar! you are seeing this na?” I asked showing my ring to him. “it is just a ring swara! You can throw it away and believe me, it won’t take time! It won’t take time for you to tell everyone what you want!” I was shocked at his anger filled voice. He closed his eyes as if he is controlling his anger and then he left from there.. after that my eyes were only searching for him the whole function but he just disappeared…
Sanskar came and sat near me but we spoke nothing, we were just quiet. And after some time, he cleared his throat and said, “I am sorry for shouting at you yesterday!” he said it very calmly and politely. I just smiled sadly and said, “I am really not worrying about your anger sanskar! I am just worrying that how much coward I am!” I said it looking down. “arey! You are not a coward! Cowards keep running away, but I have never seen you running! You walk like a tortoise then how can you run?” my lips curved at the fact that there was someone who tried to make me smile at such a situation of my life where I was so much helpless! “if you participate in a slow race na? then you will definitely win!” I smiled at his dramatic and teasing tone. “I wonder how do you never talk and always remain patient!

If someone would have teased me like this na? then I would have got so angry!” I continued to smile, his presence itself made me feel light and fresh. We both saw all the students sitting roundly to play truth or dare as it was a free period. “wow! Come let’s go! We will also play!” sanskar said excitedly, I nodded a no to him smiling but he just frowned and dragged me there where everyone was sitting. We started playing and god! First itself the bottle pointed me. “truth or dare?” my friends questioned me. I chose truth. “how much you love sahil?” sanskar asked and I was shocked hearing it. Sahil was not here now, and as all the students knew about our relation, they all started giggling, I was unable to bear this surrounding anymore and I just walked out…

I came out of the class crying, “swara!” I heard sanskar calling me from behind but I continued to walk wiping my tears. “swara!” he said coming more fast and he caught my hand. “how can you question me like this in front of everyone sanskar?” I asked angrily crying. “you don’t had answer because you don’t love him!” he said and I just cried more. “you should have not asked me like that sanskar!” I whispered. “swara! You don’t love him, why are you spoiling both of your lives?” he asked and nodded his head unbelievably before living my hand and walking away from me.. and for the first time I didn’t think about sahil’s life, I didn’t think about guilt, I just thought that I don’t love sahil, then how can I live with him?…
My hand was getting adored with mehendi, but I was just sitting silently. In my left hand, it was written ‘S’ and just when the girl who was applying mehendi was about to start my mehendi even on the right hand, I heard my phone ringing. I excused myself and took my phone. I sighed looking at the caller id, ‘SANSKAR’ I picked up the call. “hello!” I said. “hello swara! Did you decide anything?” he asked. I frowned and said, “sanskar! I said I can do nothing now, even my mehendi has ‘S’ now and…” I was interrupted by him, “for god sake swara! It won’t take time for you to change that S for sahil to S for swara!” I remained quiet hearing him. “what? You can keep your name on mehendi! And swara, things and mehendi really doesn’t matter! It only matters how we see it!” I got tears hearing him and he cutted the call. My heart pained so much because his words were not normal, he was saying that with lots of anger and lots of pain!…
Marriage will start in few minutes, I am just sitting blankly in front of the mirror when suddenly the door opened and I saw ragini coming inside panting heavily. She looked very worried. “ragini?” I said. “swara! Someone has come to meet you!” she said catching her breathe, I looked at her confused. She looked to the door, I followed her gaze and my breathe hitched and tears made its way as the past came in front of me. It was.. “laksh!” I whispered. He looked a little matured now. He came near me with a gift box. He kept that on the bed and said, “my brother told to give this to you!” he said it looking down. “YOUR BROTHER?” I shouted as a smile formed on my lips. “he..” I stammered and took a deep breathe. “he is fine?” I asked whispering and when he nodded a ‘yes’ I smiled more crying feeling a huge weight of guilt finally taken away from my shoulders. But his next words made me frown, “he is fine till now!”

I wiped my tears and asked, “what happened to him?” he sighed and said, “he is leaving India today! He will never come back, so he told to give this to you!” he said pointing at the gift and then walked out of the room giving a look at ragini. And as soon as he went, ragini too followed him. I know how much guilty she was, maybe she wanted to ask forgiveness. I took the flat and the small gift box opening it. It had a letter and a small box. I first opened the box and gasped seeing my golden anklet which I lost in the beach, he really got it for me from the sea? I closed my eyes and cried more. I took the letter and opened it shivering.
“even after I found your anklet, I was unable to meet you that day!”

