A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 7)

A Hidden love story between lovable son and beautiful girl (Epi-7)
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So going to the story . A small recap : Kajal and kaira struck in a problem Raunak and Kajal comes there and saves them. Both couples spend some time.
The episode starts with Raunak seeing Kajal hugs him in sleep. He puts her in bed and gets up from bed. Kajal too wakes up and offers coffee.
Akshay wakes up and sees kaira missing. He asks the nurse and searches kaira. He informs Raunak about kaira missing. Raunak and Kajal reaches and searches for kaira.
Akshay finds kaira in road and hugs her.
Akshay: Kaha gaye tu kabsae tumae dondra ho mein kitne dar gaye tujhe patha.
Kaira moves away and sa6ys”Akshay don’t try to act like a good person If u really care me then why u did this to me why?
Akshay: Y kaira always speak about that matter.

Kaira: Becoz this is my life. On that day u said to me u don’t love me. U was with me only for money then today u have money y r u showing this false love to me Akshay. Y do u care me. y do u help me. Tell me Akshay say y?
Akshay: becoz I love u kaira….
Kaira gets shocked cries and leaves from there. Kajal and Raunak sees that.
Kajal hugs kaira and calms her.

Raunak : Kajal I want to speak with u.
Kajal : ji sir bholiyae.
Raunak : Kajal we should do something and find what is the reason which made Akshay and kaira in this situation. I feel very bad for Akshay and kaira. We should make them together.
Kajal: ji sir they truly love each other . We should make some situation so that they can realize that they still love each other.
Raunak: Kajal I have a plan.
Kajal: what plan sir?
Raunak : be ready will pick u both in tomorrow morning 10.
Kajal : sir but what is the plan.
Raunak: surprise Kajal. Do u believe me the don’ty worry I will join them.
Kajal: tike sir.

The next day.
Raunak reaches kajal’s home and calls here.
Kajal and kaira comes out Kajal is dressed in blue dress. Raunak stares at her and mainea khud ko song plays.
Kajal comes near and shakes her hand Raunak smiles and opens the door for Kajal. kajal sits front and kaira sits back.
Raunak drives the car and says” Kajal vo Akshay is waiting in coffee shop shall we
Kaira looks sad and says”no sir I think u should leave me in house u guys enjoy.
Kajal : kaira what did I say our final exams r over v should enjoy. Then what happened Raunak sir tho tumare dost haena. Then what?
Kaira: ok di .
Kajal signs Raunak. They reach coffee shop .
They see Akshay and go and sit. Raunak and Kajal sit opposite.
Raunak drinks coffee. It forms mustache on his face. Kajal sees that and signs to wipe it Raunak and Kajal smiles and mast magan plays.akshay and kaira gets confused.
They leaves. Raunak: hmm next where?
Kajal sees pani puri shop and says: Kaira’s favourite hain pani puri..
Raunak : so we r going to eat pani puri and stops the car.
Kaira: no it’s ok ur wish sir u can go anywhere u like.
Raunak: kaira holiday tumhare or mine they reach a shop and sits in chair. Everyone sits but Raunak find the table dirty and stand Kajal and Akshay makes Raunak sit.
Kajal: Ok let’s have competition.
Raunak: s I play.
Akshay: I too.
Kajal too joins them. Everyone see kaira.
Kaira: no plss.
Akshay : ok leave her she is always the same. I know about her very well.
Kaira: what do u know about me? They fight.

Kajal and Raunak stops them and starts the competition.
Kajal and kaira r in one team Akshay and Raunak one team. Kajal and Raunak starts eating.
Kaira: di fast fast u should win.
Akshay : Bhai come on we should show them who we r.
Kajal signs Raunak and stops eating and acts Kajal wins and hugs kaira kaira gets happy.
Akshay and Raunak turns sad Kajal and kaira gets happy. Raunak sees Kajal happy and smiles.
They go to park. They sit in grass and spend time.
Kajal speaks about her childhood trip with their family to a park and gets emotional and cries.
Kaira remembers her childhood days with her parents and cries Akshay sees that and feels bad for kaira and cries.
Raunak cheers them and a ball falls on Raunak. Raunak sees children playing and takes the ball to throw but Akshay stops him and asks the children to have a game with them.
They all play kaira and Akshay dash each other. Kajal and Raunak sees the ball and runs Kajal slips and Raunak catches her ball bets him and he slips down they fall down they share an eyelock. Silsila title track plays.

They all go to lunch they finish their lunches and orders icecream Kajal and kaira fights for icecream . Raunak and Akshay sees that and laughs. Ice cream applies on kajal’s nose Raunak signs to clean that but Kajal wipes wrongly Raunak goes near to her Kajal’s heart beats faster. Sun saathiyaa plays.
They come out and sits in car and speaks about their childhood friendship. Raunak and Akshay thinks about their childhood fights and laughs and hugs each other.
Kajal and kaira sees that and smiles. After sometime Raunak buys some flower and kneels down and gives to Kajal. Kajal gets shocked. Raunak moves away. Kajal stops him and gets the flower. Akshay and kaira sees that and smiles. Kajal smells the flower and sees Raunak. Kajal

Precap: Akshay and kaira hugs each other and confesses each other. Kajal gets angry on raunak

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