Diwana dil (Part 5)

ASR and kushi goes to a fine restaurant
Barror: Order sir
ASR : Kushi what you would like to have?
Kushi(sees the menu): Baaprey dhalmakni(250/- Rs) she exclaims.
Barror keeps weird face,ASR notices that.
ASR : Yes kushi,I know prices are very cheap here.
Kushi : Ji meri mathlab…
ASR turns towards barror : You may leave,we will tell you.
He leaves..
Kushi : ASR ji see how they are robbing people, see coffee alone is …
ASR drags the menu.
ASR : Kushi stop your statistics for a while and order your favourite dish.
Kushi : I need a nice coffee and roti,dalmakhni, superb golgappe finally one jilebi(she tells shop cutely that asr smiles seeing her).
ASR orders the dishes.Barror serves the dishes.

Kushi :(sips little coffee) how bad it is,see he bought coffee made long back, hote cold it is.
ASR : Kushi its cold coffee.
Kushi : This roti is like rubber.
ASR : Kushi you didn’t like these??
Kushi :(she remembers the food is expensive) no ji, its very good. She struggles to eat it.
ASR (notices that): Kushi I didn’t like the food here, we will have in a nice restaurant come.
Kushi(relieved): Ha ok ji. I know a place we will go there, we can have the best food(so happily she suggests).
ASR smiles : Ok kushi.
Kushi directs him to an area.
Kushi : Park your car here, lane is very small we have to walk a little.
ASR : What the…
Kushi : Daily your seeing world from your car’s window only nah. Once step out of your car you will see a different world (she smiles, holds his hand and gets down).
ASR :(uncomfortable to walk in that crowd) how long kushi.
Kushi : We came, she points to a small dhaba.
They enter the dhaba
Kushi : Chacha two hot coffee.
Chacha brings coffee to their place

Chacha : Beti here is your special coffee.
Who is the sir with you?
Kushi : My dosth and sir(answers confidently).
Asr is stunned and smiles and to himself(kushi I became your dosth without my permission)
Asr : You called me your dosth. You have no idea how difficult it is to be with a friend like me(he says sternly)
Kushi : Dosthi kiya tho nibhaana padegi jithna bhi mushkil ho(once we are friends we should keep it forever even if it is difficult).(says innocently).
ASR(satisfied with her reply): Coffee and lunch is really good.
Kushi gives a proud look and pulls him out.
Kushi : Now we will have my fav panipuri.
They both go in city bus to a place.
Asr is totally lost.
Kushi : 2 plate panipuri
Kushi eats panipuri so cutely admiring them.
Asr also eats seeing kushi.
Kushi keeps on eating plate after plate.
Asr smiles seeing her.
Kushi: Did you like it??
Asr nods yes
Both go back to asr’s car.
Kushi gets a call.

Kushi : Hello di,I came out for lunch, where are….(suddenly kushi’s expression changes).
What di, accident? Which hospital?
She cries.
Asr : What happened ??
She hugs him and cries.
Asr :(in low voice) kushi??
Kushi : Pappa ka accident ho Gaya
She cries again and moves backward breaking hug.
Asr takes her to the hospital.

  1. Wow!! Abhi.. Really great.. And I’m became a great fan of ur ff also..?

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