I blinked my eyes reading those lines and then continued,
“I know you will be crying now! I am sorry, I was the person who once wished that the god should bless the world with so many roses just because you should smile!”
My breathe hitched reading them, roses? Smile? My eyes widened and I immediately bent down and took the box from under the bed, and opened it. I was so much drowned in miseries after that incident that I didn’t notice that I never got those letters from my secret admirer. I made the box mess and finally found the letter I was searching..
“You smiled seeing that your bud has started blooming! I never knew you loved roses! I wish that god bless this world with beautiful roses so that you may keep smiling! Have a good day!”
I cried and again got took the letter that I received just now and continued reading it.
“I wanted you to smile but I made you cry! I told you that you will come to know about me only when I want! So, now I will tell you who I am!”

I shivered reading those lines, my memories going back to the time when I used to be so much excited to know who is my secret admirer!
“I tried my best to make you understand that you should not do this marriage, but you were adamant!”
He tried?
“live your life swara! But please never cry! I love you!”
I sucked a sharp breathe reading the name, I became numb as even tears became froze,
I sat on the bed with a thud remembering the mesmerizing and heart touching words of my secret admirer. The mad man who jumped in the sea and the sanskar who had always made her smile..
Sahil entered the room and saw me shocked, maybe because I was crying, or maybe because I had made my bed a mess with all the letters. “what happened swara?” he asked me.

I was just crying remembering sanskar and the letter, I cried more loudly. “swara!” he said and came near me and before he could touch my face. I said, “I can’t do this!” he looked shocked at me and I immediately ran from there holding my heavy lehenga removing the ring and throwing it away. I came out of the home and saw ragini and laksh hugging each other, woah! So, a love story has started here too. “laksh! Take me to sanskar!” I shouted and they both immediately broke the hug. Laksh ran to his car as he opened it. I immediately sat inside the car followed by ragini. He drove it as fast as he can. I am very scared, what if he goes before we reach there? I got tears realizing the truth that sanskar loved me! I closed my face with my hands and sighed. I have to go to sanskar… NOW!…
Urgh! It was so difficult for me to walk with this heavy lehehga, I ran following laksh and then we finally saw sanskar sitting in a chair waiting for his flight. I sighed in relief seeing him and ran to him. he was shocked seeing me and immediately got up from the chair, “swara! Are you fine?” he asked. Maybe because I was breathing heavily crying continuously with the smiled never leaving my lips. Mad me! “why are you leaving?” I asked choking with tears. “I want to be alone!” he said looking away. “you didn’t get the companion you expected?” I asked smiling. He nodded a no childishly, I cupped his face making him look at me.

“I will try to reach your expectations! Let me be your companion!” I said smiling, he looked at me shocked and I immediately hugged him tightly laughing with tears. he hugged me back possessively, I cried thinking about his pain. He is loving me for so many years and never even told about that to me! “I am sorry!” I whispered hugging him crying loudly. “but how?” he asked choking. I broke the hug and showed my left hand, “it took time, but I finally succeeded in changing S for sahil to S for sanskar!” I caught my ears and said, “I am very sorry sanskar! I gave you so much pain!” I whispered chokingly. I really took so much time! He just nodded a no and wiped my tears. “you have been so guilty! I should have told you!” I was about to hug him when he caught my hands and said, “I am sorry!” I frowned and said, “arey! Let me hug you!” he smiled, I think I looked cute! He immediately hugged me tightly.

It took time! For a young teenager who got letters, for an ordinary girl like me who came to know that a boy jumped in sea to get my anklet just to talk to me! I accepted a proposal of someone just because of the fear that he might suicide, my classmate who always made me smile! I closed my eyes and hugged him more tightly smiling to realize that I finally found the true love of my life!…

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    Its just i dont know how to describe this
    Simple elegant amazing
    Stay happy…….??????

    1. Raina

      thank you so much simin didi!!!
      i love too!!!!!!

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    Amazing!!!! Actually I have no words to express for this os & the epilogue u posted for nothing is immortal except my love for u!!! I absolutely loved them!!!

    1. Raina

      i am really very happy that you loved them!!
      thank you arunika!!

    2. Arunika

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      thanks veena!

  15. NDSG

    Hey I saw this movie…. Actually it’s a South Indian movie but love it in swasan style?

    1. Raina

      not everything dear!!
      only swara accepting the proposal of sahil because of her fear and sanskar getting anklet from the sea are from the tamil movie ‘kutti’
      other than that, everything is my own creation!!
      glad you loved it!!
      thank you!

    2. NDSG

      But I love it??????

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    1. Raina

      aww!!!! thank you so much swarna!!!
      your words made me very very happy!!!!
      and about your question, i can only say that i really love writing and describing love stories!!!

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