Meri Saasu Maa 20th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Meri Saasu Maa 20th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Maasa’s residence
Sattu reprimands pari for the fact that she has filed for a court case when he knows for a fact that dudh sagar’s milk cant be adulterated. sattu swears on his own, that there is no adulteration. she says that she shall never do anything that might tarnish maasa’s respect. she says that she has to solve this problem, and that there are lots of questions that she needs answers from maasa. he eyes her curtly and then leaves from there, to sleep in the verandah. she resignedly takes her blanket, and lies on the bed, wondering how to make him explain, that she isnt going against her family, but just needs to find the truth. he wonders how to make her understand that by doing this, the whole family shall be in trouble.

In her room, maasa is enraged and fumes, at the allegations that pari is casting on her and her character, and her respect, as she has sworn on just one thing, that she wont ever adulterate milk.

Meanwhile, bhabhis are smiling, and enjoying their victory, when babita points out as to how, they now need to see whether pari goes to the corut or not. Their husbands come and say that if this fire spreads then it shall burn them all. they are shocked to know that their own husbands have been mixing milk and tampering it, and if pari goes there, then their truth shall be exposed and they shall be in jail. They are distraught and wonder what to do now, as they have to handle it somehow.

The next morning, pari comes out after freshening up, and finds her blanket arranged, and then tensedly finds sattu gone. she hears maasa hollering at someone, and rushes out to find that its a man, and his wife, who keeps trying to prevent him from being reprimanded, because he beat his wife. maasa warns him and asks him to never repeat it again. pari watches this tensedly and then comes down to confront maasa, who is tensed to see her. pari says that she knows she is angry, but she wishes to say soemthing, regarding the notice that came. she begs for a chance to clarify herself, while maasa fumes. she eyes her and then grants her, and takes her away, while someone lurks and watches them. in her room, granny also comes, when maasa sits with pari. pari then explains that she hasnt taken this decision for maligining the family, but for the welfare of the people, whose lives were risked due to the adulterated milk, her father being one of them. maasa shows her various awards, certificates and commendations, collected over 25 years. pari says that she isnt fighting for revenge regarding her father, but she wants to fight, for the people who trust this brand, and that she shall solve it. maasa asks if she believes that they are actually selling adulterated milk, and how she being a member, is turning against them. parid enies, and says that something has happened, and they should find out who is doing this, and maliging her and the brand’s name, and begs her to try and understand this. thi sets maasa to thinking. meanwhile, someone hides and hears their talks. maasa asks her to go ahead and do what she wishes to, as she has full trust on her family and companny. she says that if she feels something wrong is there, then she should find out the same. the bhabhis who are hearing this are apalled and leave. pari too leaves tensedly. granny asks maasa why she did this, as she should have been stopped, as she is the bahu. maasa says thats exactly what she has to understand, and that had she told her, pari would have taken it back, but she wants to se ewhats her decision on her own, whether she wishes to salvage their respect.

In their rooms, bhabhis are praying ardently that pari doesnt go to court. babita asks them to let her go, as if she doesnt, then maasa would think less of her, and if she does, sattu would be disappointed. the brothers ask babita who shall save them, if they are caught and exposed. she taunts them that they are wrong, as they earned profit and took themselves, and didnt give anything to her and her husband, Akhilesh. babita asks them to give them their profit, and she shall find out some way that pari doesnt go the next day. the ladies happily agree. the brothers eye tensedly.

The next morning, while pari is ready to go to the court, the bhabhis come and engage her in the kitchen, so that she gets late. she complies. later, they go to check on her, and find sharabi in the kitchen, and are informed that pari finished her work and went for her work. Meanwhile pari is waiting out, when sattu and maasa arrive in their car and she offers pari a lift. when pari tells that she wishes to go to the court, after sitting in the car. they are tensed. maasa asks him to drop her to the temple and then take sattu wherever she wishes to go. maasa thinks that now is the real test, as to whether she shall go and take back her case or she shall fight against her own family. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

Precap: Later, the bhabhis axiously wait to see what she has decided, and what if she decided to get the samples checked, that might expose their husbands. meanwhile, the husbands dres up as police guards and try to sneak in the factory, but are held by the guard. they fumble, as they are enquired of their identity. meanwhile, at the temple, pari prays that she might be given the strength to have success in what she plans to do, and be able to do justice to her decision. She turns around to find maasa, who ardently thinks that god has given her the strength that she took the right decision of refraining the case, so that she might be able to salvage some respect that she has in her eyes. they eye each other tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  3. I thinl…Enemy of pari..are all bhabhissss not Maaasa…..!!!♡!!!

  4. off course villains are other bahus of house since meri sasuma is story of mother and daughter s love and pari makes her mother in law as her mother very soon

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