Meri Zindagi Tum Se Hi (Naagin) Episode 9

Shivanya,Sheshrad  and Ritik went home where Rishi and Shivriti were there.

Sheshrad : Hi ! Rishi and Shiv……….Shivriti  (amazed by Shivriti’s beauty.)

Rishi : Well, hi ! Who are you?

Shivanya : Beta, he is Shesha’s son.

Shivriti : What ma! He’s our enemy… listen you get out whatever your name is.

Shivanya slapped Shivriti

Ritik : No, Shivriti.  He’s not your enemy. In fact he doesn’t like Shesha.

Shivriti : Papa,  you trusted Shesha massi but what she did? tell me….

Ritik : But Shivriti,  he’s not like that, he’s very good.

Rishi : Shivriti, papa is right

Shivriti : Whatever you think of him but i can’t trust him. Never.

Shivriti goes from there and Sheshrad follows her .

Shivanya : Ritik,  Shivriti. ..

Ritik : Shivanya,  don’t worry it’ll all be right. Rishi you go to Shivriti

Shivanya : No Rishi,leave her alone with Sheshrad.

In the garden Shivriti was crying

Sheshrad : Shivriti

Shivriti : Stop taking my name! For you maa slapped me .

Sheshrad : But

Shivriti : Listen mister don’t try to cheat me. I know what you are

Sheshrad : Listen to me , please Shivriti

Shivriti : Fine

Sheshrad : I promise i will not cheat you .

Shivriti : If you cheated

Sheshrad : You can kill me.

Shivriti : Fine .Well, what’s your name? And which life do you lead? Are you a Naag? And what you can tell us about Mahesmati?

Sheshrad : My name is Sheshrad. I live a human life. Yes I’m a naag. Mahesmati are preparing hard to get the Naagmani. So try hard to stop them.

Slowly Sheshrad and Shivriti became very good friends but soon this relationship turned into something else…….

Precap :Moments of Sheshriti

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